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Re: Renegadeô & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Smackdown Feedback

Opening the show with a match up? I like it when people do this at times. Nice aggression from Hardy shown at the beginning with him interrupting Kennedyís normal speech at the start. Kennedy has had the advantage but a nice, solid win for Hardy here putting him over as a very good champion, who can fight against the odds. I got a feeling this thing is far from over though, if I am right it will be interesting to see where things go from here.

Typical intense promo from the shit stain that is Bill Goldberg. Running down his opponents and that, and despite my dislike for him I admit he can be a useful main event player in a BTB, just please keep him away from Kurt Angleís title. If you somehow made Goldberg beat Angle, I would not be held responsible for what I would do to you.

Ewwww, yuck clusterfuck match to be honest. Even though the competitors in the match can certainly wrestle, I just hate the whole clusterfuck feeling. The Bashams didnít really fit into this match because they are shit, and I was shattered to see Jamie Noble lose. However, taking away me being a little mark, I must say it was probably the correct booking decision, as you are making your champions look really strong. This being good because we donít want pussies running around with all the gold.

As I said last week I am loving this slow push of Harry Smith with William Regal by his side. Even with a crappy opponent like Hardcore Holly, he gets the win and that is what he needed to get rolling. I probably would have preferred if Regal didnít have to distract the ref and have Smith do it alone, as Holly is nothing but a glorified jobber. Hopefully things only get better for Smith as I believe you could have a huge thing here, donít give him quality opponents to early though, let him build up more momentum first.

Big Show, perhaps building some kind of filler feud with Orton over the next couple of weeks. Probably a smart move as Ortonís whole twisted and dominating side will look a whole lot better if Orton goes over Show.

Shawn Michaels promo was another one of those generic little ones. Michaels better do very well and defeat Goldberg or perhaps a No Contest so we get a triple threat wit Angle. All I know is that I donít want Goldberg near the championship.

I am glad that Jeff Hardy lost to JBL as I really donít like Jeffro, where as JBL is a legend on the microphone. Speaking of the microphone, now he is going to be talking. Pretty basic yet effective JBL stuff here, hopefully even he gets a shot at Angle, just please, please, keep Bill Goldberg away from the title. I lolíd at Heyman being cocky and giving JBL a US Title shot.

CM Punk equals mega push k?

Mr Kennedy shows a hint of jealousy and that could be an okay feud as well. Your main event picture is very crowded at this stage, I am not sure exactly what is going on. Unpredictability is a good thing, as long as it doesnít get confusing which it hasnít yet.

Whatís with your commentators talking about Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio backstage, did I accidentally skip a segment or sis you just stuff up?

Kurt Angle was always going to go over Finlay and I donít think one of your champions have lost tonight. Nice, Angle talk as well, and this main event situation and who will feud with who has me very intrigued.

Ooooh the English guys are going to make an impact, I like the sound of it.

Booker T was going to get the victory only to be cost by the Englishmen.I thought you would want Harry Smith to have a few more wins before getting a quality opponent but obviously I was wrong. Got a good feud set up between the Englishmen and Booker T and Orton and Jericho will be great when Jericho gets back.

Shawn Michaels attacked. Oh, I do love these cliff hangers. It wasnít Goldberg was it? I bet it was Kennedy! Nice ending brah.

Overall a nice show, first hour could have perhaps been a little on the boring side, but the second half was sexy. Good work PARA!

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