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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Smackdown Review

First off Para, I’ve been wanting to review a show of yours for a while, but haven’t gotten the chance. So with this new show being posted, I’ll review this one.

Hardy/Kennedy: Well I had these two have engage in a little feud a few years back in my thread. It seems that with this match, these two put on a great back and forth match, with neither man looking weak throughout the match. Matt winning was expected, as it seems like he is getting a push in this thread. Wouldn’t be surprised to see another match between these two.

Goldberg’s Promo: Surprised to see Goldberg still in this thread, even though this is a 2006 thread. With that said, a Goldberg/Michaels match for next week’s show seems to be interesting.

Tag Team Match: Before I comment on the match, I must admit the comedy points added into the show make it more entertaining. With that said, while he does get a bit of a bad rep I think Cole is a good commentator, and does his job of putting over the faces and putting over the storylines. As far as the match goes, surprised to see with eight men involved that this match got so much time. With that said not surprised at the winners of the match.

Smith/Holly: While I’m surprised to see Holly in this thread, I’m not surprised that you had Smith go over him in this match. Even though it was his first match in this thread, it seems as if you plan to have Smith be a heel, unless I’m reading too much into the recap. However it seems like it can work especially with Regal being his manager.

Show/Orton Segment: While it was a short segment it established Show’s presence and his demeanor. A Show/Orton feud sounds very good.

Michaels’ Segment: Short and to the point…but Michaels vs. Goldberg…First Time Ever on Next Week’s show…Even though Goldberg isn’t a big time force in the modern era (as he is retired from the business IRL), I can’t see this match ending cleanly, as these two will have their first proper real match take place on PPV.

JBL/Jeff Hardy: Surprised to see Jeff basically get OWNED in this match by JBL, as even when he made his return to the WWE IRL, he received a good push, (I believe he won the IC and World Tag Team Titles within a year of his return),so it’s kind of a surprise to see him lose like this. With that said, JBL’s promo on Goldberg was great. However the star of the segment was Paul Heyman, as he completely OWNED JBL by giving him a US title shot against Matt on next week’s show instead of the World Title match he wanted for next week’s show. Great job!

CM PUNK is coming to this thread in two weeks…and debuting from his hometown of Chi-Town?! Looking forward to see how the Straight Edge Superstar is booked in this thread, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he receives a huge push almost immediately after debuting

I haven’t read this thread in awhile, so I’m not sure what happened with Orton, but it must be a huge point of interest on the Smackdown side of things in this thread.

Angle/Finlay-While Angle and Finlay wrestling would be a technical classic, it was no surprise that Angle was going over in this match. Angle seems focused as he draws his attention to Michaels and Goldberg following the match. With all of that said, I have a feeling that JBL might just get involved in next week’s title match.

Regal/Smith Segment: Like I mentioned earlier I wouldn’t be surprised to see Smith turn heel, as it seems like he’s heading that way with Regal by his side. Something tells me that since Regal decided to head back to the arena, that the two will play a part in the Main Event.

Video Package: WOW! Great way to get heel heat on Orton, with his attack to Jericho on last week’s show. That was truly an effective way to make Orton the Number 1 Heel on Smackdown.

Main Event: This was MOTN. Not surprised that Book and Orton put on a great match. I KNEW IT! Smith and Regal are officially heels as they turn on Booker and cost him the match. The attack to Booker was effective in the sense that it put over Smith as a heel. With that said…MICHAELS BEING ATTACKED TO CONCLUDE THE SHOW?! WOW! This show has been filled with a bunch of attacks and twists and turns. While Goldberg would be the obvious choice, I have a feeling that the attacker will be revealed as none other than JBL. Well we’ll see with next week’s show.

Overall Comments: Great show as always Para. As I mentioned before I’ve been meaning to review a show of yours for a while, but haven’t gotten the chance. You really build up next week’s show, and I’m looking forward to it.

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