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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

WWE Smackdown!
Albany New York
31st August 2007

“Rise Up” by Drowning Pool hits as the Smackdown Video package plays before we head out to the arena where we see thousands of screaming fans. The camera pans amongst them before finally going over to Michael Cole and JBL at ringside.

Cole: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, we are five days off the back of what truly can be described as one of the greatest Summerslams of all time. Tonight we are on the road in Albany New York, Michael Cole and JBL at ringside.

“Metalingus” Edge’s music hits and the World Heavyweight Champion makes his way down to the ring to some huge heat from the crowd. As he makes his way to the ring we see images of Edge hitting Rey Mysterio with the World Title belt to cheat his way to retaining the title at Summerslam. When we get back we see Edge in the ring with a mic in hand.

Edge: Come on people admit it, I am the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all time!

Crowd Boos

Edge: Ever since I became World Heavyweight Champion, I have beaten the likes of The Undertaker, Kane, Batista and you can now add Rey Mysterio to that list.

Crowd Boos

Edge:Rey Mysterio walked into Summerslam believing that he was going to make the “Dream” comeback by taking my World Heavyweight Championship. But Rey this isn’t lala land, this is reality. Rey your vision of Summerslam might have been winning the World Heavyweight Championship and then celebrating with your Taco munching friends in Mexico. But in reality I gave you THE BEATING OF YOUR LIFE!

Crowd Boos

Edge: Because just like I promised I beat Rey Mysterio at Summerslam, and not only did I prove that Rey Mysterio had NO RIGHT to have a title shot on his first match back in the first place. But he has no right to be standing in the same ring with greatness like me, the Rated R Superstar EDGE!

Crowd Boos

Edge: Rey at Summerslam I proved without a shadow of a doubt you should of never came back.You don’t have what it takes anymore. So Rey if I was you I would go back to where you belong, and that is working behind a till at Taco Bell in Tijuana!

Crowd Boos

Edge: Oh sorry Rey you sucked at that too, because instead of serving the customers, you started jumping around like a lunatic singing La Bamba!

Edge laughs to himself and the crowd gives Edge huge heat.

Edge: Oh sorry Albany New York, don’t you like me insulting your (Mocking Voice) hero Rey Mysterio. (Normal Voice) Well I couldn’t give a damn what you ass backwards New Yorkers think!

Crowd boos and starts a you suck chant in Edge’s direction

Edge: You think I suck, but that is where you are all wrong. I am making history; I have defeated EVERY superstar on the Smackdown Roster. From Rey Mysterio to Kane, to Batista to the Undertaker I have beaten them all and I still get no respect from you fans!

The You Suck chants start to get louder.

Edge: You people give me this treatment, even though for the last god knows how many years I have put my body on the line each and every single night to get where I am today and to entertain you people. This is the respect I get? Well Albany New York you can go stick it because this town SUCKS!

Big heat

Edge: And I can’t stand in this ring any longer, when I know I am surrounded by thousands of half witted New York Morons so I am out!

The Crowd boos as Edge goes to exit the ring when “MacMilitant” hits and Teddy Long comes out to a decent little pop from the crowd with a mic in hand.

Teddy Long: Hang on there Edge I have no problem with you leaving but however there is an announcement I am about to make and it surrounds you and your World Heavyweight Championship.

Crowd Pops as Edge looks intrigued and signals for Teddy Long to continue.

Long: Because Edge for the next two weeks we are going to have a little tournament which you can call the Road to Unforgiven Tournament. Tonight there will be three singles matches and the winners of each match will face each other in a triple threat match next week on Smackdown-And the winner of that match will face you Edge at Unforgiven for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Huge pops to the announcement as Edge shakes his head in disgust.

Long: The first match we are going to have in this tournament tonight is the Worlds Strongest Man Mark Henry!

Big heat

Long: Versus…KANE!

Big pops for Kane

Long: Then we will see the United States Champion M-V-P!

Big heat

Long: Versus the man you defeated at Summerslam REY MYSTERIO!

