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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Here is both the final Raw and Smackdown before Unforgiven,i feel parts are a little rushed as i have had no time the last two weeks for shows or reviews but the quality should be better in the new year. Also remember to leave your predictions for Unforgiven!

WWE Raw!
Green Bay Wisconsin
10th September 2007

*Opening video and pyro*

After the traditional opening by JR and King “ My time is Now” hits and John Cena makes his way down to the ring to a big pop, scattered with a couple of boos as always. John Cena gets into the ring and takes a mic. Instead of the traditional fun John Cena promo we are accustomed to, we see more of an intense John Cena promo to hype his match with Randy Orton this Sunday. He says at Summerslam, Randy Orton stole his WWE Championship and he tried to end his career. But he tells Randy Orton that he made a big mistake as he is still standing and that at Unforgiven Randy Orton is going to get the asskicking of his life. Cena says he will regain his WWE Championship and he will end his Word Motherthriggin Life. Then “Burn inside my light” hits and Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring with a mic in hand. Randy Orton calls John Cena a bad loser and that he beat Cena fair and square at Summerslam. He tells Cena that he did fail to end his career, but it did set up the day of destiny when Randy Orton will end John Cena’s career, and that will be this Sunday at Unforgiven. John Cena says he is sick and tired of hearing Randy Orton run his mouth on how he is going to end someone’s career, and he challenges Orton to end his career right here right now. Randy Orton rejects and John Cena then calls Randy Orton a bitch. This lights a fire under Randy Orton who goes to walk away, before turning around and he goes to hit Cena with the WWE Title but Cena ducks and the two get into a brawl. John Cena gets the better of Randy Orton and he pounds away at him into the corner when suddenly hometown hero KEN KENNEDY ATTACKS JOHN CENA FROM BEHIND! John Cena fights back against Ken Kennedy taking him down with a clothesline, before turning around into an RKO BY RANDY ORTON! The crowd boos as Randy Orton has got one over John Cena tonight and he and Kennedy leave the ring together, as JR hypes up the tag team main event where Cena will pick a partner to face Kennedy and Orton.

Commercial Break

Even though this was supposed to be an ECW Rules match, the first half of the match had no weapons used at all that were used because every time RVD and Elijah Burke went to the outside to get a weapon, the other members of the New Breed or ECW Originals made sure that they didn’t pick up the weapon. RVD got sick and tired of this so he hit a springboard plancha from the ring onto all three other members of the New Breed. RVD then brought a steel chair into the ring and a trash can. RVD hit Elijah with the Van Daminator and then set him up in the corner of the ring placing the trash can on top of him. RVD then went to the corner to the other side of the ring and he signalled for the Van Terminator when suddenly Elijah Burke pushed RVD to the outside face first onto the barricade. The New Breed then went to gang up on RVD on the outside when the Originals made the save and tossed RVD into the ring. From here Elijah Burke started to dominate the match even busting RVD open with a sick chair shot to the skull. Marcus Cor Von then slid a table into the ring and Elijah set RVD up on it before climbing to the top rope. The Originals then got revenge for the New Breed interfering earlier when RVD was close to victory as Tommy Dreamer pushes Elijah Burke off the ring apron into the ring and a massive brawl between both teams ensues. Unlike on Smackdown where the New Breed got the better of the Originals, this time on Raw the Originals get the better of the New Breed with Tommy Dreamer hitting John Morrison over the head with a Kendo Stick as Sabu connects with the Air Sabu to a cornered Kevin Thorn and CM Punk connects with the Go to Sleep on Marcus Cor Von. Meanwhile Elijah Burke gets to his feet and notices three ECW Originals staring at him with all of his backup on the floor. Burke pledges for his life when suddenly from behind RVD places a steel trash can onto Elijah’s head and kicks him so he falls backwards onto the table. RVD then climbs to the top rope and connects with the Five Star Frog Splash to Burke through the table! CM Punk then places a hurt RVD onto Elijah Burke and RVD picks up the victory!
Winner: Rob Van Dam in 10:50

After the match The ECW Originals celebrate their victory, getting revenge for the car park beatdown on them by the New Breed on Smackdown. The New Breed back down the ramp signalling that they will get revenge for this as JR and King hype the 8 man tag between the teams at Unforgiven.

