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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

WWE Raw!
Boston Massachusetts
27th August 2007

“To be Loved” by Papa Roach hits as the Raw Video package plays before we head out to the arena where we see thousands of screaming fans. The camera pans amongst them before finally going over to JR and King at ringside.

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw from Boston Massachusetts and we have a huge night in store as we are on the back of an amazing Summerslam PPV!

King: JR I still cannot believe it, we have a new WWE Champion and his name is Randy Orton.

JR: John Cena’s 11-month title reign came crashing to an end and we will hear from the new WWE Champion tonight. Also last night saw the death of ECW, and on WWE.Com a draft took place to see who will head over to Raw and who will go over to Smackdown. We will now be seeing Matt Striker, Kevin Thorne, Rob Van Dam, John Morrison and the new ECW Champion CM Punk all on Raw.

King: I couldn’t be happier JR, ECW is dead but that is bad news for those superstars who were drafted to Raw, as they will get real competition.

“Burn inside my light” Randy Orton’s music hits and he comes out to a huge chorus of boos, and Orton comes out with the World Heavyweight Title around his waist to the dismay of John Cena’s hometown fans. Orton mockingly spins the spinner belt and does the “You can’t see me” taunt to them gaining big heat from the crowd. Orton gets into the ring and he does his destiny pose, before heading over to Lillian Garcia and taking a mic.

Randy Orton: I bet you all came here to see your hometown hero John Cena with the WWE Title still around his waist, didn’t you Boston?

Big time heat

Orton: You all thought that I had no chance in hell of beating the man who had held this Championship for the majority of the last two and a half years-you all gave me no chance even knowing what I did to guys like Rob Van Dam, guys like Shawn Michaels.

Crowd Boos for mention remembering what he did to Shawn Michaels who is out of action because of Orton

Orton: But last night I did what many people believe as the impossible, I lived up to my promise and that was to beat John Cena and walk out of Summerslam the NEW WWE Champion!

Crowd Boos

Orton: And for all you people expecting John Cena to come here tonight and get his rematch, well unfortunately John Cena is not here tonight!

Crowd Boos

Orton: And that is because of what I did to John Cena last night. I gave John Cena THE BEATING OF HIS LIFE! I did to John Cena the same thing that I have done to so many legends in the past, and that IS KICK JOHN CENA RIGHT IN THE HEAD!

Crowd Boos

Orton: I knocked John Cena out, and then it was easy pickings for me as I hit him with the RKO, which has led me to where I am now, and that is with the WWE Title around my waist!

Crowd starts off a “We Want Cena” chant.


Crowd Boos

Orton: And even if he was conscious he wouldn’t have the guts to come out here and go face to face with me and do you know why? Because of one simply fact, and that is he is like each and every one of you people here in Boston, HE IS A COWARD!

Crowd boos loudly

Orton: Yeah I said it-John Cena is a coward. And like it or not people I speak the truth.

Crowd Boos

Orton: You people can boo me all you like, but deep down in each of your hearts you respect me. You respect me because I ended John Cena. No longer will you see John Cena coming down to the ring, waving his hand in front of his face and making jokes which ten year olds find funny. No longer will you hear John Cena talk about some pathetic Chain Gang-and tell people if you want some come get some. No longer will you ever again see John Cena with the WWE Title around his waist, and the reason for that is because I am gonna become the Greatest Champion this company has ever seen!

Crowd Boos

Orton: BETTER than Bruno Sammartino, BETTER than Hulk Hogan, BETTER than Stone Cold and a sure of a hell lot BETTER than John……

“My Time is Now” John Cena’s music hits and the crowd comes alive as Randy Orton’s jaw drops and he takes off his shirt and waits for John Cena to come down to the ring ready for battle. Orton tells Cena to bring it as he waits for someone to step through the curtains. However there is no sign of John Cena and his music cuts off, and Randy Orton laughs in the ring as the Boston Crowd start a “You Suck” chant at Randy Orton knowing that he set them up and Randy Orton is playing with them.

Orton: You people actually believed John Cena would come out and show his face? It just proves that people from Boston are as gullible, as they are Stupid.

Huge heat

Orton: So for anybody who……..

“This Fire Burns” suddenly CM Punk’s entrance music hits and the new ECW Champion makes his way down to the ring to a huge pop. CM Punk gets in the ring and raises his title belt in the air while Orton looks frustrated at Punk for interfering him. Punk then asks for a mic and gets one

Orton: Who in the hell are you? You don’t just come out here and interrupt Randy Orton kid; you don’t interrupt me when I am out here to celebrate the fact that I am the New WWE Champion!

CM Punk: Whoa Randy calm down, calm down. I just came out here to introduce myself. My name is CM Punk, and Randy while you went and became WWE Champion at Summerslam. I also beat John Morrison to become the new ECW Champion!

