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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Good to see ya 'round you workaholic.

Just a quick point here, it's Friday Night SmackDown! now. It changed to Friday nights in 05, though you're probably not going to care. >_>

Starting off with a match is a nice change up, especially one with gold on the line. Quite liked the countering nature of the match, which pretty much shows the two to be near equal in ability. Hardy going over Kennedy is a must since Kennedy is everyone's golden boy for no real reason. Kennedy losing will always equal ratings in my books. Quite liked the finish with lots of reversals leading to a neat little finish. Good way to open a show to get the crowd into things.

Goldberg sucks, but I gotta admit his intense promos do = money. =/ Keep going with that, because really it's the only thing about him that's worth giving a shit about.

Kendrick more popular than London? You damn skippy, whippy. The guy kinda has a tendency to own, tbfh. The Bashams really don't belong in the ring with these other six men, because the others have that little thing called 'talent'. An amazing thing it is, really. Guess you just had to throw two people in there, so they got the job. Clusterfuck matches are generally fun anyway, so it's hard to fuck 'em up unless most of the guys in there are bad. Thumbs up for AMW getting the win for their team, keeping them looking strong, though Noble taking the pin is a big, big nono. You of all people should know that.

Smith over Holly sounds about right, though I’m kinda disappointed you let Holly have any offence at all since he sucks and such. I guess it’s a nice way to debut Smith, and making sure he gets heat with the low blow being included is a nice little touch. I’m quite the fan of young Smith, so I wouldn’t question a megapush of the Brits.

Good use of Show. He’s the absolute shits, but at least you’re using his character well.

Try to get Michaels segments out in full, plz. Michaels vs Goldberg sounds rather epic, maybe even a bit of a throw away? I don’t know, but it’s a big match in terms of potential hype to be giving away on SmackDown!

No more jobbing Jeff, plz. The guy owns, whether you wanna admit it or not. Hell, you even said the fans exploded for him. Give ‘em what they want. While I liked the idea of JBL using a dirty trick to maybe draw extra heat at the end, I’m not so sure about why he would do it. I know he’s a heel, but doesn’t that show a lack of confidence in the power of the Clothesline From Hell? If it’s his big move he should think that he’s got them put away without even second guessing whether or not he should look for any assistance, regardless of whether he’s a heel or a face.

JBL was pretty much on here with a good promo. Liked how he regained his heat by bagging Jeff (who owns) after coming off like quite the good guy by bagging out Goldberg. I found the Heyman announcement kinda amusing, though I think it sorta demeans the title when someone’s like “NO I DON’T WANT TO WRESTLE FOR THAT~!” Title defenses on SmackDown! are always fun though.

Punk on your brand? I expect him to be holding all of the gold on SmackDown! by Royal Rumble, with him set to be declared God at WrestleMania. That’s if you push him the slow way too.

Hinting at KK vs HBK? That’d be nice. I don’t know what else you were trying to do with the promo, as Kennedy’s not really in any kind of a slump right now.

, ReyRey standing up to Orton?

Finlay’s not a wanker this week? Rather disappointing. He was never going to beat Angle here. Hell, you even had the commentators acknowledge this before the match.

No confrontation between Angle and Goldberg is kind of a letdown. Would have liked to have seen some interaction between the two, though I guess you have a long time before your next Pay Per View.

Good job making Smith and Regal sound… erm… British. Cole spoils exactly what’s happening here by saying that the Main Event with Booker T in it is next right after wondering what Regal meant by an impact. >_>

It seems everyone wants to fuck Jericho. That’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Orton with monster heat is ratings. @ the Cole bagging. It’s been petty entertaining for the whole show. Didn’t like the spineroonie happening during a match where Booker’s so intense. I don’t see why he’d be too intense to do his pyro shtick, but not too intense for a spineroonie. Spinning around like an idiot doesn’t scream intensity. >_> Regal interference was pretty much guaranteed thanks to Cole, so it wasn’t any surprise, though I quite liked the attack after the match and Regal rubbing it in by yelling at him.

Being like TNA is never, ever a good thing, k? Well, we know this was probably either Goldberg or Kennedy (unless he was just meant to point out he has a locker room, which would be weird), though I wouldn’t be shocked if it was Angle, setting up maybe Angle vs Michaels in a WrestleMania rematch down the line. That’d be sexy, tbfh.

Pretty good stuff, Para on this show. Loved the hate towards Orton, really making him seem like a megaheel. Capitalize on this momentum and I’ll love you. Anyway, to sum it up; quit your job. kthnx.

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