Huge pops for Mysterio

Long: And then our final match tonight will be the man who loves to fight Finlay!

Big heat

Long: Versus…BATISTA!

Huge pops as Edge looks like he is ready to have a fit in the ring.

Long: Now playa, can you holla holla that

Teddy Long’s music hits and he heads to the back as Edge kicks the ropes in frustration angry at the announcement of the Road to Unforgiven Tournament as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Cole: What an announcement just before the break, as Edge at Unforgiven will defend his World Heavyweight Title against the winner of the Road to Unforgiven Tournament.

JBL: This is unfair on Edge, what has Edge ever done to Teddy Long. Someone should complain about this and I am going to be that man!

Cole: I think it is more than fair JBL; he is giving six men the opportunity to get a Title Shot.

JBL: Yeah but why put Kane in it, why put Batista in it THIS IS UNFAIR ON EDGE!

Cole: Well we are going to have three huge matches tonight to determine who will be in the final next week but lets kick off with some Cruiserweight action!

“You can Run” Billy Kidman’s music hits and Billy Kidman comes down to the ring with Kid Kash to a good pop from the crowd. They slap hands with fans at ringside.

“Slam Smack” hits and the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble comes down to the ring with his tag team partner Frankie Kazarian to some good heat mainly for Noble.

Match 1
Jamie Noble and Frankie Kazarian v Kid Kash and Billy Kidman

We start off the wrestling side of the show with the Cruiserweight Champion teaming up with Frankie Kazarian to take on Kid Kash and Billy Kidman in a typical highflying Cruiserweight Match. We saw some nice high flying spots at the start of the match mainly from Billy Kidman who hit a springboard shooting star press onto Noble and Kazarian on the outside. But soon enough Jamie Noble and Frankie Kazarian used some very effective ground and pound skills on Billy Kidman, keeping him as far away as possible from his tag partner Kid Kash. Billy Kidman however refocuses and gets his team back into the match after hitting an enzuigiri from out of nowhere. Kidman then beats Noble to his corner and tags in Kid Kash. Kid Kash immediately starts cleaning house hitting both of his opponents with clotheslines, dropkicks and back body drops. Kash then hits Jamie Noble with a Brain buster and heads to the top rope. Kash is about to go for a frog splash when a recovered Frankie Kazarian knocks the top rope causing Kash to fall onto his crown jewels. Billy Kidman then floods the ring and takes Kazarian to the outside leaving the two legal men in the ring. Jamie Noble sets Kash up for a double underhook powerbomb, but Kid Kash counters it into a back body drop into a bridge with his arms still hooked but Noble’s shoulders on the mat 1……….2…………3! Kash pins the Champ!

Winners: Kid Kash and Billy Kidman in 7:33

Kid Kash quickly escapes the ring as the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble protests to the referee. Billy Kidman joins Kash halfway down the ramp and they hug and Kash gets his arm lifted in the air as he knows he has gotten a huge victory tonight, which could put him in contention for a Cruiserweight Title shot. Kash signals to Noble that he wants his belt as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see Josh Matthews with a mic in hand.

Matthews: Standing with me at this time is the Animal Batista!

Batista steps into the frame to a huge pop, as Josh Matthews puts a mic to Batista’s mouth.

Batista: Josh Matthews last Sunday I fought all the odds to defeat The Great Khali, and because of me The Great Khali will be taking a plane back to India without a Job.

Crowd Pops

Batista: But my rivalry with the Great Khali is now in the past and now I have my opportunity to regain MY WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

Crowd Pops

Batista: This is the kind of opportunity I have been waiting for since Wrestlemania 23. I have had title shots since then, but on those occasions I won’t lie I was not good enough. But I promise you this, this time I won’t falter.

Crowd Pops

Batista: This time I won’t let myself down. This time I will defeat Edge at Unforgiven and I will become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!

Batista stares down the camera intensely before walking away as we go to a commercial break

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see the VIP Lounge set up in the middle of the ring with MVP sitting down on the sofa in the middle of the ring with his music playing in the background. MVP gets up and his music cuts off as he puts a mic to his mouth.