Crowd Pops, which gets Orton agitated.

Orton: Yeah so what! ECW is dead! So that toy belt you have is worth nothing! I on the other hand, I am the WWE Champion and kid there is a reason why ECW is out of business and why the WWE is still the biggest wrestling company in the world and that reason is ME!

Crowd boos as CM Punk puts on a fake smirk and puts the mic back to his mouth.

CM Punk: Randy ECW might be gone now, but the spirit of ECW will always live on. With guys like me, guys like RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and all of these fans chanting “ECW” each and every week.

This comment sparks off ECW Chants all across the arena

Punk: Because of them people the spirit of ECW will never die. And to hold this belt is the proudest moment of my life, and I am going to hold this belt with pride and dignity, and I am going to hold onto this for as long as I can. And Randy with Triple H back and all, I am sure that your WWE title reign will flop as much as your first one did!

Crowd Pops as Orton’s explodes with anger

Orton: YOU DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! Do you know who you are even talking to Punk? Your talking to a man who single handily ended the career of Shawn Michaels, Dusty Rhodes, Jo……

CM Punk: (Interrupts hastily) How about you try end my career tonight Randy?

Crowd Pops

CM Punk: How about you show us what a great WWE Champion you are and put that title on the line, against the ECW Champion right here, RIGHT NOW!

The Crowd Pops as CM Punk drops his title belt and he gets right in the face of Randy Orton who also drops his belt and they look like they are gonna go at it when..

“Hard hittin” hits to big heat from the Boston Crowd, and out steps Jonathan Coachman in business mode wearing a beige suit and he also notably has the old WWE Championship over his shoulder

Coach: You two back up! Now let me tell you this CM Punk, since ECW is dead I should have every right to strip you off that title and retire the ECW Championship, because this is not ECW this is Monday Night Raw!

Crowd Boos as CM Punk shakes his head in disgust fearing that he might be stripped of the title.

Coach: But I am a fair man Punk and I won’t do that. But Mr McMahon has told me that I am only aloud to have one World Champion on Raw meaning that there is not enough room for the two of you. So in tonight’s main event it will be CM Punk versus Randy Orton IN A TITTLE UNIFICATION MATCH!

Crowd Pops loving the announcement, Punk nods his head looking at the WWE Title while Orton protests the decision.

Coach: So both the ECW Championship and the WWE Championship will be on the line and the winner will become the Undisputed WWE Champion and they will hold the belt, which is currently over my shoulder. So men good luck, because one of you is going to have a 24-hour title reign.

The Coach’s music hits and he heads to the back while Orton and Punk stare down with both men having completely opposite feelings to what they just heard as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

JR: Ladies and Gentleman what a start to Monday Night Raw and what a match we are going to see tonight. The ECW Champion CM Punk will face the WWE Champion Randy Orton in a title unification match.

King: As Jonathon Coachman said, there is only room for one champion and tonight we will find out who is the better champion.

JR: Well folks we are all ready for our first match..

“Vampire” hits and the big monster Kevin Thorne makes his way down to the ring for his Raw Debut, coming down to the ring with a demonical look on his face.

“2Extreme” hits and Jeff Hardy makes his way down to the ring to a rock star like reception from the crowd. He slaps hands with fans at ringside and does his traditional poses in the ring, with an unimpressed Kevin Thorne looking on.

Match 1
Jeff Hardy v Kevin Thorne

We get a rather interesting clash of styles here with the powerful Kevin Thorne taking on the high flyer Jeff Hardy, but it makes for a good entertaining match with their styles meshing nicely. Hardy started off by doing what he does best, using his speed and aerial presence to his advantage taking Thorne off guard, but he allowed Thorne to get back into the match when Thorne moved out of the way when Hardy went for the Whisper in the Wind four minutes into the match. Kevin Thorne started working on the back of Jeff Hardy keeping the fight to the ground. Hardy briefly began to fight back after fighting out from a submission hold where Thorne drove his knee into the back of Hardy, and he bounced off the ropes only for Thorne to catch him with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Thorne later on went to get Hardy up in the Torture Rack, but Hardy slid off and bounced off the ropes but once again Thorne catches him this time with a Sit-Down Side Slam Spinebuster. Thorne then made the cover but Hardy kicked out at two. The end of the match saw Kevin Thorne set Hardy up for the Crucifix powerbomb, only for Hardy to slide out of it and connect with the Twist of Fate. Hardy showed his heart fighting back with an injured back and it looked he had the win done and dusted when he climbed up and top and signalled for the Swanton Bomb…….WHEN SUDDENLY SOMEONE PUSHES HIM OFF THE TOP ROPE DOWN CRASHING ONTO THE MAT. IT’S ARIEL!! Jeff Hardy slowly gets to his feet holding onto his back before turning around into a boot in the mid section by Kevin Thorne who this time connects with the Crucifix Powerbomb and picks up the 1-2-3!