We then go backstage to see Candice Michelle in front of a camera backstage, and she gets a decent pop from the crowd. She says that last week she beat Beth Phoenix and that she wants her title back. She says she now knows that she can beat Beth and regain her Womens Championship. She then challenges Beth to a match next week, challenging Beth to put the title on the line as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

The second match of the evening is a tag team number one contender match as the Hooligans take on the Redneck Wrecking Crew, with the winners facing the Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Who once again join JR and King at ringside for this match) at Unforgiven. It was your typical average tag team match with the faces making a very bright start to the match before Brian Kendrick plays the role of face in peril. Cade and Murdoch did a very effective job of working over the leg of Brian Kendrick to slow the Cruiserweight down. This proved as Kendrick fought back after tripping Cade face first into the turnbuckle and he got to his feet and went to tag in London when suddenly he collapsed under his own weight not being able to support his leg and Lance Cade took the initiative and started working over the leg some more. But however all it took for The Hooligans to get back into the match was one mistake as Murdoch held Kendrick back and Cade bounced off the ropes and went for a clothesline on Kendrick, but Kendrick ducked and Cade took down his partner and Kendrick tags in Paul London. London came into the match like a house on fire, going after both Cade and Murdoch. London slammed Murdoch down to the mat and he climbs to the top rope and it looks like he is going to go for a high risk move, when Cade knocks him onto his crown jewels. Brian Kendrick who has had a rest then gets into the ring and takes Cade to the outside with a dropkick. Kendrick and London then team up on Murdoch with Kendrick hitting the sliced bread 2 and then London comes off the top rope with a Shooting Star press and he hooks the leg to get the three count.
Winners: The Hooligans in 8:19

After the match The Hooligans celebrate their victory knowing they have now got a title shot in six days time against Tag Team Champions The Worlds Greatest Tag Team. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team step up from their commentary position and they start trash talking The Hooligans who signal to the champs that they want their belts as we go backstage.

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by John Cena. Todd asks Cena if he has picked a partner for tonight’s main event against Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton. Cena says he has picked a partner who hates Randy Orton just as much as he does and he says that Orton might of hit him with the RKO earlier on tonight thanks to Ken Kennedy but at Unforgiven no one will be watching Randy Orton’s back and that he will regain what belongs to him. He says that at Unforgiven he will be the Last Man Standing and everyone will remember three simple letters, CKO standing for Cena killed Orton! Cena then walks off as we go to a commercial.

The third match of the evening sees Jeff Hardy prepare for his match at Unforgiven against Umaga, as he faces another monster in Snitsky. Rather surprisingly Snitsky seemed to be off form tonight with the losses piling up onto him now, and Jeff Hardy had the majority of the momentum in the match. Jeff Hardy straight from the start took it to Snitsky, taking him to the outside with a Hurricarana before slingshotting himself over the top rope onto Snitsky. Snitsky had one little moment in the match when he hit Hardy with a big boot but Hardy kicked out at two. But however it was Jeff Hardy who got the win after hitting Snitsky with a Whisper in the Wind followed by the Twist of Fate, followed up by a Swanton Bomb.
Winner: Jeff Hardy in 5:35

After the match Jeff Hardy celebrates his surprisingly easy victory as “Samoan Bulldozer” hits and Umaga comes down to the ring with Armando Alejandro Estrada. As they come down to the ring Estrada snaps his Cuban Cigar and instructs some instructions to Umaga. Umaga goes to get into the ring when suddenly Jeff Hardy hits him with a Baseball Slide Dropkick! Jeff Hardy then catapults himself over the top rope onto Umaga taking the Samoan Bulldozer down! Jeff Hardy then quickly grabs a chair on the outside and waits for Umaga to get up, before smashing the chair over Umaga’s skull. Jeff Hardy then tosses the chair to the flood and heads up down the ramp as Armando checks up on Umaga surprised at what just happened. Umaga gets to his feet and he loses his temper pushing the steel steps over and tossing the equipment off the Raw announce table as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see Santino flirting with Maria and Matt Stryker approaches them. Santino and Stryker hype up their upcoming match with Santino telling Stryker that he is going to stomp a mud pie and whip an ass whip on that ugly Hardcore porn Star (Hardcore Holly) and the brother of that gay gold man (Cody Rhodes). However the conversation goes ugly when Matt Stryker looks at Maria and is disgusted at how little she is wearing and says that it is half priced sluts like her who go around wearing just a Bikini and Thong that makes him sick of this Country. Maria asks Matt what is a Slut when Santino interrupts and tells Matt Stryker how dare he speak to his beautiful girlfriend Maria like that saying she is actually a full priced slut. Santino then says something to Maria in Italian and they both laugh as they look at Matt Stryker. This infuriates Stryker who says that he is not going to go out there and team up with someone who can’t even speak proper English. Santino tells Stryker that he likes the Italian Language better because just like Maria it is beautiful, unlike the American language which these ugly people in Green Bay Wisconsin use. Stryker says he is right about them being ugly but he tells Maria to put on some clothes because a man of his stature can not be seen with someone like that. Matt Stryker then walks off as Santino gives Matt Stryker the Little Finger behind his back (Supposed to me middle finger) before telling Maria to go change as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Next up we have a tag team match which brews from last week as Cody Rhodes teams up with Hardcore Holly to take on Matt Stryker and Santino who came down to the ring with Maria who is dressed up in a smart business suit thanks to Matt Stryker’s comments which doesn’t please Santino who tries to see a bit of cleavage as he makes his way down to the ring. During the match a bit of tension was shown between Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes after Rhodes accidentally bumped into Hardcore taking him off the apron and Hardcore Holly started shouting at Cody what the hell is he doing allowing Matt Stryker to attack him from behind. Stryker and Santino also had some miscommunication problems with Santino not understanding the simple phrase “Tag me” which Matt Stryker shouted at Santino to do and Santino very randomly apologises to Stryker and says he doesn’t swing that way. Also during the match Santino continued his mockery of Stone Cold stomping a “mudpie” in Cody Rhodes in the corner and giving him the little finger instead of the middle finger. The ending of the match saw Santino push Cody off the top rope as he went for a diving crossbody onto to Matt Stryker. Cody then got to his feet and staggered into Matt Stryker who connected with the Golden Rule and hooks the leg to get the three count to the disgust of Hardcore Holly
Winners: Matt Stryker and Santino Marella in 7:12

