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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Forgot to do a preview and i have got the show written so no point posting it. Took me a bit longer to do this show than hoped as i have been ill over the last few days, but anyway here it is.

WWE Raw!

Nashville Tennessee
17th September 2007

Before the show starts we get a video recap showing the highlights from last nights Unforgiven PPV. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team retain their titles, Umaga crushes Jeff Hardy, The ECW Originals defeat the New Breed in an Extreme Rules Match, Triple H beats King Booker, Randy Orton retains his WWE Title in a hellacious Last Man Standing Match, and Chris Jericho makes his return and reveals that he is the illegitimate son of Vince McMahon.

“To be Loved” by Papa Roach hits as the Raw Video package plays before we head out to the arena where we see thousands of screaming fans holding up their signs aloft. The camera pans amongst them before going over to JR and King at ringside.

JR: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw! I’m good ol’ J.R. Jim Ross, here alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler and we are here in Nashville Tennessee, just 24 hours after one of the greatest Pay Per Views in recent times, Unforgiven.

King: And JR last night was one of the craziest nights I have seen in my life, and tonight it will be even crazier.

JR: Tonight’s main event will see a rematch from Unforgiven, as King Booker’s career is on the line against Triple H in a Steel Cage Match.

King: It looks bad for King Booker, but there is no way that royalty such as himself will lose to a peasant like Triple H three times in a row.

JR: Also last night saw one of the biggest shocks in WWE History, as Chris Jericho made his return and announced that he is the Bastard Son of Vince McMahon. And tonight on Raw, we will see the return of the Highlight Reel. As Chris Jericho will make his raw return and his guest on the highlight reel, will be none other than Vince McMahon.

“No Chance in Hell” hits and Vince McMahon makes his way down to the ring to huge heat accompanied by his executive assistant Jonathon Coachman. As he makes his way down to the ring “Y2J” chants echo around the arena, which seem to annoy Vince, as his face turns red in anger and he begins to snarl. Vince and Coach get into the ring, and Vince grabs a mic. He goes to speak, when he gets cuts off by thousand of Nashville Tennessee fans that continue to chant “Y2J”. Vince waits for them to die down, before going to speak again when they continue to chant “Y2J”. Vince looks like he is about to lose his temper, before Jonathon Coachman grabs a mic.


Coach is cut off by thousands of booing fans. Coach adjusts his suit, trying to brush off the heat.

Coach: This man is the reason why each and every one of you, are here tonight so shut up and give Mister McMahon the respect he deserves!

Huge heat is given to Jonathon Coachman, as Vince thanks Coach before putting a mic to his mouth.

Vince: Just for the record last night was supposed to be the greatest night of my life. Last night I was told that I was going to find out WHO my illegitimate son is. I was expecting to find out that my son was somebody who I could be proud of, somebody like Ken Kennedy!

Crowd Boos Ken Kennedy

Vince: Or our WWE Champion Randy Orton!

Huge heat for Orton

Vince: But instead I found out that my son is none other than…..(Clears throat and says In disgust) CHRIS JERICHO!

Huge pops for Jericho


Crowd Boos

Vince: There is no chance in Hell, that my son is an egotistical SOB like Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho lied to me, and I am going to punish him for doing so!

Big heat

Vince: So Chris Jericho I am not going to wait for your Highlight Reel, I want you to come out right here right now so I can tell you face to face, that YOUR FIRED!

Huge heat for Vince McMahon, as Jonathon Coachman claps in the background.

Vince: Come on Chris…

Vince very impatiently waits for Jericho, before “My Time is Now” hits and John Cena makes his way down to the ring to a tremendous pop. John Cena enters the ring and takes a mic, as Vince’s faces shakes in anger.

Vince: John I didn’t ask for, I asked for Chris Jericho so get the hel……

John Cena puts his hand to Vince’s mouth cutting him off.

Cena: As a certain relative of yours would say at this time. Vince McMahon WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP!

Big pops for Cena

Cena: I haven’t come out here to talk about Chris Jericho being your son, because I could not GIVE A DAMN! The only thing I could give a Damn about is MY WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!

Big pops

Cena: And Vince McMahon last night I was literally this close (Cena shows McMahon how close using his fingers), this close to regaining my WWE Championship. When all of a sudden who comes along and hits me over the back with a Steel Chair, oh yes Vince McMahon!

Big heat for McMahon who looks like he has just remembered what he did last night.

Cena: So Vince I have every right to come out here, and Shove my Chain Down your Throat!

John Cena shows off his chain to Vince, whose face turns even redder.

Cena: But I’m not going to do that..

Big heat


Huge pops from the crowd liking the prospect of the match. Cena takes off his T-Shirt and tells Vince to give him his title shot. Vince and Coach look at each other before Vince puts the mic to his mouth.

Vince: NO!

Huge heat for Vince as Cena looks up to the top of the arena cheesed off.

Vince: John Cena your not the kind of man, I want representing this company! John Cena you are a thug, and John Cena you will never again win the WWE Championship as I have a living bone in my body!

