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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Raw Review-

Opening Promo- I enjoyed reading this a lot. I love how you chose RVD to come out and protect ECW. I think that RVD will win the ECW Title, but eventually later in the thread it will get knocked off. But Orton was good in promo here, and like I said before, it was a good read.

Cena/McMahon Promo- Wow, Vince is really taking it to the next level by making Cena stay with bodyguards. Cena can't wait to get a piece of Orton at Unforgiven. I think Cena will get involved in the ECW Title match somehow.

Londrick/Hardy vs Rednecks/Umaga- Wow, I was expecting Umaga and the Rednecks to pick up the win here. But Hardy came through for his team and got the pin on Murdoch. It makes Umaga seem kind of weak by listening to AAE to not get into the ring. But that's ok. I like the trash talking between Hooliganz and WGTT.

Coach/Vince Promo- Oh god, I hope this isn't the Hornswoggle McMahon storyline. I hate that storyline.

Carlito vs Rhodes- Good win for Carlito. I knew that Rhodes was never gonna win the match. I love the sportsmanship by Carlito at the end by choosing to spit the apple all over Rhodes lol.

Booker/HHH Promo- God, I really hate the King Booker gimmick. But you pulled it off really good character-wise. I liked how HHH came out and King Booker just ran away.

HHH vs Snitzky- Obvious win for HHH here. King Booker came in and attacked HHH after the match. That really adds to the feud for their match at Unforgiven.

Holly/Rhodes/Santino- Pretty good promo here. I dont see Rhodes and Holly really teanming up, I see Holly feuding with Santino. However, there was a minor mistake in this promo:
Cody and Santino look to their left and we see Santino Marella walk into the frame (With an arm cast as this was when he was injured) alongside Maria who notably has a clipboard and pen in her hands.
It should be Cody and Hardcore Holly. Just letting you know.

Holly vs Stryker- Good win for Hardcore Holly. It was a decent match. I dont understand why Hardcore was so mad that Cody helped him out. He was getting his ass kicked.

New Breed/Punk/RVD Promo- I like how CM Punk continuously turns down the New Breed. This could lead to a New Breed vs Punk/RVD feud if RVD doesnt win the ECW Title. And I really liked Punks last comments to RVD, asking him if he cared more about the ECW Championship or destroying Randy Orton.

Punk vs Thorn- I am not surprised that Punk won by DQ. It was expected for the feud. And I liked the run-in help by RVD, Dreamer and Sabu. Good match set-up for Unforgiven. I cant wait.

Women's Match- Eh, Im not a big fan of womens matches. But good win for Candice and Maria I guess.

Main Event- Wow! What a match. Orton always gets interruppted whenever he is going to destory a belt. But besides that, RVD put on a good match and it sucked that he couldn't win. I liked the run-in by Kennedy to attack Cena after he attacked Orton. I liked the announcement for next week witrh Kennedy/Orton vs Cena and a partner of his choosing. It should be a good match.

Grade- 9/10. Really good show, I was entertained throughout the whole thing.
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