Winner of the match Kevin Thorne in 7:05
After the match Ariel gets into the ring as Kevin Thorne threatens to attack the referee as he goes to raise his hand, making him scamper to the outside. Ariel and Thorne kiss in the ring as Jerry Lawler at ringside says he wouldn’t mind Ariel wanting to suck his blood.

We then go backstage to see Vince McMahon with his pet Jonathan Coachman walking backstage.

Vince: May I congratulate you on the match you Coach on the match you made between the ECW Champion, and the WWE Champion. That is what Raw is all about.

Coach: Thank you Sir, and Mr McMahon let me just say. With William Regal taking his ball and moving over to Smackdown, I would have no problem whatsoever, if you wanted me to be his replacement.

Vince: Thanks for the offer but I haven’t decided who the General Manager will be, and quite frankly I am not going to make that decision.

Coach: (Puzzlingly) Who will?

Vince: Well I am going to leave that decision to whoever my Bastard son is, I know he will make the right choice. Talking about my bastard son, I am sick and tired of waiting for that woman to show her face and tell me who my son is. She has been playing with me for weeks now and I am sick of it! So I have ringed my lawyers and demanded them to bring her here next week and…

Vince turns his attention towards someone else, which turns out to be Rob Van Dam who has a big frown on his face

Vince: Oh look who it is, Rob Van Dam welcome back Rob, I know you haven’t been around for a while, how are you?

RVD: Are you pleased with yourself Vince? Bringing back ECW so you can have the pleasure of killing it yourself?

Vince: (In slight shock) Now Rob…..

RVD: I don’t care what you have to say Vince, because let me tell you that one day ECW will be back. And I am not talking about the ECW you brought back and pissed all over, I am talking about the real ECW, and when that day comes we are going to piss all over you and this company!

Mixed reaction as Vince’s face goes red in anger and he starts to scowl.

Vince: HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT! Nobody talks to Vincent Kennedy McMahon like that. Face it Rob ECW IS DEAD FOREVER! And Rob you work for me so I can end you too. So Rob get ready because tonight you go one on one with (Thinks)…………Mister Kennedy now get out of my sight!

Rob looks at Vince with disgust before turning his back and walks away as Vince blames Coach for letting RVD speak to him like that as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see the Highlanders in the ring getting ready for the following contest. Then “Worlds Greatest” hits and the new Tag Team Champions The Worlds Greatest Tag Team make their way to the ring for their first tag team title defence.

Match 2
Tag Team Championships

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team © v The Highlanders

The next match of the evening saw the Worlds Greatest Tag Teams; fresh off the back off Summerslam where they became the Tag Team Champions take on their Scottish adversaries the Highlanders. The Highlanders started off the match on fire completely dominating the Worlds Greatest Tag Team with this likely to be their last title opportunity in a very long time. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team however used dirty tactics to help themselves back into the match, double teaming when they could and taking cheap shots behind the referee’s back. Rory McAllister played the face in peril as Benjamin and Haas worked over Rory not allowing him anywhere near his partner Robbie. But the Worlds Greatest Tag Team made the Worlds Biggest mistake when Benjamin went to hit Rory with a superkick, but Rory ducked and Benjamin hit his own partner Charlie Haas with the superkick. Rory then tagged in Robbie who started to clean house on Benjamin. The Highlanders even came close to winning the titles when they hit the Double Hotscot Slingshot, but Haas saved his team-mate from losing the titles. But despite a good attempt by the Highlanders it was the Worlds Greatest Tag Team who picked up the win when Shelton leapfrogged Haas connecting with the Leapfrog Body Guillotine before connecting with a T-Bone Suplex to retain the titles.

Winners of the match and Still Tag Team Champions The Worlds Greatest Tag Team at 5:47
After the match The Worlds Greatest Tag Team celebrate by raising their belts up high, but only moments after the final bell PAUL LONDON and BRIAN KENDRICK SPRINT DOWN TO THE RING! They slide into the ring ready for action and they go at it with Benjamin and Haas. Haas whips Kendrick off the ropes only for Kendrick to come back with a spinning wheel kick taking him to the outside. Meanwhile Paul London hits Benjamin with a Tornado DDT and he heads to the top rope, before he can deliver with a move from the top rope Charlie Haas saves his partner pulling him to the outside which gets big boos from the crowd. London and Kendrick signal that they want a Tag Team Title shot, as The Worlds Greatest Tag Team point at London and Kendrick and say they will take them on anywhere, anytime.

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham standing with the new Intercontinental Champion Carlito who has a big smirk on his face as he taps his belt.

Todd Grisham: Standing with me at this time, the new Intercontinental Champion Carlito.

Crowd Boos

Grisham: Now Carlito last night you became the Intercontinental Champion….