Even bigger heat for Vince, as Coach applauds Vince. John Cena takes off his cap and tosses it into the crowd.

Cena: Well Vince, I gave you a chance. This business is between just Randy Orton and me. But by you saying no, you have entered yourself into my business!

The crowd then pops as John Cena gets into Vince McMahon’s face.

Cena: And what that means Vince is well………….F-U!

JOHN CENA SUDDENLY HOISTS VINCE MCMAHON ONTO HIS SHOULDERS AND CONNECTS WITH THE F-U ON THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD! John Cena then escapes the ring and quickly makes his way to the back, knowing he has made himself clear. Meanwhile in the ring Jonathon Coachman (Who was too slow in trying to stop Cena), checks up on Vince McMahon. Cena chants echo around the arena as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see Jonathon Coachman helping Vince McMahon backstage. Coach helps place Vince on a chair.

Coach: Sir, are you sure you’re all right?

Vince: How dare he lay his hands on me….

Coach: Sir what do you want me to do about Cena? I can call the cops, get security to escort him out of the building….

Vince: No..(Winces in pain holding onto his back)…Don’t do that.

Coach: Well what do you want me to do then?

Vince: What you can do Coach is put John Cena in a match. A Three on One Handicap Match!

The crowd boos Vince, as Coach smiles at Vince’s idea.

Vince: You can put John Cena in a match with Snitsky and the Redneck Wrecking Crew tonight!
Crowd Boos

Vince: And you go tell them three, that if they can take John Cena out tonight. I will give them (Thinks) a title shot at any title they want!

Coach: OK I will go do that.

Coach then walks out as Vince again winces in pain, still feeling the effects after that F-U

“Bringing Da Hood To U” hits and Cryme Time make their way down to the ring to a decent reception from the crowd. Cryme Time now make their entrance to the ring in a Low Rider. They get out of the car, and they show off their bling to the crowd, before getting into the ring.

“Worlds Greatest” The WWE Tag Team Champions, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team come down to the ring to some pretty decent heat from the crowd. We are shown highlights of their fantastic match at Unforgiven versus the Hooligans. We then cut back to the ring, where the match is ready to start.

Match One
Tag Team Match
Cryme Time v The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

We get a pretty solid opening match here, with Cryme Time giving the Champs a good fight, showing why they could be future contenders for the belts. Cryme Time start off the match with full aggression, with Benjamin and Haas struggling to get any offence in. This however chances when the illegal man Shelton Benjamin, hit a leaping enzuigiri from the ring apron to JTG as he was bouncing off the ropes. JTG then played the face in peril, as Benjamin and Haas played a very effective double team game on JTG, not allowing him to tag in Big Shad. We see a nice sequence in the middle of the match from the Champions, with Benjamin and Haas hitting stiff kicks to the chest and back, of a sitting upright JTG. Haas then bounces off the ropes and grabs JTG’s head, flipping over into a bridge, and then Benjamin bounces off the ropes hitting a stiff kick to the face of JTG. JTG shows some heart, fighting back after connecting with a Tornado DDT on Haas before tagging in big Shad. Shad comes in all guns blazing, cleaning house on both Benjamin and Haas. Cryme Time start to pick up some momentum, setting Haas up for the G9. But Benjamin makes the save for Haas, hitting JTG with a superkick. Benjamin and Haas go to finish the match, by setting up Shad for the Worlds Greatest Double Team. BUT PAUL LONDON AND BRIAN KENDRICK SPRINT TO THE RING! London and Kendrick go straight after Benjamin and Haas, attacking the Tag Team Champions, and the referee calls for the disqualification.

Winners: Worlds Greatest Tag Team via DQ in 6:10

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and the Hooligans continue their brawl post match, with tons of referees coming down attempting to split the four men up. While all this is happening, on the outside JTG grabs Haas and Benjamin’s Tag Team Belts and walks away with them! He hands one over to Shad and they walk off with the belts backstage! Referee’s are finally able to split the four men up, and Benjamin and Haas go to collect their belts. But they can’t see them. They accuse Lillian Garcia and the other workers ringside, until they realise that Cryme Time have stolen their belts. Benjamin and Haas then sprint backstage, as we also go backstage.

Backstage we see CM Punk warming up for his match later on tonight when he teams up with RVD to face John Morrison and Kevin Thorn. The crowd then gives big heat, as the camera turns to the side to see the Intercontinental Champion Carlito flirting with some girls backstage. Carlito looks at one of them and says something in Spanish that we can’t understand, before saying “That’s Cool”. The woman looks on at Carlito disgusted, before slapping Carlito right across the face before they walk off. Carlito holds his cheek and shouts out “Das Not Cool” before turning around to see CM Punk warming up for his match facing in his direction.

Carlito: Hey were you laughing at Carlito?

CM Punk stops warming up, and looks at Carlito in a “what the hell” type manner.

CM Punk: Wha…..