After the match Santino celebrated with Maria as Stryker gets his hand raised by the referee. Hardcore Holly looks on into the ring in disgust at what he just saw and shakes his head in disbelief. Hardcore Holly then watches on as Santino and Matt Stryker continue their beat down on Cody Rhodes in the ring. Hardcore looks like he is going to make the save for Cody, but he suddenly has a change of heart and he backs down the ramp and watches on as Santino Marella connects with the Stone Cold Stunner on Cody Rhodes! The crowd boos Santino’s actions as Hardcore Holly walks to the back as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see the Kings Court set up in the ring with King Booker and Sharmell in the ring. King Booker starts off by quickly hyping his match with Triple H at Unforgiven, saying that he is going to behead the Game and he will make him kiss his royal feet. He then introduces his guest Vince McMahon who comes down to the ring accompanied by his executive assistant Jonathon Coachman. Vince starts off by talking about how at Unforgiven he will find out who his Bastard son is. Vince gives some names of who he would like his son to be including the likes of Randy Orton, Ken Kennedy and King Booker. Booker is about to thank Vince for his comment when “Time to Play the Game” hits and Triple H makes his way down to the ring. Triple H looks at King Booker before turning to Vince and says that he feels very emotional to see that McMahon has another son. He says that he and the McMahons have had a lot of history. He says he has beaten Vince to an inch of his life, he has beaten Shane to an inch of his life and he has also knocked up Stephanie. Triple H then has some fun with Vince about his bastard son showing numerous pictures on the Titantron, showing what his son might look like. He shows a picture of a baby gorilla saying it looks just like Vince. He then shows a picture of Stephanie McMahon with her baby Aurora Rose. Triple H calls it a cute baby and says that whoever knocked Stephanie up must be like the best looking man ever and must have one hell of a bazooka. Triple H then shows a final picture, which has a baby with half of Vince McMahon’s head and half of Jonathon Coachman’s head. Triple H then tells Coach he must have been putting more body parts up Vince’s ass other than his head. Vince McMahon then interrupts with the traditional “Shut up”. King Booker finally steps up saying how dare does Triple H speak to royalty like Vince McMahon like that. Triple H then calls Vince McMahon a Royal Jackass. This infuriates Vince McMahon who then gets into Triple H’s face and starts shouting at him how dare you speak to me like that. This just turns out to be a distraction as then suddenly King Booker attacks Triple H with his crown and he starts pounding away at him, but Triple H starts fighting back. Triple H starts wailing at him in the corner when suddenly Vince hits him from behind. Triple H turns around slowly smiling before kicking him in the mid section and setting him up for the Pedigree. But from behind King Booker takes down Triple H with a chop block before bouncing off the ropes and hitting the Scissors Kick. The crowd boos as King Booker and Vince McMahon shake hands as Triple H is left lying on the floor as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Our penultimate match of the evening sees Carlito make his second title defence, as he defends his Intercontinental Championship against former champion Val Venis. Val puts on a spirited performance against the champion getting in more offence than he has any right to with Carlito coming into the match too cocky and confident. Carlito made a huge mistake in the middle of the match by not pinning Val after he had connected with the Cool Shot and instead went to the outside to go for his apple. Carlito takes a bite out of it before going into the ring and he waits for Val to get to his feet before going to spit in his face, when Val smacks the apple right out of his mouth and connects with a Spin Out Powerbomb after ducking a clothesline by Carlito. Val picked up a gear and nearly took the title after connecting with a Fishermans Suplex but Carlito kicked out at two. The end of the match saw Val drop Carlito with a sick DDT before climbing to the top rope. Val goes for the Money Shot, but Carlito rolls out of the way! Both men get to their feet and Carlito connects with the Back Cracker and makes the cover to pick up the victory!
Winner: Still Intercontinental Champion Carlito in 6:07

After the match Carlito holds his Intercontinental Title up in the air in celebration. Carlito then goes to the outside and grabs an apple off Lillian Garcia and takes a bite out of it. He then gets into the ring and he spits the apple onto Val Venis just like he did to Cody Rhodes last week.

