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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Kane01's SmackDown Feedback

Sorry it's so late, bud

Right off the bat, I think that the actions of Batista at Unforgiven would be an instant heel turn, as opposed to a simple attack on a rival. He annihilated the most over face in the company. I just can't see him getting cheered, or even getting mixed reactions anymore. I love intense 'Tista though, so this promo definately agreed with me from that angle, although at times Big Dave transformed into Scott 'The Man' Steiner: "Edge if I was you, you Blonde Haired Bitch! I would get the hell out of this ring, before I kick your ass!" Come on, I can't be the nly one to see the Poppa Pump likeness here. Its littred throughout this promo from The Animal. Pretty cool. Edge was okay as well, although I hated the line, "And Batista since you haven’t got anything around your waist, except for an exceeding belly line". It sounded out of character from Edge to me, but the rest of his involvement seemed suitable. The Main Event is obviously epic, but I really hate the fact that Batista is still being presented as a face. It just wouldn't happen.

Yang > Kaz > Kidman for me, but it's still a nice little cliq of Cruiserweight wrestlers you have there. I'm probably only sick of Kidman because he keeps getting Jesus pushes in BTB, and I've never really been that high on him in the first place. Moore takes the fall though, which makes it acceptable. Monster push for the CW's plz.

Good choice of partner for Edge tonight with MVP, and I enjoyed the scattered tension between the two men. MVP owned Edge a bit with the "I am Better than Edge…" line, although I think Porter should have held his ground a little better with the Champ, rather than running away.

I thought Steviehad gone over Masters cleanly at first, but it seems as though you are planting the seeds for some kind of monster heel push for him. If you do it like he was in '05, then you could very well be on to something.

Oh man, Batista is sounding SO like Steiner at the moment it's scary. I'm just waiing for him to throw a "Mean Gene" in there at some poin. I'll be interested to see who Big Dave gets as his partner, but if it is a fully fledged face, then it will be a little strange.

It's a bit wierd to see a #1 Contenders match third on the card to be honest. I would have expected it firs or last for some semblance of importance to be honest. Good contest, although it was fairly obvious that Rey Rey was picking up the win. Kane's intereference adds something personalto his feud with Finlay. Hopefully he and Kane can get a brutal match at No Mercy.

Awesome match and segment between Kid Kash and Jamie Noble here. These two guys work brillantly together, since either man can work heel and face. I hope they hold the CW division for a while. The beatdown afterwards was a nice touch too. I mark for the Dragon Sleeper to be honest.

Regal is so awesome it's not even funny. Great little promo from him here, although I was a little disappointed to see them relegated to the role of jobbers so soon. They could be valuable to the tag division later on. Burchilland McIntyre are a great team, so this pushlooks good so far.

Quite a simple yet effective little segment between MVP and Hardy here. Porter is great on the stick, and Matt is pretty underrated to be honest. Really looking forward to the U.S title match next week, but something tells me that we'll be seeing a DQ for Montel.

I'm not really up to date with this Flair/Chavo feud, but if it means both men are getting sufficient pushes then I'm all for it. Also, Dykstra not being a jobber makes me happy.

Nice little interview from the Rated R Superstar next. He's been very intense tonight. Very much like his late '04 and '05 character when he was a nut. I really quite enjoyed that version of hs character to be honest. Hopefully we get some more shots at Rey Rey over the net few weeks.

Great Main Event It was very TNA-esque with the amount of intereference. Finlay and Kane is shaping up nicely, but I have to say that MVP ended up looking like a bit of a jobber, given how easily Big Dave put him away. No real surprise to see Rey Rey take it to Edge at the end, and The Undertaker's short promo was a superb note to end on. I really think 'Tista needs to fully turn heel though, to make the feud that bit more effective. Hell In A Cell should be sweet, and I'll be interested to see what kind of personal twist you can put on the match.

Overal this was a vry good show, Kane, ne of the better ones around here to read. The only feud I was lost with was the Chavo/Flair one, but that's for obvious reasons. Other than that, everything is ticking along swimmingly
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