Carlito: (Interrupts, speaking very quickly) Do you know who I am Punk? I am the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, Carlito. And nobody disrespects Carlito, and you disrespected Carlito, and Das Not Cool.

CM Punk: Carlito will you shu….

Carlito: (Interrupts, speaking very quickly again) You think your cool, because you’re Straight Edge? Well the only reason your straight edge, is because you are not cool. You don’t even know the meaning of the word Cool, and you come up to Carlito and you disrespect Carlito. But Punk Carlito is the King of disrespecting people, and if you talk to Carlito like that again. I will spit…

CM Punk: Carlito can you Please Shut Up!

Crowd Pops

CM Punk: No I didn’t laugh at you Carlito, no matter how stupid you look. Carlito I couldn’t give a damn about you, I couldn’t give a damn what you think is cool or what isn’t cool. But let me put you of your misery Carlito, by telling you are far from being Cool.

Carlito: What did you just say?

CM Punk: Come on Carlito all you are, is an apple, with a silly little T-Shirt, a boring catchphrase, and a fungus growing from the top of your head!

Crowd pops, as Carlito looks furious.

CM Punk: And Carlito that belt over your shoulder

CM Punk looks at Carlito’s Intercontinental Title Belt.

CM Punk: I reckon that would look very nice around my waist, if you know what I mean.

CM Punk then pats Carlito’s title belt before walking off, leaving a very angry Carlito.

We then go to another area backstage where we see Cryme Time getting into their Low Rider with the Worlds Greatest Tag Team’s World Tag Team Title belts. We see Benjamin and Haas arriving in the Parking Lot, and they chase after the car. But the cars begins to drive away, and Shad shouts at them that if they want their belts come get them…..off ebay. Cryme Time then chant “Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah” as they begin to get away from Benjamin and Haas, who can’t believe their belts have been stolen.

Commercial Break

When we return from the commercial, we cut to ringside where Candice Michelle has entered the ring. She looks very confident and focused about this upcoming Title Match.

“Glamazon” hits and the Womens Champion Beth Phoenix makes her way down to the ring to some heat from the crowd. She raises the title belt above her head, before making her way down the ramp not taking an eye off her opponent Candice Michelle.

Match 2
Womens Championships
Beth Phoenix © v Candice Michelle

After the valiant effort by Candice to get a pinfall victory over Beth just a week ago, it seemed to be a completely different story here as this was just total domination by Beth Phoenix. Candice did make a good start to the match hitting a Headscissors takedown onto Beth before connecting with a spinning neckbreaker. But a minute and a half into the match, the momentum switched when Beth took Candice inside out with a vicious clothesline. Beth Phoenix then proceeded to go through her move set, making the cover after each power manoeuvre, only for Candice to show some heart kicking out at two each time. But in the end Beth was just too strong and too good, and she delivered a Big Powerbomb onto Candice followed by the Down in Flames to get the pinfall victory to retain her title.

Winner: Still Womens Champion Beth Phoenix in 4:27

JR: What a dominant victory for Beth Phoenix tonight, King she is the Real Deal in the Womens Division.

King: JR, Candice Michelle was a great Womens Champion and Beth Phoenix just tore her apart. I don’t see who can take the title away from the Glamazon.

JR: Same here partner, but I believe that backstage Todd Grisham is standing by.

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham with a mic.

Todd: May I introduce to you at this time, The Game Triple H!

We see Triple H enter the frame to a huge pop

Todd: Now tonight Triple H tonight you go into a Steel Cage match agains….

Grisham is cut off as Triple H starts snivelling and starts wiping his eyes, looking like he is about to cry. Todd then puts the mic to Triple H’s mouth.

HHH: I’m sorry, carry on I’m just a feeling a little bit…Emotional…

Todd: Uh..may I ask why?

HHH: Well Todd tonight’s an end of an era. Tonight Rod will be the last ever time we see King Booker in the WWE. You know I was just thinking of all the great memories in King Booker’s career, you know memories like at Wrestlemania 19 when I kicked King Booker’s ass to retain my World Heavyweight Championship.

Crowd Pops as we see where this is going.

HHH: Memories like at Summerslam this past year, when I returned from injury and kicked King Booker’s ass and pinned him 1-2-3!

Crowd Pops

HHH: Or here’s another one for you, a bit more recent for your memory loss Rod, how about last night when I beat King Booker once again. You know these are all grea……..Oh what the heck what the hell has King Booker, ever done except get his ass kicked by me!

Crowd Pops

HHH: And tonight King Booker, it’s going to be a difference match stipulation but same ending. And that’s me kicking your ass all over a fifteen foot high Steel Cage, and King Booker don’t think that because it is going to be your last match in the WWE, that I am going to take it easy on you. Because King Booker I will always remember you for being what you truly are, and that is a ROYAL JACKASS!

Crowd Pops

HHH: And tonight I am going to give you THE ROYAL ASS KICKING OF YOUR LIFE!

