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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Raw Feedback

I always enjoy the follow ups to a pay-per-view, but this should be great with Jericho’s return as Vince’s son and the reaction to Orton beating Cena after the interference

No wonder that Vince started the show. I think you’re right to have him feel upset about who his son is and you got the character spot on here. He was angry and upset at the same time and just when I expected Jericho to come down, out came Cena. I was a little surprised by that, but shouldn’t have been really. Great to see Cena fired up and I think he would have been exactly the same as you got him here and Vince being stubborn about not giving him that match seemed like something he would do for his reputation. The F U was fine as we get to see some great heat now between Cena and Vince, which could be explosive. The promo after the break was good, and again very realistic. Cena will somehow come through I think, but I’m loving the booking so far. It’s realistic and yet entertaining

The opening match was pretty good, having the WGTT look like the team they are is great to see. No real shock to see Londrick run down and get involved, as much as I expected to happen after the match, but this way it makes all three teams avoid looking weak. Having Cryme Time take the title belts is a very clever way of getting them involved, simple but effective booking yet again

The Punk/Carlito promo was okay, it definitely got better as it went along. Punk remaining modest and Carlito being over the top arrogant was right on the button too and a feud is obviously on the way. Nice way to start it. The Cryme Time driving away was also funny to see, not sure if it was needed, but it re-enforces the knowledge that they are now involved in the tag title picture

The Phoenix/Candice match played out exactly how it should have done. It wasn’t a total squash, but had Phoenix in control and Candice showing some heart without causing any problems for the champ. Then the Triple H promo was absolutely brilliant. He was so in character it was untrue as he went from being sarcastic to funny to serious. Reliving all the Booker moments was funny too and I loved that promo

The tag match was good and I just knew Carlito was going to get involved and screw Punk over for the comments earlier on. It makes sense and no really gets some heat between them, should be a good feud. The Orton interview was okay and he put him and his dynasty over well, but I wasn’t sure the Jericho question was needed. I wonder what Vince wants him for

The Cena handicap match went down as expected. It would be great to see live for Cena fans, it’s a shame he had to go through Cade & Murdoch, but at least he did it with a mix up and the use of a chain. Then he manages to take care of Orton and Kennedy too, he’s looking a little too much like god tonight for my liking, taking 5 guys out in a matter of moments. Vince’s comments about Triple H are interesting. My only problem is that Vince has beef with Triple H, Jericho and Cena, while Cena has beef with Vince, Orton and Kennedy. It’s just a bit too much, unpredictable sure!

The Santino promo was alright, not one of his best, but still funny at times. The tag match was actually better than I thought, but I didn’t expect the heel team to lose. It works well for Santino’s character, but also worked well to lead into the aftermath with Holly and Cody. Holly would be pissed for sure and I think you did the right thing, no going back from here for these two now I hope

The main event was good, but it’s always hard to write a match after having the same two go at it the pay-per-view the night before. It was different with the use of the cage, and thankfully you made the right call to get rid of Booker. Umaga coming out after was obviously from the instruction of Vince. Man he looked dominating and gave Trips one hell of a beat down. It feels a little disappointing as we’ve just seen a longish feud between them on TV and I don’t see Umaga picking up a big win over Triple H here either

The main event promo was sweet, very sweet. When Jericho did come out, it was brilliant and a great speech from Jericho, showing his hatred for Vince. Man I can’t wait to see how this pans out, and man I should have seen the Orton and Kennedy attack coming despite Orton’s comments earlier that they’re not aligned. Cena to the rescue yet again, he has been pushed insanely on this show. The way you set up for the GM announcement was fantastic, and I would have loved to have seen the look on Vince’s face when he realised and then when Austin came out. I’m not a big Austin fan, but I can buy into him as Raw GM

To sum up, it was a very good show. It had a lot of run ins and there may be a lot of conflicting interests with Cena and Vince. The Umaga/Triple H feud will be difficult to get into after their recent feud, but the promos and characters were spot on, as was the general booking throughout the show. Oh yeah and check the quick results and who Santino's partner was!

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