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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Kane01ís Smackdown Review

The opening promo didnít do it for me. It seemed like Batista was starting a feud with The Undertaker, and then a few minutes later he was starting a feud with Edge over the World Heavyweight Championship. You had them in character though which was a good thing. Having Batista go heel was a very creative choice, but again in this promo he started off hating The Undertaker in typical heel fashion, but then when the biggest heel on the show came out he started acting like a face around him. Two nice matches were announced in this promo, and Iím also glad to see Finlay in the main event.

A nice little opening match here, and like you said it had no meaning. The spot sounds pretty awesome, and I would have loved to see it happen. You had the right team win in my opinion. Again good match to start us off here.

Edge asking MVP was a good little segment. I didnít like how the first person he asked said yes. Although saying that, Edge and MVP teaming up seems like a very nice combination. They seemed on and off character throughout though.

Nice to see somebody else other than me using Chris Masters. It was also very nice seeing Masters getting disqualified. It really did give him more of a character. The match itself was quite entertaining to read. Masters locking in the master lock after the match just furthered his character, and I can see big things for him one day.

Batistaís interview was good. I canít wait to see who Batistaís partner is. Batista was in character in this promo, but again it left me confused as to whether he is a face or a heel.

Rey and Finlay had a brilliant match here. I love the way you write recapped matches. Having Kane come down and cost Finlay the match was a good booking choice. It adds fire to their feud, and it also crowns a number one contender at the same time. I would have liked to see Finlay get a one on one championship shot, but his feud with Kane will do just fine.

Another DQ on the show was a bad move in my opinion. You already used the DQ finish in the Masters match. The match itself was enjoyable to say the least. Jamie Noble as the badass cruiserweight is a good thing to see. Thatís how I love Noble best.

In my opinion there should have been a bit more of a build up for this UK Connection. Itís a good idea because it gets them on TV and they can damn wrestle thatís for sure. But like I said, there should have been promo tapes etc to add hype for their debut. Just having Regal introduce them in a couple of lines didnít do it for me.

A nice stipulation was added to the united states championship situation. Having Hardy forfeit the titles if he doesnít get a title shot was great. However I do think MVP would have tried to get out of defending his championship, and then if he had to, defend it.

Iím guessing you havenít got the Flair losing = Flair retiring storyline running. You seem very creative with your shows and your ideas. Having Chavo dressed as Flair and also using his entrance music was great. Keep up the good work man.

Edge backstage again, this was a bit overkill in my opinion. However it got the point across and I can see a Batista/Edge feud brewing.

Kane as the partner was cool. However I donít like how everyone is involved in each others feuds if you get me. Like as if youíve picked a select bunch and decided to use them in every feud. However this main event was superbly written. I liked the fact that Batista and Kane won. Batista needed to win really. The aftermath was the bit that intrigued me most though. Undertaker and Batista for No Mercy is brilliant. Hell In A Cell makes it better too. The message from Undertaker was well written too.

Overall this was a good show, I like the things going on, but like I said before, it seems like just a select bunch are involved in most of the feuds. However I enjoyed reading and I will check out this thread more often.
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