Carlito: Who do you think you are, Captain Obvious?

Grisham looks confused as he carries on with his question

Grisham: Carlito You won the Intercontinental Championship in dubious manner when you hit Ken Kennedy with the Championship belt..

Carlito: (Covering up talking very quickly) What were you watching are you trying to accuse Carlito of cheating? Todd Flanders last night I beat Ken Kennedy and Umaga fair and square and now I am the new Intercontinental Champion and dat my friend das cool.

Crowd Boos

Carlito: And let me tell you tonight I wanted to put my title on the line; I wanted to defend my championship right here tonight on Raw. But then I had a little think and I thought to myself, why the heck should I defend my title for the first time in Boston Massachusetts.

Crowd Boos

Carlito: These people don’t even deserve to be in the same arena as Carlito, let alone see him wrestle. But next week I promise I will defend my Intercontinental Championship, and I will become the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time and dat………………Das Cool!

We then go to another area backstage to see Mr Camera hogger himself Vince McMahon again with Jonathan Coachman, and Vince is still furious about his confrontation with RVD earlier on in the evening.

Vince: How dare he have the nerve to speak to me like that! Someone needs to teach him a lesson.

Coachman: Mr McMahon don’t worry about it I have got it all sorted out. Funnily enough I found some old ECW friends of his and they detest him as much as you do sir, and they have promised me that tonight they will teach him a lesson.

Vince: Good. You go tell them that it would be much appreciated if they can kick Rob Van Dam’s ass tonight

The crowd then boos loudly as Ken Kennedy enters the frame.

Kennedy: Vince let me tell you, that you don’t need to worry about Rob Van Dam whatsoever. Because you remember what Randy Orton did to him earlier this year? Well tonight I am going to finish off the job.

Crowd Boos

Kennedy: And I will do it just like any son would do for his father.

Vince McMahon raises his eyebrow at Ken Kennedy

Kennedy: You keep that in your mind.

Kennedy continues to look at Vince before walking off with a “Vincesque” power walk. Vince McMahon shakes his head and he power walks off in another direction leaving Jonathon Coachman on his head who sees both men walking and he nods his head with a suspicious look as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial John Morrison’s music hits and the former ECW Champion makes his way down to the ring to some big heat by the crowd. Morrison comes down looking less cocky than he usually is having lost the ECW Title to CM Punk the night before. Morrison gets into the ring and he asks for a mic off Lillian Garcia and he is given one.

Morrison: Last night at Summerslam, I was ROBBED of my ECW Title, as CM Punk became the ECW Champion.

The crowd pops which angers Morrison who takes off his coat and throws it to the floor.

Morrison: I was the greatest ECW Champion of all time, I was the face of Extreme! I was the man who single handily carried the ECW Brand, and because of CM Punk becoming ECW Champion, ECW IS DEAD!

Crowd Boos

Morrison: And quite frankly I couldn’t be happier, except for tonight when CM Punk loses the ECW Championship!

Crowd Pops

Morrison: But now is time to forget about the past and move on, because now I am on MONDAY NIGHT MORRISON!

Crowd Boos

Morrison: And now my goal is to win the WWE Title, and one by one I will go through every man on Raw and that will start tonight! So if anybody has any guts to come out here and go toe to toe with the Guru of Greatness!

Crowd Boos

Morrison: The Shaman of Sexy!

Crowd Boos

Morrison: And the Monday Night Delight! Come down to this ring now and get a lesson of (Smiles)…….. Morrison!

Big heat is given to Morrison and his cheesy speech as a referee gets into the ring. Morrison waits for a little while before believing that no one wants to face him when…”Time to Play the Game” hits and Triple H makes his way down to the ring to a huge ovation. John Morrison complains to the referee; as he was not expecting Triple H to come down to accept his open challenge.

JR: What an ovation for the Game Triple H, who makes his return to Raw and John Morrison, cannot believe it.

King: John Morrison doesn’t deserve this JR…

JR: Well he issued an open challenge to anyone King.

King: Well anyone doesn’t mean Triple H.

Match 3
Triple H v John Morrison

Poor John Morrison, from being ECW Champion one day, to losing the ECW Title and having to face Triple H on his return from Raw the next. In the early goings Morrison took it to the Game using his speed to his advantage before going straight for the leg off Triple H wanting to reinjure his quadriceps. Morrison locked in the figure 4 leg lock wanting to end this match by submission knowing what a submission victory over Triple H would do for his career. It looked like Triple H was going to pass out through the pain but he fought the pain and he used his strength to crawl to and reach the ropes. It was then just moments later that we saw Triple H get back into the match after catching Morrison off the ropes with a Spinebuster. Triple H hit his normal sequence of moves hitting a running knee smash followed by a jumping knee to face breaker before dropping him head first with a DDT. Triple H then signalled for the end as he set up Morrison for a but Morrison countered it into a back body drop. Morrison fought back and he went to finish Triple H off with the corkscrew neckbreaker, but Triple H countered Morrison’s finisher as he elbowed his way out before bouncing off the ropes, Morrison went to catch him off the ropes with a Superkick but HHH ducks and kicks him in the mid section and finishes him off with the Pedigree for the 1-2-3.

