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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Opening promo was solid. Nothing special, but it got the job done. The bastard son to make the GM choice? Hmm. I know you liked having Foley as a GM before, so maybe him??? Keeps me guessing, decent opening to the show. Cena is out now, again a solid promo from him here. FU to the boss? Whoa. Big move there, definately looks like some sort of Cena/Vince feud could be in the works for Mania. Overall, solid start without being huge or anything

Liking the tag team situation currently between Cryme Tyme/WGTT/London & Kendrick. Could produce some good matches down the track. WGTT winning via DQ doesn't make anyone look weak and was a good choice in the end, lol Cryme Tyme stealing the belts

Punk could do better than a feud with Carlito imo. Still, it'll be a good way to hopefully get him over and move him up the picking order on RAW. Again not a stand out promo but got it's message across well, Punk especially seemed layed back

Beth > Candice. Plz give the Chyna wanna be some competition soon?

Triple H promo was very good. Very much a mix of humour and seriousness and it played out very well. Continuing this feud should be interesting but I can still see only one winner tbh

Tag team match always had a Carlito run in written all over it, and it happened. What's RVD doing these days? Feuding with Morrison? Give Van Dam something good plz, push ftw...

Superman comes through another near impossible situation, I just love how he always manages to defy the odds!!! Anyways, makes Cena look as invincible as ever which I really hate but still wise booking choice as he is the face of the brand atm

Santino could've been better as he didn't really seem, like Santino at times. Still, it had his comedy and that's a plus because we all know Santino on the mic = ratings

Triple H ending King Booker's reign? Goodbye King. Hopefully Booker returns sometime as Booker T and you don't actually do away with him totally as he's a great asset to have in a BTB. Umaga doing the damage is a plus as a Triple H/Umaga feud needs a big stage to end on in a gimmick match imo, something nasty. Vince is all over the place tonight

Jericho promo was tops, really picked up proceedings after a dour start. AUSTIN AS GM! MARK OUT!!! Great booking choice, thank god we have some real entertainment from a GM to come for once. Loved it, good ending to the show.

Sorry it was rushed, kinda busy. 8/10.


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