Crowd Pops

HHH: Tonight Rod, it will be GAME OVER FOR KING BOOKER!

The crowd gives a big pop for Triple H as we go to a commercial Break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see John Morrison joining Kevin Thorn in the ring for this upcoming Tag Team Match. John Morrison looks a little banged up after that brutal Extreme Rules Match, the night before.

“This fire burns” hits and CM Punk comes out to a big pop from the crowd. He makes his way down to the ring slapping hands with fans at ringside. As he makes his way down, we see some of the highlights from last nights Extreme Rules Match. As CM Punk gets in the ring and stares down his opponents, you can tell he still feels a little banged up from that gruelling match.

“One of a Kind” hits and Rob Van Dam comes out to another big pop from the crowd. He gets into the ring and does his “R-V-D” salute to the crow, before shaking hands with CM Punk.

Match 3
Tag Team Match
CM Punk and Rob Van Dam v John Morrison and Kevin Thorn

We have very solid close contested match here, with all four men carrying over some injuries from the brutal Extreme Rules match at Unforgiven. Despite bright start to the match by CM Punk and RVD, it didn’t last very long as Kevin Thorn looked unstoppable in the early going. Kevin Thorn looked very impressive, coming close to victory after hitting CM Punk with an Argentine Backbreaker Drop, only for RVD to break the cover. However RVD and CM Punk made a smart decision, knowing that they would have to work together to take out Thorn. Instantly it made an impression, as they came close to victory, with CM Punk coming off the top rope with Legdrop and at the exact time RVD hit a Split Legged Moonsault from the opposite corner. Rob Van Dam then got a close two count after a Spinning Crescent Kick off the top rope, but just like the time before John Morrison broke the count. All four men came close to getting the pinfall for their team, with John Morrison coming closest with a Corkscrew Neckbreaker onto RVD. But this time CM Punk broke the count. The end of the match saw CM Punk connect with the Uranage Slam on John Morrison, and lock on the Anaconda Vice. John Morrison started tapping out but Kevin Thorn’s manager Ariel distracted the referee from the outside. But then suddenly CARLITO GETS INTO THE RING AND STRIKES HIS INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE BELT OVER THE HEAD OF CM PUNK! Carlito scurries out of the ring, as Kevin Thorn then gets into the ring and delivers with a Crucifix Powerbomb onto Punk, and pulls Morrison ontop and he gets the three count to win the match.

Winners: John Morrison and Kevin Thorn in 8:09

JR: And John Morrison steals the victory, thanks to the Intercontinental Champion Carlito! What right has he got to come out and interfere in this match?

King: Well I saw it coming JR, no one disrespects the King of Disrespecting people Carlito and gets away with it. That JR was cool.

JR: It was more sickening than cool King.

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham once again, this time standing up with a bruised and bandaged Randy Orton from his Last Man Standing Match the night before.

Todd: Randy Orton, last night you went through hell and back to retain your WWE Championship in a Last Man Standing Match with John Cena. But Randy your win was very controversial in that…..

Orton: Controversial my Ass! Yes I got my ass kicked last night, but Todd it takes a Great man to come back from an ass kicking like I got last night. And to still walk out the WWE Champion!

Crowd Boos

Orton: Yes Mister McMahon and Ken Kennedy came down to attack John Cena, but let me tell you that is not my problem. I have no allegiance with either man, and it is John Cena’s fault that he tries to pick a fight with too many people at the same time.

Crowd Boos

Orton: Last night I proved why I am the WWE Champion, and WHY I am the greatest superstar this business has ever seen! Todd we are living in a one-man dynasty, and that dynasty is the RANDY ORTON DYNASTY!

Orton is given huge heat, as he gives a cocky smirk looking down at his WWE Title.

Todd: OK thanks Randy, but may I also get your opinions on the return of Chris Jericho.

Orton: Chris Jericho? Wasn’t he fired two years ago? Well it doesn’t matter because when Vince McMahon gets through with him, Chris Jericho will be gone and he will never be a threat to my WWE Championship!

Crowd boos when Jonathon Coachman then enters the scene to talk to Randy.

Coach: Randy, Mister McMahon wants to speak to you.

Randy looks down at the floor before looking back at Coach.

Randy: OK no problem I will go speak to him now.

Randy Orton then walks out of the scene as we cut to a commercial break.

Commercial Break.

When we get back from the commercial we can see the trio of Snitsky, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch in the ring. With Cade and Murdoch laughing, looking very confident about this 3 on one match while Snitsky looks…..like Snitsky.

“My Time is Now” hits and John Cena comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. Cena comes out wearing a basketball jersey and with a chain around his neck, dressing a lot like he used to a few years back. Despite the tremendous odds against him, he doesn’t look nervous at all as he gets into the ring.