MVP: How are all my players doing in Albany New York tonight!

Crowd Pops

MVP: You should be feeling good because when I am in the ring it means only one thing. Big things are popping and little things are stopping.

MVP takes off his sunglasses

MVP: I want to welcome you all to the VIP lounge. For you people out there that doesn’t know what VIP stands for well it means, that I am better than you!

Crowd Boos

MVP: Albany New York I am half man, half amazing and just to prove it I am doing double duty tonight. Because not only am I the host of the VIP Lounge tonight, but I am also involved in the Road to Unforgiven Tournament tonight when I take on Rey Mysterio.

Big Pops

MVP: And just like my catchphrase goes big things, in this situation me. Will be stopping the small things, that being Rey Mysterio.

Big heat

MVP: And at Unforgiven I will walk in United States and Tag Team Champion. I will walk out also the World Heavyweight Champion.

Big heat

MVP: But that is later and this is now. So I would like to introduce you to my guest, the man who you could say is the luckiest man alive. Because he now spends his time hanging with the Worlds Greatest Athlete MVP!

Crowd Boos

MVP: So show your love for Matt Hardy!

“Oh Yeah” hits and Matt Hardy makes his way down to the ring to a big pop from the New York Crowd. MVP’s bouncer holds up the rope for Matt Hardy allowing him past into the VIP lounge. Hardy gets in the ring and takes a mic and MVP offers him a seat.

MVP: Matt welcome back to the VIP lounge. I mean I know you’re not the type of person to hang around with VIPS, and your more like these common 9 to 5 lifeless New Yorkers here tonight.

Crowd Boos

MVP: But Matt your going to get used to it since your now rolling with someone the calibre of me and you are sharing the gold I won, so you should feel very lucky.

Hardy: (Cutting in) Oh should I?

MVP: Yes because without me you wouldn’t be anywhere near Championship status. You know, I took you under my wing despite being the United States Champion and I lifted you to Championship status where you are today. I am better than You Matt Hardy and if you want any further proof Matt. Tonight I am in the Road to Unforgiven Tournament and Matt you (S******s) haven’t even been entered to compete in it.

Crowd Boos as a smirk appears on Matt Hardy’s face

MVP: And Matt when I become World Heavyweight Champion, this will be the closest you ever get to that belt.

Hardy: Really? Well MVP there is a reason why I am not in the Road to Unforgiven Tournament. Teddy Long offered me a spot in the tournament and I rejected his offer.

MVP laughs at Hardy and asks him if he is stupid.

Hardy: Yes I probably am stupid, but another time will come when I get my shot for the World Heavyweight Championship. But right now I have one goal in mind and one goal only, and that is to become the new United States Champion!

Crowd Pops as MVP looks at his United States Championship, which is hanging over his shoulder.

Hardy: So MVP I want a shot at the United States Title, and I WANT IT NOW!

Big pops as MVP shakes his head, as Hardy takes off his jacket ready for action.

MVP: Whoa whoa Matt you already know that I have a match tonight. So as much as I would like to defend my United States Championship against you it’s just not going to happen tonight.

Crowd Boos as Hardy doesn’t look too pleased but is not surprised.

MVP: But Matt you are a fighter and I know you like competition. So I prepared you up with a match tonight. So let me introduce your opponent tonight…KENNY DYKSTRA!

Some generic music hits and Kenny Dykstra makes his way to the ring as MVP wishes Hardy good luck before leaving the ring and heading backstage as production team starts to clear the VIP lounge as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Match 2
Kenny Dykstra v Matt Hardy

This was in by no means a squash match, as Kenny Dykstra got his fair share of offence in but it was a match that Matt Hardy looked like he was always going to win. The young stud Kenny Dykstra had a bright opening phase to the match, showing some nice technical ability and also coming close to the victory getting a two count after a rolling cutter onto Hardy. Hardy however stepped up a gear hitting his normal sequence of moves. Hitting a turnbuckle clothesline to Dykstra in the corner and following that off with a bulldog getting a two count. Matt Hardy then climbed to the middle rope and went for the flying elbow smash, but Kenny Dykstra caught him in mid air with an impressive dropkick. This was Dykstra’s opportunity to get back into the match but his cockiness got the better of him and moments later Matt Hardy connected with the Side Effect. Hardy then set Dykstra up and connected with the TWIST OF FATE! Hardy hooked the leg and got the 1-2-3 to win the match.