Winner of the match Triple H in 6:59

JR: And what a victory for the Game on his return to Raw, he is back with a bang.

King: Oh poor Johnny his good lucks might have been ruined with that Pedigree. Hey hang on a second JR, there’s King Booker!

The crowd boos as King Booker appears on the Titantron alongside his wife Queen Sharmell, as Triple H’s music cuts off and he listens to what King Booker has to say.

King Booker: Hunter Hearst Helmsley, my Royal Peasant.

Crowd Boos

Booker: You think you upstaged your King last night at Summerslam. Well your very much mistaken. Because I am still your King, and just like each and every one of these rapscallions in Boston you will bow down and kiss my ROYAL FEET!

Crowd Boos

Booker: And at Unforgiven a match has been made, and that match is you Hunter Hearst Helmsley versus, King BOOOOKAAHHH!

Crowd Pops at announcement of match

Booker: And at Unforgiven I promise you that I will teach you a lesson in respect.. (Queen Sharmell then whispers something in King Booker’s ear and he smiles psychotically)….Your right my Queen. Why wait till Unforgiven?

Then from the crowd comes King Booker who comes from behind Triple H taking him down with a clothesline to the back of the head and he starts pounding away at the Cerebral Assassin, as we see Sharmell walking down to ringside cheering Booker on. King Booker lifts Triple H to his feet kicks him in the mid section and bounces off the ropes connecting with a SCISSORS KICK TO THE GAME! King Booker then orders Sharmell into the ring and gives her some instructions. Sharmell then very oddly drops down to her knees and takes off Booker’s wrestling boot. We then understand King Booker’s intentions as he shows off his bare feet to the Boston Crowd, before stuffing HIS FOOT IN THE FACE OF TRIPLE H MAKING HIM KISS HIS FEET! Booker then shoves Triple H’s head down onto the mat and he looks into crowd smiling at what he just did, as the Boston Crowd give massive heat to what they just saw. King Booker and Sharmell then leave the ring to there music as we see Triple H wiping his mouth in the ring, and he starts breathing very heavily in anger as we go to a commercial

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and just before the break we saw some despicable actions by King Booker who attacked Triple H from behind and then shoved his foot in the face of Triple H.

King: JR it takes a King to know a King, and what Triple H just got is exactly what he deserved and if you think that is bad. Just wait till Unforgiven when King Booker gets his hands on Triple H.

JR: Yes we will have a Rematch from Summerslam as King Booker takes on Triple H at Unforgiven, which will take place in three weeks time.

King: What a match that is going to be and also another match has been signed as we will see the return of the Undertaker as he takes on Mark Henry.

“Mickie” A solid reaction fills the arena as the ever so energetic Mickie James skips down to the ring slapping hands with fans at ringside.

“Glamazon” hits and the new Womens Champion Beth Phoenix makes her way down to the ring looking very focused on her job in hand.

JR: Last night at Summerslam we saw Candice Michelle’s reign as Womens Champion come to an end thanks to this monster Beth Phoenix, and what a test she has in store tonight in her first match as Champion.

King: She is a very scary woman JR.

Match 4
Mickie James v Beth Phoenix

The next match of the evening sees the new Womens Champion Beth Phoenix face a former Womens Champion in Mickie James and the two put on a match, which is pretty decent for a WWE Womens Match. Mickie James used her quickness at the start of the match with consecutive armdrags followed by a Head scissors takedown. But however Beth’s strength came into play when she caught Mickie in mid air when she went for a diving crossbody, and Beth lifted Mickie above her head with ease and hit a Gorilla Press Slam. Beth Phoenix then had a period of offence inflicting damage onto the back of Mickie James. Mickie attempted to fight back, but Beth kept the momentum after catching Mickie off the ropes with a backbreaker. Mickie finally got the momentum a few moments later when Beth went for a slingshot suplex, only for Mickie to slide onto the ring apron and drop Beth throat first over the top rope. Mickie then started to take it to the Glamazon Beth Phoenix coming very close to victory after an Enzuigiri but Beth kicked out at two. Mickie went to finish off the match with the Mickie DDT only for “Samoan Bulldozer” to hit and UMAGA COMES OUT TO THE RING WITH ARMANDO ALEJANDRO ESTRADA! Mickie James then goes for the Mickie DDT on Beth who pushes her away in mid air before scurrying out of the ring as Umaga gets into it. Umaga stares down at Mickie before dragging her up to her feet before lifting Mickie onto his shoulders and hitting a Samoan Drop on Mickie James and the referee calls for the bell!