Match 4
3 v 1 Handicap Match
Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch and Snitsky v John Cena

Well this is your typical underdog John Cena match here, with Cena being on the defence for the majority of the match until he makes a comeback late on in the match. The teaming of Cade, Murdoch and Snitsky wrestled this Handicap match very smart, doing quick tags while working over the back of Cena always keeping the fresh man in the ring. Lance Cade ever so nearly got the pinfall on John Cena after he and Trevor Murdoch hit a Jawbreaker/Neckbreaker combo onto the former WWE Champion, but somehow Cena kicked out at two. Things fell apart for the heels however when Snitsky accidentally nailed Lance Cade with a big boot which was intended for John Cena, who starts to clean house all three men. John Cena hits the spinout Powerbomb on Snitsky followed by the five-knuckle shuffle. Cena then set Snitsky for the F-U when Murdoch interfered. Lance Cade then went to join Murdoch in beating down Cena, but the referee blocked him off. With the referee’s back to Cena, Cena took advantage fighting back against Murdoch before grabbing his Steel Chain. Cena wrapped the chain around his fist before KNOCKING OUT BOTH MURDOCH AND SNITSKY WITH THE STEEL CHAIN! Lance Cade then pushed the referee out of the way and went after Cena, who hoisted Cade onto his shoulders and connected with the F-U. Cena then hooked the legal man Snitsky’s legs making the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: John Cena in 6:35

After the match John Cena does not have any time to celebrate, as KEN KENNEDY AND THE WWE CHAMPION RANDY ORTON RUSH TO THE RING! However John Cena sees this, and as they get into the ring, John Cena takes it to the both of them with hard right hands. John Cena takes Randy Orton over the top rope with a clothesline. John Cena then picks his Steel Chain back up off the mat, and he clocks Ken Kennedy in the face with his steel chain! Randy Orton then pulls Ken Kennedy out of the ring, as Cena challenges both men to get back into the ring. Randy Orton kicks the ring apron in frustration knowing their plan failed, as Ken Kennedy holds onto his face in agony.

We then go to the backstage area where we can see Vince McMahon in his office with Jonathon Coachman, watching the monitor angry at what he just saw.

Vince: That was a cheap shot Coach, let me tell you one day John Cena is going to get what he deserves. John Cena might of got lucky tonight, but there is No Chance in Hell that Triple H is going to get lucky tonight. And if by any chance he does get lucky tonight, and beats King Booker. He has got another thing coming.

Vince then gives out a smirk as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see Santino and Matt Stryker in the ring along with Maria, who is again dressed very smartly thanks to Matt Stryker. Santino takes a mic.

Santino: Ladies and a Gentleman, it feels a great to be back in the beautiful Indianapolis!!

Big heat for Santino, as he got the town name wrong and the day before this the Tennessee Titans lost to the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL. Maria shakes her head, and tells Santino where they actually are. Santino screws his face before putting on a smile.

Santino: Oh sorry, my beautiful Maria just told me that we are in the less attractive Nashville Tennessee

Big heat for Santino

Santino: But don’t worry all you Hicks, Santino a Marella has come to lighten this hole hell up!

Mixture of heat and laughs at Santino, for getting his words mixed up.

Santino: Moving on, last night a Unforgiven Santino Marella was not even on the show.

Ironic Cheers.

Santino: Not in a match, not an interview, not on pre show, not even on commentary with Jim Cold Ross Austin and Jerry the Queen Lawler!

More laughs at Santino.

Santino: But don’t worry, tonight Santino Marella and Matt Stryker are going to stomp a mudpie and open up a can of ass whip on the brother of that Gay Gold Man and the guy off forty year old Virgin

“How do you like me Now” hits and Hardcore Holly makes his way down to the ring to a pretty good pop actually, for interrupting Santino Marella. We see replays from last week with Hardcore Holly walking off in the middle of a Tag Team Match, leaving Cody victim to an attack by Santino Marella and Matt Stryker. We see Hardcore saluting to the crowd, as Santino is frustrated at Hardcore for interrupting his speech.

Cody Rhodes’s music then hits and he makes his way down to the ring to the kind of reaction you would get, for someone as generic as him.

Match 5
Tag Team Match
Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly v Matt Stryker and Santino Marella with Maria

In a rematch from last week, we get a rather solid match with this time Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes being able to coexist despite what happened last week. It was a match in which Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes dominated the majority of, with Santino and Stryker failing to do anything about it. Despite what happened last week, we saw signs of unity between Holly and Rhodes, using some very effective double team manoeuvres. Santino and Stryker did get a short moment in the match when they seemed to take control, but it looked as though Santino Marella had more focus on imitating Stone Cold Steve Austin. Santino Marella went for the Stone Cold Stunner on Cody Rhodes, who pushed Santino away into the path of Hardcore Holly who took Santino’s head off with a dropkick. The ending of the match saw Hardcore Holly go for the Alabama Slammer on Matt Stryker, only for a frustrated Santino Marella to smash a Steel Chair over the back of Hardcore Holly, causing the referee to call for the bell.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly via DQ in 5:31