Winner: Matt Hardy in 5:49

Cole: What a performance by Matt Hardy and he has just proved why he deserves a shot for the United States Championship.

JBL: If there is one thing he has proved today, it is how dumb he is. He had a chance to be in the Road to Unforgiven Tournament, and he turned it down so he could face MVP of all people. Matt Hardy would not last two minutes against his team Captain MVP.

Cole: Well MVP one day will have to show how good he is, because sooner or later Matt Hardy will get his chance to prove he is better than MVP.

We then go backstage to see Edge storming down the backstage area.

Edge: How dare he do this to me, how dare he make a tournament with Rey Mysterio, Kane, Batista I BEAT THEM ALL THEY DON’T DESERVE A TITLE SHOT!

Edge stops and then looks around before walking over to a production worker and he grabs him by the shirt

Edge: Tell me where Teddy Long is NOW!

Production Worker: I don…don’t know

Edge: Don’t give me that bullcrap WHERE IS HE!

The production worker doesn’t answer as he looks above Edge’s shoulder and his face turns into terror and he runs away like he just saw a ghost. Edge looks at the worker in confusion before turning around into KANE! Kane then grabs Edge by the shirt and shoves him against the wall causing Edge to drop his World Heavyweight Championship onto the floor.

Kane: (Very intensely and slowly) Enjoy your last moments with that World Heavyweight Championship, because at Unforgiven you will feel my pain…and I will become the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Kane lets go of Edge who picks his title back up and slowly backs off as Michael Cole tells us that next up Kane will take on Mark Henry in the Road to Unforgiven Tournament.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see Mark Henry in the ring with his music playing the background. Then “Slow Chemical” hits and a big explosion occurs at the top of the ramp and Kane makes his way down to the ring to a big pop from the New York Crowd. Kane steps over the top rope, only for Mark Henry to immediately start attacking Kane with some hard blows and the referee calls for the bell to start the match.

Match 3
Road to No Mercy Tournament

Kane v Mark Henry

MATCH OF THE YEAR!!!!!………..Who’s kidding it sucked and blowed at the same time but don’t tell me you were expecting a classic. It was your typical big man v big man match with a lot of punches and blows exchanged between the two of them. Kane took it to the Giant Silverback straight from the start hitting a string of vicious attacks in the corner and going through his move set hitting Henry with a turnbuckle clothesline followed by a side walk slam and made the cover but Henry kicked out at 2. Things turned when Kane hurt his back after missing a flying clothesline off the top rope when Henry moved out of the way after landing awkwardly. Henry took advantage of this on the outside of the ring ramming Kane spine first into the steel ring post, before whipping him spine first into the edge of the Spanish Announce Table. Henry then locked on a Bearhug to Kane in the centre of the ring applying pressure onto an injured Kane squeezing the life out of him. Kane used the momentum of the crowd cheering him on to fight out of it elbowing his way out before pounding away at Henry with hard right hands. Kane bounced off the ropes and hit a big boot but somehow didn’t take down the King of the Jungle. Kane though did take him down in impressive style lifting up the 400 pounder and Bodyslamming him down onto the mat. Kane then climbed to the top rope and this time connected with the diving clothesline taking down Henry once more. Kane then sized up Henry for the Chokeslam, but his back gave up on him and Henry took advantage and connected with the Worlds Strongest Slam. Henry then made the cover when….



Mark Henry looks up at the Titantron and he sees the creepy Undertaker video which has been playing the last few weeks hyping his return at Unforgiven. The lights then come back on in the arena and Henry shakes his head and says to himself he is not scared of the Undertaker, before turning into a………CHOKESLAM BY KANE! Kane then hooks the leg 1………2………3!