We then go backstage to see Randy Orton warming up for his upcoming match when Ken Kennedy walks up to him getting a big pop from his hometown crowd. Ken Kennedy tells Randy Orton that he is not helping Randy because he likes him, Kennedy says he is doing it to make an impression and he is doing it for a certain person. Randy Orton tells Kennedy he couldn’t care less why he is helping him because he can beat John Cena all by himself. Orton does however promise Ken Kennedy a title shot if they team up together to take out John Cena tonight. Kennedy shakes Orton’s hand on that as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

When we get back from our final commercial we have our main event as WWE Champion Randy Orton teams up with hometown hero Ken Kennedy to take on John Cena and a partner of his choice. After John Cena makes his entrance he gets a mic and he starts hyping his tag team partner. Cena then tells Orton and Kennedy that it is time to play the game. Then “Time to Play the Game” hits and Triple H makes his way down to the ring to the disbelief of Orton and Kennedy.

After that big announcement of Cena’s partner we have a very entertaining main event which is given over ten minutes to produce a solid match. Even though this match was mainly to build up the Cena/Orton match at Unforgiven we get no signs of Cena and Orton going at it as every time Cena gets into the ring Randy Orton tags out to Ken Kennedy wanting no part of John Cena. John Cena and Triple H made an explosive start to the match and it looked like Triple H was going to pick up the win just a minute into the match when he set Ken Kennedy up for a Pedigree but Randy Orton made the save with a clothesline. Triple H played the face in peril throughout the middle of the match after Randy Orton hit a chop block to the Game and he started working over the Game’s leg, trying to reinjure his quadriceps. Randy Orton took a page from out of his former mentor Ric Flair’s book as he got Triple H in the Figure 4 Leg Lock. Somehow however Triple H got to the ropes. Randy Orton then set Triple H up for the Punt to the head but Triple H quickly got to his feet and caught Orton with a spinning Spinebuster. Orton knew Cena was going to get tagged in so he tagged Kennedy into the ring as Cena got into it and Cena starts cleaning house on Kennedy. Cena hits his normal routine of moves leading up to set Kennedy for the F-U but Kennedy slid off Cena’s shoulders and pushed him into the referee and low blowed him just before the ref got back to his feet. The last few minutes of the match saw some back and forth wrestling between the two teams, with all four men coming close to get the victories for their teams. The ending of the match saw Triple H hit the Pedigree on Kennedy only for Orton to break the count, John Cena finally got his hands on Orton and took him to the outside with a clothesline and they brawled it out on the outside. Triple H began to lift Kennedy back to his feet when he noticed King Booker coming down to the ring. Triple H took his eye off the ball and started challenging Booker to come down to the ring. Booker did enough to distract Triple H for long so that Ken Kennedy could come from behind and roll up Triple H grabbing a handful of tights and picks up the three count.
Winners: Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton in 11:58

After the match Triple H got straight back to his feet and chased straight after King Booker through the crowd as they both jumped the barricade. John Cena who was just getting back into the ring to break the count is then attacked by the victor of the match Ken Kennedy and then Randy Orton joins in and they start double teaming on John Cena. They whip Cena off the ropes, but Cena comes back off the ropes with a double clothesline. John Cena then hoists Kennedy onto his shoulders and connects with the F-U. Cena then starts trash talking down on Ken Kennedy before turning around into Randy Orton who goes for the RKO, but Cena pushes him away off the ropes. John Cena catches Orton off the ropes and goes to hit him with an F-U, but Orton slides off his shoulders and smartly scurries to the outside. Raw then comes to an end as the two competitors in this Sunday’s main event lock eyes.


