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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Smackdown Feedback

Batista opening the show had to happen after the shocking turn at Unforgiven. I was looking forward to what he would say, and it was all very realistic in my book. I enjoyed writing Batista as a heel in my last thread as he has so many more levels he can go to with the aggression he has, and this should be great with The Undertaker. Edge coming out was unexpected as it seemed to be two heels going at it, and throws into question the entire event of Batista turning on The Undertaker as I can’t see the fans caring too much about Batista and Edge later on, although I haven’t a clue who the partners will be, but Taker will be present in some manner. Edge is getting another easy match then at No Mercy against Rey, but decent promo. Edge was great though

Opener would be cool to watch and it all seemed quite fun, and I liked that you highlighted the sunset flip powerbomb to the floor. Kidman picking up a win over Kazarian is fine and maybe the cruiserweight division will take off from here

Edge & MVP was quite fun to read and I thought that MVP was going to let the power ranger line go, but he got his shot in at the end. It was fun like I said and obviously sets up how the match will go later on, with these two getting at each other and losing the match to make Batista look dominant. The only thing I didn’t like was that MVP gave too much information away on the phone call. The just being here next week adds more suspense and we kind of now what was going to happen, taking the surprise element out of it

Masters/Richards wasn’t anything too special, but I see you’re trying to make some sort of Masters push out of this. The DQ doesn’t really help, but the Masterlock afterwards does and I expect him to beat Richards like a bitch next week

Batista interview was fine, but I just thought you should have wrapped it up with the line about beating the hell out of The Undertaker as it went from aggressive to flat again if you know what I mean. The heel turn is working out and I’m glad you said he wasn’t assed about the match tonight and that Taker is all that matters

Rey and Finlay going at it for the number one contender’s spot is fine and it was a really good match to read. I’m curious to why it’s so low down the card though as the winner will be facing Edge for the World title. We all know Edge will retain, but this was not going to help Rey get some serious momentum behind him, and the manner he won too doesn’t help. Finlay losing thanks to Kane works, but it just doesn’t feel right, maybe because of the position of the match against its significance

Noble & Kash just went one better than the last match as it was some real great action that I love to read. Kash has been on a role lately, but it was doubtful that he would win this one. With the cruiserweight title, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it change hands at a TV taping, but it’s better that it doesn’t. Noble saving himself and then beating Kash was awesome at the end and it really gets him some credibility back, as well as some heat. Kash as a face though, not sure!

It’s great to see Regal getting behind the team of Burchill & McIntyre as they need a voice, and Regal’s is perfect. Calling The Major’s tarts was really funny and appropriate too. The match like you said was a squash, but it pushes these two really well. I like these guys a lot as you know from my thread and think that they can do something on Smackdown, with Burchill being the stand out of the two

MVP & Matt was another decent promo, but boy, MVP caved easy to give Matt a title match. I don’t think either want to be tag champions, but I can see that MVP would like the double gold position so it’s tricky to say. I’m not sure if I like Matt having the last word in their promos though, and MVP’s phone call will help him out, but how would he know about needing help next week before setting up the match, unless it was a lucky coincidence for him

Flair & Dykstra worked pretty well for both parties as well as Chavo. I like that you’re thinking outside the box as I’m sure Chavo has never been involved with Flair before IRL or in BTB, so that gets marks straight away. Chavo screwing Flair in this way was good and effective, plus it gives Kenny some credibility too, which is awesome as he is a talent for sure

Edge interview was real good and probably the best promo of the night. It was very realistic and aggressive towards both Rey and Batista, but maybe a little close to the match itself. I was expecting Batista to come out alone and then Taker would come and be his partner, so when I read Kane was coming to the rescue, I was shocked. It’s a cool decision as obviously there would be some heat between Kane and Batista now. I expect to see Finlay and Taker now by the way. The match was alright, nothing special until it turned into chaos. Finlay was always going to return the favour, but I didn’t count on Rey coming out. All we needed was Matt to top it all off, but it worked as Rey managed to get one up and then the long awaited gong. Keeping everyone guessing and waiting was the right call and I’ve made a few bad calls this week have haunted me on the poker table, so I can appreciate the right decisions now. The words Taker came out with were more than acceptable for him as he rarely speaks, and this was very realistic. The timing was great as I read another Taker promo today that went the other way, so I can really back this up. Taker/Batista Hell in a Cell! No, not again. We’ve seen it in real life recently and I just read one for kid o mac’s Starrcade. I don’t like the choice of match but it should be brutal for sure

Overall. It was a very good show overall with some nice booking decisions involving Chavo/Flair/Dykstra, Noble/Kash and the debut of The UK Connection. There were some things I didn’t like or agree with, but nothing too major
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