Winner of the match via DQ Mickie James in 5:14
Umaga doesn’t stop there however as he drags Mickie James into the corner of the ring and walks to the opposite corner and stares down Mickie in the opposite corner and shouts something out in Samoan. Referees start sprinting down to the ring but they are too late as Umaga takes Mickie’s head off with a Samoan Wrecking Ball! Referee’s then get into the ring and try to get Umaga to back off, but Umaga snaps attacking three of them before the rest scurry out of the ring for their lives as Armando Alejando Estrada grabs a mic.

AAE: If you have forgotten who I am….Myyy name es Arrrrrmandddoooo Alejjjanddddrrroo Esssssssstraddaaaaaa!
Crowd Boos

AAE: And last night my SAAAAMOAN BULLDOZERRRR was what joo say…… robbed off the Intercontinental Championship. So Carlito you come out here and give my Monster Oooomaga a rematch at the Intercontinental Championship!

Estrada and Umaga wait for near about 20 seconds with their eyes looking down the ramp expecting Carlito but no one appears. Estrada then gets Umaga’s attention and snaps his Cuban Cigar in half signalling for Umaga to finish Mickie off. Umaga lifts a lifeless Mickie James to her feet and he grabs her by the throat and lifts his taped thumb up and….JEFF HARDY SPRINTS DOWN TO THE RING TO SAVE THE DAY!! Umaga shoves Mickie down to the floor and he meets Jeff Hardy into the ring with some hard clubs to the back. Umaga whips Hardy off the ropes, but Hardy comes back off the ropes with a Head Scissors takedown onto the Giant Samoan! Umaga wants to get back up and fight but Estrada advises Umaga to get out of the ring which he reluctantly does. Jeff Hardy immediately checks up on Mickie James as we see Armando Alejandro Estrada pointing at Jeff Hardy as he walks back with an angry Umaga as we go backstage.

Maria: Ladies and Gentleman standing with me at this time, the ECW Champion CM Pepsi. (Crowd laughs at Maria’s ditsy mistake as CM Punk smiles) Now CM Pepsi..

CM Punk: Maria, it is CM Punk.

Maria: Oh Silly me, it’s just that I like Pepsi and……..

CM Punk: I’m sure you do, but haven’t you….

Maria: (Interupting) And you have a Pepsi Tattoo.

CM Punk: Great observation Maria, but didn’t you already notice that tattoo in the Hotel Room last week?

Maria gives a very confused look at CM Punk.

CM Punk: Doesn’t matter but do you by any chance have a question for me?

Maria: Oh sorry yes I did. CM Punk how do yo..y….actually I don’t think I did.

CM Punk: Well what you was supposed to ask was how I felt about my upcoming match, and I was going to give a reply on how I am going out there and kick Randy Orton’s ass and walk out both the ECW Champion and the WWE Champion.

Crowd Pops as Maria nods her head now remembering

Maria: Oh yes that’s right. (Says slowly and tries her hardest not to forget the question) CM Punk, how do you feel about your upcoming match with Randy Orton in a title unification match?

CM Punk: (Gives a sigh of relief) How do I feel? Well let me tell you Maria that this match is going to be the biggest match of my career. I was born for moments like this, born to be a champion. Last night was the greatest night of my life when I became ECW Champion and Maria I don’t have one night stands, and that means that I am not prepared to lose this title just 24 hours after I won it. And unfortunately for Randy Orton, that means that tonight not only is he going to lose his WWE Championship but millions and millions of people around the world would not of even realised he had became champion because they would of slept through the whole damn thing!

Mixture of laughs and pops

CM Punk: So Maria let me tell you how I feel, I feel pretty damn good because like it or not, love me or hate me. 27th August 2007 will go down as the day when CM Punk became WWE Champion!

CM Punk walks off to a big pop as we go to a commercial

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we go to ringside and “One of a Kind” hits and Rob Van Dam makes his way down to the ring to a huge pop from the Boston Crowd. Rob very unusually doesn’t waste time posing for fans pointing his thumbs at his head and instead walks down with a very focused angry look on his face.

“Turn up the trouble” hits and Ken Kennedy makes his way down to the ring to a rather mixed reaction from the crowd, mostly heat however. Ken Kennedy gets into the ring and he holds up his arm and a microphone falls from above into his hands.

Kennedy: Ladies and Gentleman this following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and has a twenty-minute time limit! Weighing in at an awesome 243 pounds, hailing from GREEN BAY WISCONSSINNNN!

Crowd Boos

Kennedy: The man that is going to go one on one with a man who is so extreme, that he spent three months on the sidelines because of a little soft kick to the head.

Kennedy receives big heat as he mocks RVD’s injury from Randy Orton earlier this year. Kennedy gives a slight smirk to RVD who looks like he is going to blow.