Winner: Kane in 6:41 (Advances to the Final in the Road to No Mercy Tournament)

After the match Kane raises his arm in the air in victory before shoving the referee out of the way. He sets off his pyro in the ring before leaving the ring. Just as Mark Henry gets to his feet the arena goes Dark once again. Mark Henry shouts at Undertaker challenging him to come down to the ring. A lightning bolt hits the top of the ramp and then we hear Undertaker’s voice over the speakers

Undertaker: Mark Henry…your time is running out. The sands of time are passing through your hourglass….day by day it will continue to empty until there’s nothing left. And that day will be at Unforgiven Mark Henry…and then the beast shall begin to feast on your rotting soul………AND YOU WILL REST…………IN…PEACE!

Another lightning bolt hits the ramp and on the Titantron we cut to a graveyard where we see a Grave written for Mark Henry saying “Mark Henry R.I.P-June 12th 1971-September 16th 2007”.

Mark Henry shakes his head and thumps his hand off his head trying to shake what he just saw off and he shouts out loud that he is not scared of the Undertaker as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Cole: Before the break Kane advanced to the final in the Road to Unforgiven Tournament and The Undertaker sent a message to Mark Henry.

JBL: At Unforgiven The Undertaker will return and these two beasts will lock horns I can’t wait.

Cole: Same here partner but now we are going to witness the return of the Nature Boy!

“Sprach Zarathustra” hits and the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring to a huge pop from the New York crowd. Flair styles and profiles his way down to the ring throwing out an occasional “Whoo”.

“Ooohh Chavo” hits and Chavo Guerrero makes his way down to the ring to some good heat from the crowd. Chavo mocks Flair on his way down to the ring doing the Flair “strut” which angers Flair who kicks the bottom rope and shouts at Chavo to get in the ring.

Match 4
Chavo Guerrero v Ric Flair

Unlike the last match, we get a nice little match here which is used as a way to get both men on the card in a match which was mainly focused on both men attempting to “Outcheat” each other if there is such a word. The opening stages of the match saw some nice technical action between the two men with The Nature Boy getting the better of Chavo marginally. This frustrated Chavo who had to rely on his Old Los Guerrero tactics to get himself back into the match after raking Flair in the eyes after getting the referee’s attention off him. Halfway through the match we saw a funny little spot where the referee took a bump after Flair was whipped straight into the referee, Flair took advantage of this by poking Chavo in the eyes, but Chavo instantly replied by kicking Flair in the crown jewels. Flair fell to his knees holding onto his crotch as Chavo stood above him laughing, when Ric Flair low blowed Chavo who fell down onto his knees holding onto his crotch as the referee recovered and looked confused with both men on their knees holding onto their crown jewels. The madness ended there however as Chavo regained the momentum of the match which led to him setting up Flair for the Gory Bomb but Flair countered it into a back body drop. Ric Flair then bounced off the ropes and came from behind Chavo with a chop block before signalling for the Figure 4 Leg Lock. Flair went for it, but Chavo grabbed hold of Ric’s hair and rolled him over 1………….2…..Ric Flair uses the ropes to roll over Chavo and he gets a handful of the bottom rope with the referee not noticing 1………..2………..3! Flair steals it

Winner: Ric Flair in 6:02

Ric Flair immediately escapes the ring and raises his arm in victory as Chavo Guerrero protests to the referee saying that Flair had a handful of the ropes. Flair gives one last “Whoo” to the fans before we go backstage.

We go backstage to see Matt Hardy packing his bags backstage when MVP walks in to some big heat.

Hardy: What do you want?

MVP: Hey calm down Matt just came into congratulate you on your victory earlier tonight.

Hardy: Thanks but I’m off so good luck in your match tonight.

Hardy puts his bag over his shoulder and starts to head off.

MVP: Hey Matt wait there, I have got a little proposition for you.

Hardy smiles and turns around

Hardy: And what may that be MVP?