Raw Results
Rob Van Dam beats Elijah Burke in a ECW Rules match in 10:50
The Hooligans defeat the Redneck Wrecking Crew in 8:19
Jeff Hardy beats Gene Snitsky in 5:35
Matt Stryker and Santino Marella beat Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly in 7:12
Carlito defeats Val Venis to retain his Intercontinental Championship in 6:07
Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton defeat John Cena and Triple H in 11:58

Minneapolis Minnesota
14th September 2007

*Opening video and pyro*

Michael Cole and JBL hype the show before “Don’t Waste My Time” hits and the New Breed consisting of Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, John Morrison and Kevin Thorn make their way down to the ring. Elijah Burke cuts a promo on behalf of the New Breed hyping this Sunday’s 8 man tag ECW Rules match and trashing the brand they used to appear on ECW. Burke says that they couldn’t wait for ECW to die, because it was full of talent less former ECW extremists that had more place being in a retirement home than in the ring with greatness such as him. He says that this Sunday the New Breed will kill the last piece of the puzzle and that the ECW Originals will be washed out and the New Breed will become the future of the WWE. With that “Let the Bodies hit the Floor” hits and the ECW Originals make their way down to the ring to a big pop. RVD speaks on behalf of the ECW Originals saying he is sick and tired of hearing Elijah Burke talk about how the New Breed are going to be the future of the WWE, RVD says that the only thing they will get in their future is the ass kicking of their lives this Sunday at Unforgiven. Rob Van Dam says he hates the living hell out of the New Breed because along with Vince McMahon they helped kill ECW. Rob Van Dam says ECW is for extreme superstars, and says that all the New Breed were are Extreme Jackasses. He says that this Sunday we are going to wrestle for the pride and honour of ECW, and that the ECW Originals are going to teach them the meaning of Extreme and says that ECW Originals 4:20 will smoke your ass at Unforgiven. CM Punk then takes the mic off RVD and says that if any of the New Breed have a problem with that then he will face anyone of them right here right now. The New Breed have a quick discussion before Marcus Cor Von steps up and tells CM Punk that he can smell his fear because he is going to get hunted and is going to feel the POUNCE! John Morrison then cuts in saying that is not all and since the New Breed are so used to getting put through tables in the last few weeks, he challenges any one of them to face him in a tables match later on tonight. Sabu then steps up and accepts the challenge without saying anything. We then go to a commercial as the ECW Originals leave the ring and Marcus Cor Von makes his way down to face CM Punk.

Commercial Break

After that opening promo we have our first match as a former ECW Champion in CM Punk takes on the highly rated Marcus Cor Von. This match turns out to be a very good entertaining back and forth match to start out the wrestling side of the show, with these two given ten minutes to put on a good match. In the early going Cor Von throws his weight around using his power to his advantage. But however when Cor Von misses a turnbuckle spear to CM Punk and smashes shoulder first into the steel ring post, CM Punk starts to use his speed and technical ability to his advantage. CM Punk starts to work over the arm of Cor Von to set him up for the Anaconda Vice. However Cor Von shows some fire and comes close to the victory after an Alpha Bomb only for Punk to kick out at two. The end of the match sees Cor Von go for the pounce on Punk, but Punk moves out of the way causing Cor Von to crash into the turnbuckle. Cor Von then turns around into CM Punk who hits the Uranage slam and then locks in the Anaconda Vice. It looks like Cor Von might submit when suddenly the rest of the New Breed flees the ring and put a beatdown on CM Punk causing the ref to call for the bell.
Winner: CM Punk via DQ in 10:21

Elijah Burke cracks a steel chair over the back of CM Punk as the ECW Originals flood the ring and go to attack the New Breed with some weapons but they smartly flee the ring pulling Cor Von out of the ring as they do so. RVD throws a chair down the ramp at The New Breed showing his anger as they have put a beat down on CM Punk. John Morrison then shouts at Sabu that there will be the same fate for him later on in the tables match as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see a furious Edge charging into General Manager Teddy Long’s office. Edge puts his belt on a chair to the side before he shouts at Teddy Long what he was thinking last week. He says that Teddy must be out of his mind to make him defend his title against Finlay, Kane and Rey Mysterio in a Fatal 4 way. He complains to Teddy that he beat both Kane and Rey Mysterio and Finlay doesn’t deserve a title shot. He tells Teddy to cancel that match now, but Teddy replies no. Edge asks Teddy if he has a problem with him and Teddy replies by saying that the fatal four way match is going to happen and tonight Edge will have to team up with Finlay to take on Kane and Rey Mysterio before giving out his “Holla Holla Holla” line. Edge then turns around to pick his belt up, but it is not there. Edge asks Teddy where he put his belt before running out of the office to see Hornswoggle with the World Title! Hornswoggle laughs at Edge before running off with the belt, causing Edge to chase him in pursuit as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