Kennedy: My name is MISTTTTEERRRRR

Rob Van Dam has heard enough of Ken Kennedy’s mouth and attacks him from behind as the referee calls for the bell.

Match 5
Ken Kennedy v Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam started off the match very aggressively with Ken Kennedy failing to get any sort of offence in. The fight went to the outside with RVD viciously whipping Kennedy shoulder first into the steel steps before hitting a running boot to the shoulder of Kennedy, which rebounded off the steel steps with a big thud. About three minutes into the match RVD climbed up top and went for the split legged moonsault only for Kennedy to stick up his knees and this was Kennedy’s time to get back into the match as we went to a commercial break. When we got back from commercial we got a clip of Kennedy coming close to the three count with a Second Rope DDT which JR called the Wisconsin Spiker. Ken Kennedy then started working on the knee of Van Dam, which had caused RVD to miss many months through injury in 2005. Kennedy’s aim was to re-injure it and that was plain and clear as he got RVD into a single legged Boston Crab. It looked like RVD was out of it and the referee started lifting up his arm and dropping it, but on the third time he kept it up and got to the ropes. Kennedy then went to finish Van Dam off as he went for the Kenton Bomb, but RVD moved out the way! RVD then started to make the miraculous comeback hitting his normal chain of moves including the Monkey Toss followed by the Rolling Thunder Splash. Rob Van Dam then climbed up top signalling for the Five Star Frog Splash when out of nowhere SMACKDOWN SUPERSTAR ELIJAH BURKE pushes Van Dam off the top rope down onto the mat then he and MARCUS COR VON START BEATING DOWN RVD causing the referee to ring the bell giving RVD the win via DQ.

Winner: Rob Van Dam via DQ in 8:49
Marcus Cor Von starts beating on Rob Van Dam with some hard right hands as Elijah Burke heads to the outside and looks under the ring for some weapons. Elijah tosses in a chair and a TABLE into the ring. Elijah then sets up the table in the corner and tells Cor Von to whip him through the table. Cor Von attempts to do so, but RVD halts just before the table and then turns around into Elijah Burke who goes to hit him with the chair but RVD kicks it out of his hand. RVD then quickly picks up the chair and tosses it into Elijah Burke’s hands and goes for the Van Daminator, but Burke somehow ducks. RVD gets to his feet when HE IS MET WITH THE POUNCE BY MARCUS COR VON THROUGH THE TABLE! Elijah Burke then uses the steel chair and smashes it off the spine of Rob Van Dam for good measure. Burke and Cor Von then start shouting abuse at Rob Van Dam as we go to another commercial break.

Commercial Break

JR: We are back on Raw and just before the break Rob Van Dam was attacked by former Extremists Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von what was that all about?

King: Well Coach said earlier tonight that this would happen and he mentioned that these guys hate RVD more than Vince does.

JR: Well it will be interesting to see if RVD replies this Friday Night on Smackdown, but it is now time for our main event.

“Burn Inside my Light” hits and Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring to some tremendous heat from the crowd. He slowly walks down to the ring before looking at his Championship belt, and then getting into the ring doing his destiny pose at each corner.

“This Fire Burns” hits and CM Punk comes down to the ring to a huge pop from the Boston Crowd. CM Punk slaps hands with fans at ringside before getting into the ring and getting into the face of Randy Orton showing him the ECW Championship.

Match 6
ECW v WWE Title Unification Match

ECW Champion CM Punk v WWE Champion Randy Orton

CM Punk and Randy Orton put on the best match on Raw since Shawn Michaels v John Cena earlier this year, as we have a great back and forth contest with both men giving it all to become the Undisputed WWE Champion. Early on in the match CM Punk got Orton up for the go to sleep, but Orton slides off Punk’s shoulders and scurried to the outside. Orton thought he was safe on the outside but turned around to be hit with a slingshot Somersault Senton onto Orton on the outside. About half way into the match CM Punk badly hurt his back after Orton back body dropped him over the top rope to the concrete floor, and in typical Orton fashion Orton started to work on the back of CM Punk coming close to victory after the Inverted Headlock Backbreaker when Punk kicked out at two. Ten minutes into the match CM Punk hit top gear hitting Orton with a combination of slaps, backhand chops, spinning reverse slaps followed by a roundhouse kick to the head. CM Punk then immediately goes to finish Orton off hitting the Uranage and then locks in the ANACONDA VICE ON RANDY ORTON! Randy Orton screams out in agony and it looks like he will tap out. But somehow Orton uses his leg strength to reach the ropes. Moments later CM Punk for the second time in the match went for the Go to Sleep, but once again Orton slides off Punk’s shoulders and pushes Punk straight into the referee knocking him down onto his knees. Orton then took advantage low blowing CM Punk just as the referee starts getting back to his feet. Orton then connects with an elevated DDT from over the middle rope! Orton’s maniacal look then appears on his face and he looks Punk in the head and he walks back and starts sizing up CM Punk obviously wanting to punt him in the head. Orton charges up at CM Punk and…………..GO TO SLEEP! The crowd comes alive as CM Punk goes to make the cover when ELIJAH BURKE AND MARCUS COR VON SPRINT TO THE RING AGAIN! Elijah Burke distracts the ref as Marcus Cor Von gets in the ring and sizes up Punk the Pounce but out of nowhere comes RVD WHO TAKES COR VON TO THE OUTSIDE! This distracts both the referee who goes to the outside to split RVD up from Cor Von and Burke, and also distracts CM Punk who turns into the RKO! Orton goes for the cover but there is no referee but……..