MVP: OK check this out. You come out there and watch my back against Rey Mysterio, and when I beat at Edge at Unforgiven for the World Heavyweight Championship I will give you a title shot how bout it partner?

Hardy: Well that is an interesting proposition, but don’t worry about it partner you have no reason to be scared. Rey Mysterio is tough but come on man you are Half Man, Half Amazing.

Hardy laughs in MVP’s face before exiting the locker room as MVP looks annoyed, as he knows he will have to go out to face Rey Mysterio alone.

Commercial Break

“I’m Comin” hits and MVP comes down to the ring for the second time of the evening to some big heat. He gets in the ring and bounces off the ropes doing his “Ballin” pose to the crowd before warming up for the tough match ahead.

“Booyaka 619” hits and Rey Mysterio comes out to the biggest pop so far this evening. He slaps hands with fans at ringside before getting in the ring and saluting them at each corner as MVP looks on at him with disgust.

Match 5
Road to No Mercy Tournament

MVP v Rey Mysterio

Now being serious now this was match of the night by far with MVP and Rey Mysterio putting on a great fast paced back and forth contest which was helped as it was given plenty of time lasting for around 13 minutes. MVP looked good in the early going seeming to cope with the speed and agility of Rey Mysterio, but Mysterio got moments of offence from absolutely nothing like when he somehow hit an arm drag from MVP getting him in position for the Gorilla Press Slam. Five minutes in Mysterio went for the 619, but MVP smartly escaped the ring but however did not realise Mysterio bouncing off the ropes, and he turns around into a baseball slide into head scissors takedown by the high flying Mysterio. MVP gained the momentum in the match after catching Rey off the ropes with a tilt a whirl backbreaker and from their MVP kept the match to the ground to prevent Mysterio from using his highflying tactics. MVP looked like he had the match won when he went for the Playas Boot but Rey moved out of the way causing MVP to get his foot trapped on the top rope. This looked like Mysterio’s opportune chance as he kicked away at the back of MVP’s leg before bouncing off the ropes but MVP caught him with a snap overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Not long later Mysterio got another chance, after knocking MVP off the top rope when MVP went to superplex him off the top rope, only for Mysterio to knock him off and then connect with a diving Tornado DDT and made the cover but MVP kicked out at two. After some back and forth wrestling which saw both men coming close to victory, Rey Mysterio tripped MVP up onto the bottom rope and connected with the 619 followed by the West Coast Pop to get the three count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio in 13:24(Advances to the Final in the Road to No Mercy Tournament)

Cole: Rey Mysterio picks up the victory and he advances to the final of the Road to Unforgiven Tournament.

JBL: What a match, this is exactly what Friday Night Smackdown is all about and Rey Mysterio could very well have a second chance to take the World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven.

Cole: Rey Mysterio will be in next weeks Triple Threat match along with Kane and the winner of tonight’s main event between the Animal Batista and the Fighting Irishman Finlay.

JBL: If anyone deserves it Michael it is Finlay, Finlay is the only one that Edge has not beaten and it would make for a fantastic match.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see the New Breed consisting of Marcus Cor Von and Elijah Burke making their way down to the ring. We are shown replays of what happened on Raw with Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von attacking Rob Van Dam during his match with Ken Kennedy and then later on in the night making their presence felt during the CM Punk v Randy Orton match only for RVD to make the save.

“Extreme” hits and Tommy Dreamer and Sabu come down to the ring to a good pop. They get in the ring and Sabu points to the sky as Tommy Dreamer trash talks with Elijah Burke.