After the match Cody Rhodes gets into the ring, and Santino Marella goes to hit him with the Steel Chair, but Cody Rhodes blocks it and steals the chair off Santino who flees out of the ring. Hardcore Holly slowly gets to his feet, and turns around to see Cody Rhodes with the Steel Chair in hand. Hardcore Holly looks at Rhodes with a “What the hell?” type expression, as he believes Cody Rhodes hit him with the chair! Hardcore Holly accuses Cody of hitting him with the chair, and Cody rightly tells Hardcore that it was Santino who hit him. Hardcore Holly looks to the side and smirks, before grabbing Cody Rhodes and connecting with the Alabama Slammer! Hardcore Holly then leaves the ring and makes his way to the back, staring at the damage he has just inflicted on Cody Rhodes as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

WWE No Mercy PPV commercial

When we cut back to ringside, we can see that the Steel Cage is being lowered down to the ring(Note that this is the steel cage with the bigger holes, not the current style cages we see). JR and Jerry Lawler hype this upcoming match, as on the Titantron we can see a split screen of Triple H and King Booker with Sharmell making their way down the backstage area, making their way to the entrance to the arena.

“Royalty” hits and King Booker makes his way down to the ring to huge heat from the crowd. King Booker and Queen Sharmell walk down the ramp, both looking very nervous knowing that if King Booker loses, they will be both out of the WWE. King Booker shakes the cage testing it out, before giving a final kiss to Sharmell before getting into the ring.

“Time to Play the Game” hits and Triple H comes down to the ring to the joint biggest pop of the evening. Triple H comes down to the ring, with his trademark maniacal stare at his opponent in the ring. Triple H goes to enter the cage but King Booker slams the door shut, and holds it shut so he can’t get in. Triple H decides to climb into the cage, but King Booker climbs up to the top of the cage waiting for Triple H. Triple H goes up there anyway and the two men exchange hard right hands at the top of the cage. Triple H gets the better of King Booker, and a hard right hand causes King Booker to fall onto his crown jewels on the top rope!

Match 6
Steel Cage/If King Booker’s loses he leaves the WWE
King Booker v Triple H

In this feud blow off match, King Booker and Triple H produce the best match of the feud, with the two men going 13 minutes in a Physical and brutal Steel Cage Match. Triple H dominated the early going, using the Cage as a weapon. Bouncing King Booker’s head off each side off the cage, before dragging him around the ring while scraping King Booker’s head along the Steel Cage. However Triple H meets the Steel mesh aswell, as King Booker trips Triple H up and catapults him head first into the Steel Cage. King Booker took control of the match, and after every move King Booker proceeded to climb up the Cage, doing all he could to get the victory and keep himself in a job. About seven minutes into the match, King Booker set Triple H up for the Scissors Kick. He bounced off the ropes, but Triple H caught him with a Double A Spinebuster. Triple H then set King Booker up and connected with the PEDIGREE! Triple H then asked for the Cage Door to be opened and went to escape the Cage, when QUEEN SHARMELL SLAMMED THE DOOR OFF TRIPLE H’S HEAD! Sharmell then passed a Steel Chair into the ring into the path of King Booker. King Booker got to his feet and grabbed the chair, and waited for Triple H to get up BEFORE SMASHING THE STEEL CHAIR OVER THE HEAD OF TRIPLE H! King Booker then nearly took the victory after climbing up the cage, but as King Booker reached the top, Triple H valiantly got to his feet and pulled King Booker back into the ring. Towards the end of the match, Sharmell passed King Booker some rope from underneath the ring, and King Booker started choking Triple H out with the rope. Towards the end of the match Triple H made a comeback, and set Booker up for the Pedigree on the Steel Chair. But King Booker spins out of it and connects the BOOK END ON THE STEEL CHAIR! King Booker then starts to climb up the cage and it looks as though Triple H is too late. King Booker is over and all he needs to is drop down the Cage. Booker is nearly there, when Triple H pulls King Booker’s legs through the holes in the cage! Triple H then grabs the rope that was used earlier on in the match, and he hogties King Booker’s legs to the ring ropes! King Booker falls backwards so that he is upside down, and he is so close to the ground he can touch it with his hands! Triple H goes to leave the ring through the door when Sharmell goes to slam the door on him again, but he grabs Sharmell by the hand! Triple H then pulls Sharmell into the ring AND CONNECTS WITH THE PEDIGREE ON SHARMELL! Triple H then leaves the Cage to win the match, and KING BOOKER IS OUT OF A JOB!

