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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

I’m jumping straight into the BTB, so don’t expect a review of beefy goodness. Just want to return the review and try to get into the BTB.

The Tag Titles would’ve made for an excellent opening match, great choice for a curtain jerker. Lots of cool spots in the match, and the ending was pretty darn killer. ‘Rana into a ‘bomb is pretty sweet in and of itself, but when from the top turnbuckle, it gets even better. Solid writing, solid opener.

The Coach and Vinnie Mac segment was pretty much filler, while I like the heel tease with Batista. Batista’s pretty bland as a face, so if he does turn heel, I’d like it.

Umaga/Hardy is a match that no matter what, I will love and hate the ending. I would like to see both men go over, but it just won’t happen. And actually, the ending ended up being worse than what I would’ve wanted, as I felt Hardy ended up looking terribly weak by losing via KO in under 10 minutes. These 2 guys are definitely two men who could be pushed well, so I’m not fond of one being buried like this. However, I’ll take Umaga going over like this still. He’s a beast. Fuck Samoa Joe; Umaga’s the real Samoan machine.

Anyone else see the problem in CM Punk being an ECW original? Yes? Okay, good. As for the other promo… if you have Cena get hurt like IRL, I’ll R&R every show he’s out for. Promise. :P

The ECW match was pretty much bad ass. Lots of killer spots, although the guitar spot irked me; guitar = Jeff Jarrett = TNA… I would’ve loved it if you had Thorn no-sell it. That would’ve been gold. Morrison’s springboard moony through the tables, the Crucifix Bomb, although RVD’s lack of selling was a bit meh… ring psychology was forgotten in this match, sire. Trash can instead of steel chair for the Van Terminator? BOO~! Cool to see the VT busted out for the finish, although I still didn’t like the lack of psychology.

Fun Orton promo, although some typo’s and grammatical errors threw me off; had to re-read the ending portions two or three additional times. T’was obnoxious to do so.

The SD Tag Titles match was el stinko; there was just nothing really interesting about it. I’m not a big SD fan to begin with, and MVP is not someone I like, and Taylor is bleh. Glad to see the oddball duo retain the Belts, and Hardy hitting the Twist of Fate on MVP was a nice touch, although makes the challengers look like bitches for not being able to capitalize on it.

I definitely would’ve liked to see a longer match between Booker and Trips, and the ending being out of nowhere. However, I like King Bookah having some shades of Booker T in the match; Booker T > King Booker.

Edge’s promo was nice, but not much to say. I like the fired stipulation for Booker, and I can actually see Booker possibly losing, TBH.

I’m not sure why, but the WHC match just didn’t interest me too whole much. Probably because I’m just jumping into it. I knew from the get-go Kane and Finlay had no chance of winning, so that may have hindered me as well. However, I did like the cheap ending with Edge crawling onto Kane for the pin after Finlay dumped himself & Rey over the top rope. Edge didn’t even have to do anything, but he walks away Champ. I can dig it. And Rey doesn’t take the pin, which I also like because he’s the only legit WHC contender out of the 3 challengers.

The LSM match was pretty darn sweet… I liked the little spot where Cena got up before ten, and then fell back down. I could see some controversy in that, as Cena did fail to meet the count fully by falling back down again. Didn’t like how quickly some of the guys recovered from a few spots, i.e. the FU on the ring steps, but alas. Vinny Mac helping out Orton/screwing Cena was pretty wicked, but I’m not sure if I love or hate the fact Cena didn’t go down right after McMahon screwed him. Kennedy coming to help screw Cena WOULD have been awesome if you didn’t fuck up the typing so bad. Ken Kennedy smashes the chair across the back of Kennedy? Kennedy smashes the chair across the skull of Kennedy? That KILLS that whole entire screw job. However, tying Cena’s feet to the bottom rope was a pretty creative touch, and a great way to make Cena look like a champ while still losing.

I don’t really like Y2J as the bastard son, TBH. So much is known about Jericho, the son of the Rangers hockey player (Ted Irvine?), etc. Would’ve liked to just see Kennedy be the bastard son and be done with it. Jericho could’ve easily made his return to save everyone from Vinny Mac and co. Meh to the ending.

Overall, a good PPV for what it was; me having no prior knowledge of what was going down. Some nice matches like the opener, ECW match, and the LMS match. You botched some shit though, especially in that Last Man Standing match, that really hurt the execution and performance of everything. And, the Jericho thing was a bit of a let down, although, it was something different, so I can accept that. I’ll continue to try and R&R in the future though, as there is definitely some stuff that has my interest. I enjoyed your work with FD, and I look to enjoy your stuff solo.

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