Match 6
The New Breed (Cor Von and Burke) v Sabu and Tommy Dreamer

This match had the potential to be good but was instead kept reasonably short as there was a lot of thins needed to get into the show tonight. Most of the match saw Sabu playing the face in peril with Cor Von and Burke keeping him in their corner restricting him from tagging in Tommy Dreamer and using double teaming tactics to keep the advantage over Sabu. Eventually though Sabu fought back hitting Burke with a spinning wheel kick out of nowhere and tagging Tommy Dreamer into the ring. Tommy Dreamer set off like a house on fire cleaning house on both Burke and Cor Von. Five minutes into the match Tommy Dreamer set up Elijah Burke for the Death Valley Driver when Marcus Cor Von flooded the ring and speared Tommy Dreamer. Things then got out of hand as Sabu and Marcus Cor Von got into a big brawl, which got took to the outside. The referee went out to split the two men up leaving Burke and Dreamer in the ring. Elijah Burke went to capitalise on a hurt Tommy Dreamer after that spear when ROB VAN DAM FLOODS TO THE RING WITH A CHAIR IN HAND! Burke turns around and catches a steel chair thrown to him by RVD only then to have his head get taken off with the Van Daminator! RVD then climbs up top and connects with the Five Star Frog Splash before dragging Dreamer onto Burke and the referee very conveniently gets back into the ring not noticing what just happened and counts the 1-2-3.

Winners: Sabu and Tommy Dreamer in 5:55

After the match the mayhem continues as Marcus Cor Von throws Sabu into the steel steps on the outside before getting into the ring and he and RVD go at it tooth and nail exchanging hard right hands. RVD gets the better of Marcus Cor Von and starts pounding him in the corner when JOHN MORRISON AND KEVIN THORNE FROM RAW GET INTO THE RING AND THEY START ATTACKING ROB VAN DAM! Tommy Dreamer gets back to his feet and just as he goes to help RVD he is met with a devastating clothesline by Marcus Cor Von. Marcus Cor Von rolls to the outside of the ring and pulls up the ring apron and pulls out a WOODEN TABLE and slides it into the ring. Cor Von sets the table up in the centre of the ring as Kevin Thorne connects with the Crucifix Powerbomb onto Rob Van Dam. Sabu who is slowly getting into the ring is picked as the victim to go through the table as a recovered Elijah Burke rolls him onto the table as John Morrison heads up to the top rope. JOHN MORRISON THEN COMES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A MOONSAULT TO SABU THROUGH THE TABLE! John Morrison is helped to his feet and he raises his arms aloft in the air along with Marcus Cor Von, Elijah Burke and Kevin Thorn over Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer and Sabu as we go to our final commercial break.

Commercial Break

Cole: We are back on Friday Night Smackdown and before the break Rob Van Dam helped Sabu and Tommy Dreamer defeat The New Breed, but then after the match Kevin Thorn and John Morrison joined Cor Von and Burke in a vicious beat down on the former ECW extremists.

JBL: Well Rob Van Dam might have cost the New Breed their match against Sabu and Tommy Dreamer, but the New Breed are always one step ahead and that is what Rob Van Dam deserves for interfering in a Smackdown match.

Cole: Well anyway it is time for our final semi final match in the Road to Unforgiven Tournament and with us at ringside is the World Heavyweight Champion Edge who has joined us and I presume Edge…

JBL: That’s Mr Edge to you!

Cole: I presume Edge your scouting for your possible future opponents at Unforgiven.

Edge: (Ignores Cole) John why did you have to lower your standards to sitting with this man?

JBL: He’s worse than Pat Patterson…

Cole: Will you stop!

“My name is Finlay, and I love to fight” hits and Finlay makes his way down to the ring to some big heat from the crowd. He gets in the ring and he stares down the ramp waiting for his opponent.

“I walk alone” hits and Batista comes out to an thunderous ovation from the New York Crowd. He sets off his pyros on the ramp before making his way down to the ring.