Winner: Triple H in 13:48

After the match Triple H gets his hands raised in the air by the referee. Triple H then approaches King Booker who is hanging upside down, and does the “Suck it” sign right in King Booker’s face. BUT SUDDENLY UMAGA RUSHES TO THE RING! Umaga goes right after Triple H tossing him head first into the Cage! Umaga then tosses Triple H into the ring and continues the vicious attack, as Armando Alejando Estrada makes his way to the ring. Umaga connects with the Samoan Wrecking Ball, before connecting with numerous Samoan Spikes to the throat like he did to Jeff Hardy at Unforgiven. Umaga then climbs to the top rope and it looks like he is going to go for a diving body splash, but Armando gets his attention. Armando points Umaga to the top of the Cage and snaps his Cuban Cigar. Referee’s and Road Agents flood to the ring as UMAGA CLIMBS TO THE TOP OF THE CAGE! The backstage personnel shout at Umaga to climb down, but Umaga ignores them and uses the Cage Pole to help him stand up on the top. The Referee’s and Road Agents then flee out of the way as UMAGA COMES OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE WITH A DIVING BODY SPLASH ONTO TRIPLE H! The crowd cannot believe what they just saw, as Triple H starts choking on the mat as Umaga looks around the arena with a maniacal look. Umaga leaves the ring and heads to the back as Estrada knows that his man has done the job they set out to. We then focus on a Bloody Triple H, who is struggling in the ring holding onto his ribs. We then go to a commercial Break as Triple H is helped to the back.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see replays of what just happened, before we see what happened during the commercial with the crowd singing the Goodbye Song to King Booker and Sharmell. We then cut to the ring where the Highlight Reel Stage is set up in the ring.

JR: Welcome Back to Monday Night Raw, and King I cannot believe what I just saw. A 350 plus man diving off the top of the cage onto the ribs of Triple H, what a despicable attack by the Samoan Bulldozer.

King: That is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen JR, and you could clearly see J.R that Umaga hurt the Game badly.

JR: Well King Booker’s WWE career just came to an end, and we might have also seen the end of Triple H’s career. But now it is time folks for the return of the one and only, Chris Jericho.

“Break the Walls Down” hits and Chris Jericho’s music is met with an outstanding pop from the crowd. Pyros shoot of at the top of the ramp, before we a man with his arms spread out wide at the top of the ramp. He then spins around to reveal himself as VINCE MCMAHON! Vince then makes his way down to the ring looking in a better mood than he has all night with a big smile on his face. Vince climbs into the ring and he looks at all of the highlight reel stage, before grabbing a mic. Vince goes to speak when “We Want Jericho” chants cut him off, echoing around the arena. Vince unlike earlier tonight stays calm and gives a slight smirk.

Vince: You want Jericho huh? Well too bad, because you’re not going to get him!

Big heat

Vince: And that’s because Chris Jericho is not here tonight!

More Heat

Vince: Chris Jericho was supposed to come out here and conduct an interview with me, on the return of the Highlight Reel! But Chris Jericho has not showed up tonight, so tonight this is going to be the McMahon Reel!

Crowd Boos

Vince: Chris it is a real shame that you couldn’t be here tonight, because I was looking forward to you being here tonight. Because I was going to look you eye to eye Chris Jericho, and I was going to tell you right to your face……YOUR FIREDDD!

Crowd Boos

Vince: Do you know why? Because you lied to the McMahon family, you are not my son. And when this show finishes, I am going to take the first flight back to Connecticut. And I am going to tell my secretary to fire you Chris Jericho over the phone!

Big heat for McMahon

Vince: And then next week, right here on Monday Night Raw. I am going to come out to the ring with my true Illegitimate Son. The man that is the future of Sports Entertainment, the man that is going to headline Pay Per Views and win Major Championships for years to come. This man, my son is not Chris Jericho. His name is MISTTERR…

“Break the Walls Down” hits again and this time CHRIS JERICHO comes out to an unbelievable pop. Jericho spreads his arms out wide, before spinning around at the top of the ramp and making his way down to the ring. He gets into the ring and takes a mic as Vince McMahon’s face, starts shake and turns a very bright red colour. Jericho goes to speak when “Y2J” chants cut him off. Jericho waits for the chants to die down, which takes a good half minute before he attempts to speak.


Huge Pops

Jericho: And may I do everyone in this arena, a favour by saying VINCE MCMAHON WILL YOU PLEASE, SHUT THE HELL UP!

More huge pops

Jericho: Do you have any idea how boring you are? You stand out here and delay the return of Monday Night Jericho for what, almost ten minutes. You come out here and blab some senseless gibberish about how I am not really your son, about how you are going to get your secretary to fire me? Well Unfortunately Vince, you don’t own my contract and the only person who can fire me, is the man who signed my contract. And what that means DAD is that I can make your life a living miserable HELL!


Jericho: What are you going to say Vince? Were you by any chance going to say that Mister Kennedy was your son? Well let me tell you that as much as you are both suited. As much as you are both two utter complete JACKASSES!

Crowd Pops as Vince’s mouth opens in shock.


Jericho: Don’t interrupt me Junior, I am not finished yet.

Big pops for Jericho showing the guts to interrupt the Boss.

Jericho: As much as your both Jackasses, like it not I am your Bastard Son.

The crowd pops as Vince shakes his head with fury not believing what he is hearing.

Jericho: Oh what’s the matter don’t you like me Vinnie. Well let me tell you this Vince, I don’t care about you. I don’t feel the need to give you a hug; I don’t feel the need to have a father to son chat. I don’t feel the need to show you any love, what I feel Vince is the need to KICK YOUR ASS ALL OVER NASHVILLE TENNESEE!

