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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Unforgiven Feedback

I don’t blame you for recapping this show, Survivor Series is doing my head in right now!

On to the show, terrific match to start and one that would really get me into the show, and the crowd too I think. There was some real fast pace as the match went on with some nice spots, but I can’t believe that London would kick out of the T Bone suplex. I wasn’t sure who was going to win as Shelton looked dominant and I thought that would change, but it didn’t. Real nice match to start and it gets the show off to a good start

The two promos were interesting. A typical Vince segment early on in a PPV, only tonight we find out who his son is. I hope to god it’s not Kennedy, but I think you know better and will spring a surprise on us. Batista not in the main event is a bit of a shock, but it still should be a good match, but there’s no way he’s not interfering in this one

Umaga and Jeff just got insanely brutal. It started off real good and I thought we were going to see a real back and forth ending. I couldn’t see Jeff losing this one clean and I think you did an okay job of it. If you’re planning on pushing Umaga out of this, then you’ve done him a favour here. I’m just not sure what Jeff does from here, whether he makes a revenge attack and that leads to a pay off match or not. Umaga did look simply unstoppable, I’m not sure whether a DQ would have been a better call and if all the samoan spikes were needed

The Cena/Vince promo was good and I would love to have seen. Cena was in great character, winding up an already tightly wrapped Vince and it led to some funny banter. The ECW interview was good too, they were fired up, well RVD was. The Sabu part makes it a little more interesting, but should be an intriguing match

Wow, what a brutal match up. I never thought it would have gone that far, but I’m so glad it did. Even though there was some insane spots, like the Morrison springboard through all four tables, it all flowed very naturally. Barbed wire involved too and the use of the Van Terminator at the end too was a great way to finish off a very entertaining read

The Orton interview was really good, he was so focused and intense like his character usually is. It was something I would have liked to seen more detail of, but we get the deal, Orton is pumped and gunning for Cena

The WWE Tag titles I always thought would stay with Matt & MVP, I double checked my predictions before writing it. The Matt/MVP tension worked well for the match and you could sense something would happen. Regal & Taylor though never looked likely enough of winning the titles and it came as no shock when Matt & MVP got the win, well Matt did. Matt’s reaction to being pushed off the apron was real good for his character as he needed the momentum more than MVP, and hitting the Twist of Fate on him before winning the match was a nice touch

Nice little teaser promo with Vince & Kennedy, I know it’s not going to be him for sure now, although I don’t think Vince will be happy. Why do I get the feeling Vince will be disappointed?

Booker/Triple H was okay and I really marked out I must admit when Booker spun out of the pedigree and hit a book end, that was brilliant. I could never see him winning the match, so when he went for his a spinerooni, I knew he had it lost. Nice ending, and that should be onto bigger things for Triple H now

Edge interview would have been good to see too. Whining but yet so arrogant and self confident at the same time. There is no way in hell he is losing the title tonight. The Booker promo was pretty good too and I am happy that you had Vince get angry when he didn’t get what he wanted. I love seeing Vince lose it and he sure did here, better get the sing song ready for Booker and his next match “Hey, hey, hey, goodbye”. You’re doing the right thing man

Taker Henry had to be short, because it would suck, but this description was alright and Taker had to win, putting up a brave fight too. But what happened next was just crazy, it came out of nowhere. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Batista would take all his frustration out on The Undertaker in this way. It’s obviously going somewhere, and I can’t wait to find out where, just came out of nowhere. The explanation that followed made sense and did clear it up. I like the heel side to Batista a great deal and will look forward to seeing what you do with him

World title match just got a bit more interesting now that Batista won’t be getting involved. I didn’t see Edge losing his title and that was the case. Man I love these matches with all the chaos that comes with them. The double suplex through the announce table was realistic of a massive heel pair of Edge and Finlay, but then it all went wrong. Edge getting a chair shot and a chokeslam, I thought would take him out of it for good. Lucky for him, it carried on like a back and forth world title match as he managed to sneak it the way Edge should. MOTN by far

The main event was just brilliant to read, it was just brutal and so entertaining. It carried on where the last match left off and I think you played to the rules of Last Man Standing perfectly, doing things that you wouldn’t in a No DQ match. Orton really gave Cena a beating early on before Cena managed to muster a fight back. That’s just how it would go IRL and played out for the better. Vince getting involved, I wasn’t sure about. Having beef with Cena certainly made it believable, but then Kennedy comes down out of nowhere. I’m not sure whether he’s actually the son or he’s trying to make out he is. Great finish as it doesn’t make Cena look weak, and it is a big screw job. The attack after might not have been that necessary, and just when I thought it would be Kennedy, Jericho out of nowhere. Now that is a shock and very interesting. Seeing a son who will battle against Vince will be great to read in the future and certainly makes it very intriguing for the next month or so. Great way to finish the show

Overall it was a very entertaining show, capped with a terrific double main event and the shock that Jericho is Vince’s son. Nice PPV man!
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