Match 7
Road to No Mercy Tournament

Batista v Finlay

We have a fairly long match to end the show lasting near the 15 minute mark as we have our final Road to No Mercy Tournament Semi Final match. Batista and Finlay put on a very solid enjoyable contest, with Finlay carrying the big man to a good match. In the early going Batista was all over Finlay, with Finlay getting in no offence whatsoever. Batista looked like he was going to pick up the win just five minutes into the match when he set Finlay up for the Batista Bomb when that Little Bastard Hornswoggle got involved distracting Batista by kicking him in the leg. It looked as though Batista was going to eat Hornswoggle for dinner but thankfully for Hornswoggle the referee advised Batista not to and told Hornswoggle to get out of the ring. Finlay being the opportunistic man he is took advantage of that hitting Batista across the back of the leg with his shillelagh with the referee focused on getting Hornswoggle out of the ring. Finlay then spent the next stage of the match targeting the hurt leg of Batista working over. This all lead up to Finlay attempting to finish off Batista via submission as gets him locked into the Modified Indian Death Lock. Batista started crawling to the ropes but Finlay pulled him back into the centre of the ring and started applying more pressure onto the legs making it even harder for Batista to escape. Batista knew he couldn’t reach the ropes so he started throwing hard right hands at the head of Finlay to break it up and successfully does so. Finlay recovers first however and he then immediately goes to lock on the Single Legged Boston Crab, but Batista somehow kicks Finlay spine first into the turnbuckle and then catches him with a clothesline. The match picked up for Batista from here as he went through his every match move set hitting the Spinebuster and then setting Finlay up for the Batista Bomb, but Finlay back body dropped him over the top rope to the outside. Batista used the Smackdown announce table to help him get up to his feet right in front of Edge and he inadvertently puts his hand on the World Title as he lifts himself up. This angers Edge who looks up to see the referee in the ring blocking Finlay from getting to the outside so he grabs his World Title and HE SMASHES THE BELT ACROSS THE FACE OF BATISTA! Edge then calmly sits down and tells Cole and JBL that he should of never put his hands on Edge’s belt as Finlay rolls Batista back into the ring and makes the cover and gets the easy 1-2-3!

Winner: Finlay in 14:38(Advances to the Final in the Road to No Mercy Tournament)

The action doesn’t stop there however as Finlay hasn’t finished just yet with Batista as he starts stomping away at Batista before sitting on top of him and starts pounding away with some hard right hands. When REY MYSTERIO sprints to the ring and he and Finlay go at it tooth and nail with Mysterio getting the better of Finlay pounding away at him into the corner. That is until EDGE gets in the ring and grabs his World Heavyweight Championship and he smashes it over the back of Rey Mysterio’s head. Finlay and Edge then start throwing some cheap shots on a grounded Mysterio, double-teaming up on him when KANE comes down to the ring. Kane cleans house taking out both Edge and Finlay with uppercuts followed by big boots. Kane then grabs Finlay by the throat and connects with a Chokeslam. Edge then starts attacking Kane from behind, but Mysterio now makes the save for Kane dropkicking him onto the bottom rope and connecting with the 619 on the World Heavyweight Champion. Edge grabs his title and flees the ring staring at Rey Mysterio who leans over the top rope and starts pointing at Edge signalling he wants Edge’s title. Mysterio then turns around into Kane who grabs Mysterio by the throat and lifts him seven feet in the air and dropping him with a Thunderous Chokeslam! Kane then sets off his pyros and stares down Edge down the ramp.

Cole: Next week, Finlay versus Kane versus Rey Mysterio and the winner goes onto face Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven. But for tonight so long folks.


Smackdown Results
Kid Kash and Billy Kidman defeated Jamie Noble and Frankie Kazarian in 07:33
Matt Hardy defeated Kenny Dykstra in 05:49
Kane defeated Mark Henry in 06:41 in the Road to Unforgiven Tournament
Ric Flair defeated Chavo Guerrero in 06:02
Rey Mysterio defeated MVP in 13:24 in the Road to Unforgiven Tournament
Tommy Dreamer and Sabu defeated Marcus Cor Von and Elijah Burke in 05:55
Finlay defeats Batista in 14:38 in the Road to Unforgiven Tournament

Velocity Results
Deuce and Domino defeated The Major Brothers
Paul Burchill with William Regal and David Taylor defeated Psychosis with Super Crazy and Juventud Guerrera
Chris Masters defeated Jimmy Wang Yang

WWE Unforgiven Card

King Booker v Triple H

Mark Henry vs The Undertaker

Edge © v Finlay/Kane/Rey Mysterio for the WWE Championship

John Cena v Randy Orton © for the WWE Championship
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