The second match of the evening sees Stevie Richards who beat Chris Masters in a shocker last week team up with the motorcycle riding Chuck Palumbo to face highly rated Kenny Dykstra and Chris Masters. In the early going Chris Masters showed a lot of intensity and showed his aggressive side on Stevie Richards pummelling away at him wanting to get revenge for his loss last week. Stevie Richards played the face in peril for the majority of the match with Masters and Dykstra smartly keeping Richards away from Palumbo. But however Stevie Richards made the tag after hitting Dykstra with a dropkick and Chuck Palumbo started cleaning house on both of his opponents. Palumbo nearly took the victory after hitting the full throttle on Dykstra but Masters broke the count. The ending of the match saw Masters send Palumbo off the ropes only for Stevie Richards to tag himself in from behind. Masters didn’t notice this and after he ducked a clothesline from Palumbo and got him in the Masterlock, Richards came from behind with a roll up and steals the victory over Masters for the second week in a row!
Winners: Chuck Palumbo and Stevie Richards in 6:47

We then go backstage to see Edge still in pursuit of Hornswoggle who has stolen his World Title belt. Hornswoggle runs under a table and Edge jumps over it and then Hornswoggle starts climbing a ladder which is right by the table. Edge starts climbing up there following Hornswoggle who jumps off. Hornswoggle then grabs the ladder and threatens to push Edge off the ladder through the table. Edge tells Hornswoggle not to do it, but he starts to push him and Edge has to jump off the ladder hurting his leg in the process. Edge recovers to his feet however and he continues to chase him down the backstage area. Hornswoggle then runs around a wall which goes to the left, and Edge runs around only to bump into the back of Kane! Kane turns around looking very pissed off and now he starts to chase Edge as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Next up we have a very random Cruiserweight match, as instead of your typical singles or tag team match we have a fatal four way as the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble takes on the man who has got a pinfall on him two weeks in a row Kid Kash, Billy Kidman and Frankie Kazarian. The stipulation of this match is that if Noble wins, none of his opponents get a title shot and if one of his opponents get the win they get a title shot next week against Noble. It was a very fast exciting match as all Cruiserweight matches are with a lot of near falls. All three men had opportunities to get the victory, but each time someone came in to break the fall. The ending of the match saw Frankie Kazarian connect with a belly to belly overhead suplex to Billy Kidman, before turning around into Jamie Noble who hit a double underhook powerbomb. Noble then made the cover only for Kid Kash to come off the top rope with a frog splash over the head of Jamie Noble taking him out and he made the cover to get his third pinfall victory over Jamie Noble in three weeks and to earn a title shot against Noble next week.
inner: Kid Kash in 7:03

Post match sees Kid Kash celebrate his third victory over Jamie Noble, who looks rather worried that he has to face Kash next week for the title.

We then go backstage to see the New Breed in the locker room and they are forming a plan for John Morrison’s match with Sabu. Suddenly Theodore Long enters the room. Teddy tells them that he is fed up of watching the New Breed and the Originals tear each other up. He says that someone is going to get hurt and he is not going to sort out that mess. He says that there will be no outside interference allowed in the John Morrison v Sabu match and says to make sure that happens he is barring the rest of the New Breed from the arena. Elijah Burke begins to complain, but Teddy Long says that he has given the same instructions to the rest of the ECW Originals so everything is fair. Teddy Long then walks off as Elijah Burke then tells his New Breed members he has a plan as we go to another area backstage.

We go to another area backstage to see Matt Hardy warming up for his upcoming match, when MVP walks into the frame. MVP tells Hardy that he might want a shot at this US Title, but the main focus at the moment is to retain the Tag Team Championships this Sunday against Regal and Taylor. MVP tells Hardy that he is going to go out there with Hardy to watch his back and make sure that they don’t take Hardy out before Unforgiven. Hardy thanks MVP and says that he agrees that they need to focus on this Sunday, but he says that after that bell rings and the match is over he will be back after MVP and his US Title. Hardy then walks off leaving a frustrated MVP.

Commercial Break

Next up we have a warm up match for this Sundays clash between Matt Hardy and MVP against Regal and Taylor as Matt Hardy goes one on one with William Regal. It was a very technical match, which saw not many risks taken, and a lot of ground and pound wrestling. Matt Hardy despite having to wrestle William Regal in his own game, he held his own and looked good as he worked over the leg of William Regal. The match really picked up a gear towards the end as we saw some fast paced back and forth wrestling between the two great wrestlers. Both men came close to victory only for the partners to come in and save them from defeat. Matt Hardy hit Regal with a side effect and made the cover but David Taylor quickly put his partners foot on the rope. Moments later MVP made the save for Matt Hardy after pulling William Regal to the outside as he made the cover after a Regal Double Underhook Powerbomb. David Taylor and MVP then got into a brawl on the outside as William Regal slowly got back into the ring. Matt Hardy meanwhile had gotten back to his feet and he watched on at the MVP/Taylor brawl on the outside, and we see MVP toss Taylor shoulder first into the steel ring post. MVP then distracts Hardy even more saying that’s how you do it, and then suddenly from behind William Regal rolls up Hardy and grabs a handful of tights and gets the three count despite MVP’s attempt to break it up.
Winner: William Regal in 7:22

