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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Opening Promo: This was a very very good Opening Promo, Characters were done brilliantly well, Especially Randy Orton, Liked the way he was talking about Cena burning in Hell with ECW, Loved RVD coming out and i wasnt expecting this, A very good Opening Promo and a great way to kick of Raw!!!

John Cena, Mcmahon Promo: Another great Promo here, Typical of Mr Mcmahon to get in the face of Cena and glad to see you got Cena to attack Mcmahon a little, Another good promo

Match1: This was a decent match, Glad to see The Faces get the win and i loved the little bit at the end were Umaga tries to get into the ring, Very Realistic, Good Match

McMahon and The Coach Promo: Another very good Promo, I have to say your promos are great and have alot of realism, Like the fact that Mcmahon kept on going on about John Cena and was not listening to The Coach, Will Ken Kennedy be Mcmahon Son, Good way to keep us thinking!!!!!

Match 2: There isnt alot a can say about this match, Decent Finish with Carlito showing No Respect for Rhodes and spitting in his face

Booker T Promo: Another very good promo, Booker T in Character and this builds up the fued for Unforgiven!!!

Match 3
Another alright match, Glad to see Triple H get the win i liked the ending

Harcore, Rhodes, Santino and Maria Promo: Your Promos i feel keep on getting better, Santino in complete character!!! and glad to see Hardcore Slating Rhodes about not doing anything to Carlito

Match 4
Alright match, I am sorry but a cannot really talk about your matches, Good aftermath with Santino revealing his Arm is not actually hurt, I expect a match with these two

New Breed, CM Punk and RVD Promo: I thought this was your worst promo so far, It was decent at the start until RVD came into it, Why would The New Breed back away from RVD?, Its not like he is a Kane or an Undertaker, I also believe Punk went out of character as soon as RVD became in the promo!!!

Match 5:
I enjoyed reading this match, MOTN so far but im sure the Main Event will be better, The New Breed coming out after the match was good and so was RVD and Tommy Dreamer coming out

Aftermatch Promo: This Promo was OK and was only their to get a match over for Unforgiven but i do think the match will be good

Match 6
Dont have anything to say about this match, It was just a Squash match but i do think to keep realism that it is always good to have a Squash type match on Raw, Smackdown and any other weekly show you may do

Mcmahon Promo: This was very good and keeps on interested for the main event

Match 7
Very good match and even though i thought RVD was going to get the win i am really glad you made Orton get the win, Great ending to the match and looking foward to the tag team Match, John Cenas Partner must be an ECW Superstar

OVERALL: very good show and i would have to give a 8/10, I love the realism
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