Huge pops for Jericho’s comments as Vince’s rage continues to build up.

Jericho: I could go into a Million reasons why, your Stupid Haircut, your 25 cent suit, the way you walk, the way you talk, but the main reason which comes to MIND IS THAT YOU’RE A COMPLETE JACKASS!

Huge pops as Vince goes to reply when Jericho quickly cuts him off.

Jericho: You think I should be happy that my Dad is a Multimillionaire. Right I get more money, right I get even more hot chicks, right I get a Dirty, Stinky, Rotten, Grotesque, Two Cent Slut for a Sister!

The crowd laughs at Jericho’s comments and Jericho goes to speak some more, when Vince finally cuts in.

Vince: HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT! You come out here and tell me that you’re my son? Well let me tell you this Chris Jericho son or not, YOU DON’T CROSS THE BOSS!

Big heat for McMahon as Jericho smirks

Vince: I might not be able to fire you Chris Jericho, but I have got the Grapefruits and the Power to make your LIFE A LIVING HELL!

Huge heat again for McMahon

Jericho: Well according to Mrs Jericho back in Winnipeg Canada, you were running very low in the Grapefruits Department. So how about you prove her wrong, and you and me go at it right here right now!

The crowd gives a massive pop, as it looks like we might be seeing the father and son going at it. It looks Vince McMahon has accepted Jericho’s challenge as he takes off his jacket, when he suddenly drops to the floor and rolls under the bottom rope to the outside. This is reacted with big heat from the crowd, and they give out a big “Asshole” chant.

Vince: You want me Jericho. Well why should I come in, when I have got my…..Corporation!

Chris Jericho gives Vince a very puzzled look, but suddenly we see RANDY ORTON AND KEN KENNEDY COMING THROUGH THE CROWD! They get into the ring behind Jericho and they start attacking Chris Jericho in the ring! The crowd boos as Ken Kennedy and the WWE Champion start stomping away at Chris Jericho in the ring. They lift Chris Jericho to their feet and they start pounding away at him into the corner of the ring. They then hold back a defenceless Chris Jericho back, as Vince McMahon gets into the ring. Vince gets into Chris Jericho’s face making he sure he sees what’s coming, when JOHN CENA SPRINTS TO THE RING! Vince McMahon quickly gets out of the way as John Cena starts to clean house on both Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy. Chris Jericho then joins in with Cena, as Vince McMahon watches on in horror. John Cena hoists Randy Orton up to his shoulders and delivers with an F-U as Chris Jericho trips Ken Kennedy up and locks on the Walls of Jericho! Vince McMahon comes from behind and clubs Chris Jericho’s back, causing Jericho to let go of the hold. Vince McMahon begins to realise that he has made a mistake, with his backup down on the mat and with John Cena and Chris Jericho both staring at him. Chris Jericho then picks up a mic and points to the Titantron.

Jericho: Remember this Vince?

On the Titantron we go back to a clip from Raw three weeks ago during a promo between Jonathon Coachman and Vince McMahon.

Coach: Thank you Sir, and Mr McMahon let me just say. With William Regal taking his ball and moving over to Smackdown, I would have no problem whatsoever, if you wanted me to be his replacement.

Vince: Thanks for the offer but I haven’t decided who the General Manager will be, and quite frankly I am not going to make that decision.

Coach: Who will?

Vince: Well I am going to leave that decision to whoever my Bastard son is, I know he will make the right choice
We then go back to the ring, where we see Vince McMahon with his eyes closed dreading the mistake that he has made. He then opens his eyes to see Chris Jericho pointing down the ramp, with Jericho telling him “I think I have made the right choice”.

“Glass Shatters” then hits AND STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN MAKES HIS WAY DOWN TO THE RING, AND HE IS THE NEW GENERAL MANAGER OF RAW! Vince McMahon can’t believe his eyes as Stone Cold makes his way down to the ring to a huge pop. Stone Cold gets into the ring and salutes the crowd at each turnbuckle. Stone Cold then gets into Vince McMahon’s face and he picks up a mic. It looks like as though Stone Cold is going to say something, when he kicks Vince McMahon in the gut AND CONNECTS WITH THE STONE COLD STUNNER! Stone Cold then asks for beers to be tossed down into the ring, and he tosses beers over to both John Cena and Chris Jericho and the three men have a Beer Bash in the ring as the show finally comes to an end.


The Worlds Greatest Tag Team defeat The Cryme Time via DQ in 6:10
Beth Phoenix defeats Candice Michelle to retain her Womens Championship in 4:27
John Morrison and Kevin Thorn defeat CM Punk and RVD in 8:09
John Cena defeats The Redneck Wrecking Crew and Snitsky in 6:35
Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly defeat Santino Marella and Matt Stryker via DQ in 5:31
Triple H beats King Booker in a Steel Cage Match in 13:48

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