After the match Regal and Taylor celebrate down the ramp knowing they have picked up some momentum heading into Unforgiven. Meanwhile Matt Hardy kicks the bottom rope in frustration and shouts at MVP that he cost him the match and MVP replies by telling Hardy he didn’t have his head on the game and if they want to keep their titles he is going to have to get his head on straight. They continue to argue as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see that Edge has gotten away from Kane but he is still in pursuit of his World Heavyweight Championship. Edge shouts down the backstage area where is that Slimy Little Bastard. Edge then cuts quiet as he sees Hornswoggle walking down the backstage area turning a corner. Edge then grabs a chair and he quickly makes a move after Hornswoggle not trying to make a noise. He waits by the wall, before turning right around the wall and swings his Chair and HE NEARLY HITS FINLAY WITH THE CHAIR! Finlay asks Edge what the hell he is doing, to which Edge replies that Little Bastard has got my belt and he tells Finlay to make him give it back. Finlay takes the title off Hornswoggle and gives it back to Edge saying that he might be giving the belt to Edge now, but he expects Edge to hand the belt over to Finlay when he wins the World Heavyweight Title at Unforgiven.

Commercial Break

The next match sees the second contest between the New Breed and the ECW Originals tonight as John Morrison takes on Sabu in a Tables Match. It was a pretty good match, but was however kept pretty short as there is a lot to fit in to tonight’s show. John Morrison was put through a table early on but it didn’t count as he put himself through the table after he set a table in the corner with Sabu next to it, and he went to spear him through the table but Sabu moved and Morrison went straight through the table. Sabu brought a chair into the match and we saw some typical Sabu action using the chair as a springboard to hit a Moonsault before tossing the chair to Morrison later on and dropkicking the chair into the face of John Morrison. The ending saw Sabu set Morrison up on the table and climb up onto the top rope. But however from behind a CAMERA MAN STRIKES SABU WITH THE CAMERA! The camera man then takes off his hat to reveal himself as Elijah Burke. John Morrison then recovers and picks up an injured Sabu and he places him on the top rope before connecting with a superplex off the top rope to Sabu through the table!
Winner: John Morrison in 6:05

After the match Elijah Burke floods the ring with Marcus Cor Von and Kevin Thorne and they along with John Morrison continue the attack on Sabu, despite them being told earlier they had to leave the building along with the ECW Originals. The New Breed know that the rest of the Originals are not in the building so they take advantage all hitting their finishers onto Sabu. Elijah Burke then places a chair over the neck of Sabu and steps up onto the middle rope. Elijah Burke then jumps off ONTO THE CHAIR, WHICH IS OVER SABU’S NECK! Blood starts coming out of Sabu’s mouth and The New Breed raise their arms in celebration, as it looks like Sabu might not be able to compete at Unforgiven which is just two days away as we go backstage.

We then go backstage to see new Smackdown announcer Anastasia standing by Batista. She introduces herself and then Batista before asking him how he feels about his main event match with Mark Henry. Batista says that everyone knows how he feels about Mark Henry, and he will have the pleasure of kicking his ass one more time. He then goes onto the fact that he doesn’t have a match at Unforgiven, but he promises that he will make an impact. Batista then looks intensely into the camera as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Our penultimate match of the night sees a preview of this Sunday’s fatal 4 way for the World Heavyweight Championship, as the champion Edge teams up with Finlay to take on the team of Kane and Rey Mysterio. We have a very solid tag team match which saw a lot of action between all four competitors. The start of the match saw Rey Mysterio and Kane clean house on Finlay and Edge, with Mysterio taking Finlay to the outside with a Hurricarana and Kane taking Edge over the top with a big boot. But however Finlay resorted to dirty tactics to get back in the match as Hornswoggle came in the ring and started attacking Rey Mysterio, as Mysterio went to fight back Hornswoggle jumped out of the ring, and as Hornswoggle distracted the referee Finlay came from behind with a Shillelagh shot to the back of Rey Mysterio’s leg. The pace of the match slows down for a little bit as they work over the leg of Mysterio. Rey somehow crawls to the bottom rope when Edge locks in the Edgeucator. Rey Mysterio starts to fight back however when Edge misses a spear, and he hits a staggering Edge with a Tornado DDT. Mysterio fights back against Edge with a hurt Leg and gets him into position for the 619, but Edge in mid air clips the leg of Mysterio causing him to land very heavily on his knee. Edge then grabs Mysterio by the leg, but Rey hits him with an Enzuigiri and he tags in Kane. Kane starts to clean house on both Finlay and Edge. Kane then sets Edge up for a Chokeslam but once again Hornswoggle gets involved allowing Finlay to get in the ring with the Shillelagh but gets his head taken off with a big boot. But Kane turns around into a Spear, Edge makes the cover but Kane kicks out! Finlay goes for revenge on Kane, but Mysterio takes Finlay to the outside as Kane sits up. Kane then grabs a shocked Edge by his throat and gets to his feet. Before twisting Edge upside down and dropping him head first onto the mat with the Tombstone Piledriver! Kane hooks the legs and he beats the Champion going into Unforgiven.
Winners: Kane and Rey Mysterio in 10:49

