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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

@ Hardy owning Kennedy there. Good way to kick the show off and Hardy retaining wasn't a surprise. I dont think this is the end of this angle tho, Kennedy will surely chase another match for the strap

THE BERG! RATINGS!~. Seriously, Goldberg = win. That is all

I love clusterfuck matches, keep booking them plz. AMW own, and get the win. Good stuff. Oh and btw, London > Kendrick. Kendrick sucks. I beg you not to give him that stupid fucking THE gimmick. My god, that's bad. Anyways, lovely match for a weekly show and good to see the Bashams jobbing. What else are they good for?

Holly jobbing is no shock, altho perhaps SmackDown! could use someone else as their resident jobber and give Hardcore something different. Anyways, this British tandem has promise, and something tells me you may have further stable additions in the works

Everyone hating on Orton. Cool. Big Show? Not cool

I understand you dont like Berg promo's, but why no HBK promo in full? Confused by that. Anyways, it got the message across, next week is gonna be massive. Just massive. I think this could be a good feud with the way it's started off

Jeff Hardy jobbing is awesome. Wow, JBL promo was MONEY. Absolutely loved it, perfect characterisation and just had him down to an absolute tee. @ Heyman giving him a US Title shot, funny. Can't see Bradshaw winning that, but this was the highlight of the show, very impressive promo

Kennedy a little upset about losing earlier. I'm sure he'll be loud and proud again next week. lol Orton is nobody's favourite tonigh is he?

Angle owns. Finlay is an Irish Wanker. The result was inevitable tbh. Atleast the champ got some exposure on a show that is certainately focused on the men after his strap (Berg, HBK, JBL, Booker & Orton later)

Nice main event. The impact is made once again by the Brits, they're messing with Da Book constantly, wouldn't be surprised to see Booker vs Regal or Smith next week after this. Orton winning didn't surprise me because he's looking strong in this thread and his feud with Y2J is hot shit, altho not Jericho tonight (understandably) made me a sad panda, coz he rules ya know

Good work bud, I'm just glad it finally got up, your browser fucked you for a week. You're doing well, Mr. Overworked . <3.


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