“My Time is Now” John Cena’s music hits and the crowd comes alive giving the biggest reaction of the night as JOHN CENA sprints to the ring with a steel chain in hand. A tired Orton only just reaches his feet and TURNS INTO A STEEL CHAIN SHOT BY JOHN CENA KNOCKING ORTON OUT! Cena pulls CM Punk ontop of Orton and leaves the ring as the referee gets back into it not realising what just happened 1…………………….2…………………..3!! CM PUNK IS CHAMPION!!

Winner: Still ECW Champion and NEW WWE Champion CM Punk in 14:08
An absolutely huge ovation is given as CM Punk is awarded both the ECW Championship and the WWE Championship. CM Punk drops to his knees nearly crying as we see John Cena smiling as he has just caused his biggest enemy to lose the WWE Title just 24 hours after winning it. John Cena backs down the ramp when….

“No Chance in hell” hits and Vince McMahon comes appears at the top of the ramp with the old WWE Championship belt over his shoulder and a mic in his hand.

Vince: WHOA WHOA hold it CM Punk, hold it right there. CM Punk there is no chance in hell that this match is going to end like this, John Cena I told you to not come to Raw tonight YOU DISOBEYED MY ORDERS!

Vince looks at John Cena who is just a few steps away from him as we now know that Cena wasn’t injured he was just rather told not to come tonight.

Vince: This match should have been awarded to Randy Orton via disqualification. But I am not going to do that, but however this match is going to continue.

Huge as CM Punk shakes his head not believing what he just heard as Randy Orton is just getting to his feet probably not even knowing what is going on.


John Cena shakes his head in disgust as at least ten members of security come out and attempt to escort John Cena to the back. Cena sees Orton getting to his feet and he tries to push past security, but they do their job successfully stopping Cena from doing so. Cena tells Orton “Your Mine” as CM Punk leans over the ropes looking down the ramp at Vince.

Vince: And this match will restart right (Looks at his Watch)…….NOW!

The referee rings the bell and CM Punk is not ready, but Randy Orton is and immediately FLATTENS CM PUNK WITH THE RKO!! Randy Orton then hooks the legs and the referee makes the pinfall 1………………..2………………3!!

Winner: NEW ECW Champion and STILL WWE Champion Randy Orton
Randy Orton immediately gets to his feet and shouts at the referee to give him his title belts as Vince McMahon also hands the referee the “Pre Cena era” WWE championship belt. The referee passes that belt to him along with the ECW Title and the WWE Spinner Championship, as he holds them all aloft in the air. Orton starts celebrating his victory when Vince grabs the mic again and he signals for Orton’s music to be cut.

Vince: Randy Orton well done for becoming the new undisputed WWE Champion. But I have an announcement about your next title defence. John Cena has issued a rematch clause for the WWE Title!

Huge pop as Orton’s face turns into frustration.

Vince: And that match will happen in just over two weeks time at Unforgiven. It will be John Cena versus Randy Orton for the WWE Title, IN A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!

Randy Orton drops his belts to the floor and kicks the bottom rope in frustration as the Boston Crowd give a huge pop to the announcement. Randy Orton shouts at Vince what is he thinking, but Vince calmly replies telling him good luck at Unforgiven. The show ends with Randy Orton breathing very heavily in the ring, angry about the announcement as we fade to black.


Raw Results
Kevin Thorne beats Jeff Hardy in 7:05
Worlds Greatest Tag Team beat Highlanders in 5:47 to retain their Tag Team Championships
Triple H beat John Morrison in 6:59
Mickie James defeated Womens Champion Beth Phoenix via DQ in a non title match in 5:14
Rob Van Dam beats Ken Kennedy via DQ in 8:49
WWE Champion Randy Orton beats ECW Champion CM Punk in a title Unification Match in 14:15 after the original decision was overturned

Sunday Night Heat Results
Val Venis beats Snitzky
Candice Michelle beats Jillian Hall
Paul London beats Lance Cade

WWE Unforgiven Card

King Booker v Triple H

Mark Henry vs The Undertaker

John Cena v Randy Orton for the WWE Championship

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