After the match Kane raises his arm in the air in victory. Edge rolls to the outside of the ring and grabs his World Heavyweight Championship and scurries down the ramp, as Finlay is furious that Edge lost the match for his team. Meanwhile in the ring Kane goes to set off his pyros when Rey Mysterio dropkicks Kane onto the bottom rope! Mysterio bounces off the ropes and hits the 619 to Kane, getting revenge on Kane who hit Mysterio with a Chokeslam last week. Mysterio then points at Edge signalling he wants his title as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

The main event sees a battle between two former rivals being Batista and Mark Henry. Bit surprising that this was main event over the Tag Team Match but see the ending and aftermath of the match if you want to know why . As you would expect you don’t see a really great match here, but they produce a solid enough contest. In the early going we saw a very physical battle between the two Monsters as we saw a lot of punches and clotheslines being thrown around. But however Mark Henry took advantage after he hit Batista with a big backbreaker. Henry started to work over the back of Batista getting him into the Torture Rack. But Batista somehow slid off and he started taking it to the Worlds Strongest Man taking him down with a big spear and he made the cover but Henry somehow kicked out at two. It looked like Batista was going to pick up the win when he hit Henry with the Spinebuster and he set him up for the Batista Bomb but Henry countered it into a Back body drop. Henry then went for a clothesline but Batista ducked and Henry took the referee’s head off. Henry then hit Batista with a big clothesline before going to the outside of the ring. Henry picks up a steel chair and tosses it into the ring. Mark Henry waits for Batista to get up before driving the chair into the gut of Batista, before smashing it over his spine taking him down to his knees. Henry then goes to smash it over Batista’s skull when….


The lights in the arena go off and we see Mark Henry looking down the ramp awaiting the Undertaker. But we don’t get any notice of the Undertaker as the lights switch back on. Henry then slowly turns around into Batista who catches Henry off guard hitting a big Spinebuster to the Silverback ontop of the Steel Chair. Batista then slides the chair out of the ring as a recovered referee counts the three count giving the victory to Batista.
Winner: Batista in 8:55

After the match Batista celebrates his victory by raising his arms at each corner before leaving the ring and slapping hands with fans at ringside as he makes his way to the back. Meanwhile in the ring a furious Mark Henry shouts out at the Undertaker to come down to the ring right now, angry that he lost because of Undertaker’s music. Ask and you shall receive as once again we hear a “Gong” and the lights in the arena go off. The lights then quickly come back and AN ARM FROM UNDERNEATH THE RING COMES UP THROUGH THE MAT! Loads of smoke is released from under the ring as the arm grabs Mark Henry by the leg and starts to pull him under the ring as the lights go off. We end the show with Mark Henry being pulled through the tear in the ring underneath the ring by what must be the Undertaker.


Smackdown Results
CM Punk beats Marcus Cor Von via DQ in 10:21
Chuck Palumbo and Stevie Richards defeats Chris Masters and Kenny Dykstra in 6:47
Kid Kash beats Billy Kidman, Frankie Kazarian and Jamie Noble in 7:03
William Regal beats Matt Hardy in 7:22
John Morrison beats Sabu in a Tables Match in 6:05
Kane and Rey Mysterio beat Edge and Finlay in 10:49
Batista beats Mark Henry in 8:55

(Leave your Predictions if you wish)

Jeff Hardy v Umaga

King Booker v Triple H

Mark Henry v The Undertaker

ECW Originals (CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, Sabu and Tommy Dreamer) v The New Breed (Elijah Burke, John Morrison, Kevin Thorn and Marcus Cor Von)

The Hooligans v The Worlds Greatest Tag Team ©

Matt Hardy and MVP © v The UKConnection (Dave Taylor and William Regal)

Edge © v Finlay v Kane v Rey Mysterio

John Cena v Randy Orton ©

Also who will be the Bastard Son of Vince McMahon?
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