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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Bout time I got this up, right? <3

Opening line = controversy. Controversy creates cash. So, thumbs up.

RAW Feedback

Edge’s opening promo was okay but nothing special. That’s not your particularly your fault but a lot of the lines seemed generic. It was a good decision to have him open the show though after last week’s ended with Rock winning the Battle Royal. It just makes the series seem to flow, so to speak.
As I said on MSN, Rock’s promo was great and I can tell you enjoy writing his promos. The characterisation was solid and ‘That's a real touching story Brock. Too bad The Rock doesn't give a monkeys nut sack!’ was definitely my favourite line. Lesnar’s little speech was okay and you did well with it considering he is a very difficult character to write promos for. I don’t know if it was a typo but ‘Big deal, the word there, is almost’ should’ve been ‘Big deal. The word there is “almost”.’ Yes I’m nitpicking , but punctuation is important and even the slightest mistake can put people off. Cena was okay but didn’t really say enough for me to evaluate. I liked the announcement of the 6-Man Tag match as well as Foley warning Cena. It was simple and straight to the point, much like an authority figure should be. Overall, a good opening segment.

I really enjoyed the opening contest. Most people just give some short match recaps but this one was neither too long nor too short. Being a Hardcore match, you did well to bring the weapons and “hardcore” element into it with suplex on the ramp, etc. Jindrak’s interference was expected and I think it would’ve been a bit too soon for Cade to win any title just yet so it was a good decision to keep the belt on Rhino.

An OK promo from Shane, and as I said on MSN, I know who’s coming back with that little challenge Shane made being 3 minutes long. The promo wasn’t bad but seemed quite generic. Then again, it is Shane so I’m not being too picky on this one.

I can’t comment too much on the Diva’s match since it was so short but I can say it was a nice way to end the match with all their finishers, and it made Beth look strong heading into her title match with Trish Stratus.

I think Coach should’ve done more talking for Monty Brown in the next promo. That’s the whole purpose of a manager, isn’t it? If the wrestler does most of the talking, it diminishes the manager’s role. I wasn’t too sure about the mention of Kane’s promo either. That’s a very subtle way of breaking the fourth wall (suggesting everything the audience is seeing is a show). Anyway, OK promo.

Obviously The Alpha Male was going over in this squash singles match. Not much to comment on here.

@ ‘drink some bear’. That little typo aside, this was a good promo from Christian. This feud you have going between these two is one of the best things you have going on RAW right now so keep up the good work. You seem to have both characters well scouted and overall the characterisation was good. I think you may have overdone the ‘creepy little bastard’ phrase. “That big thing with the beard” was a perfect Austin line for Tomko. The impromptu match idea was okay but since when can Christian just book Austin in a match? It might’ve made more sense if Christian challenged Austin to take on Tomko, then Tomko blindsided Austin.

Austin going over here was obvious but the only logical decision. Good to see a match finally being confirmed for Armageddon.

The Rock/Triple H promo was decent but I don’t think it was particularly necessary. It just seemed like filler more than anything. Unless of course, this is the start of a very slow build to another Rock/Triple H feud. Whatever the reason, it does the job of promoting the main event so it gets a tick.

Kane/Masters was okay but as I said earlier, small match recaps can’t really be commented on. Anyway, Brown flooring Kane after the match was okay but I could’ve done without it since we already saw Brown assert his dominance earlier in the show.

The Foley/Shelton/AJ segment was good although it seems predictable that Shelton will retain the title at Armageddon. Still, the build-up for this match is going nicely.

@ the Disc. Thread shot in the next promo. I really like this idea of Jim Cornette as Brock Lesnar’s manager. There is no denying Lesnar is one of those big guy characters who works so much better with a mouthpiece like Cornette, so this was a good decision.

IRL, the main event would’ve been match of the night simply due to star power and the quality these six men can bring to the ring, but I was a little confused by the writing. It seemed like one big clusterfuck, but in the wrong way. Yes, Six Man Tag = everyone all over the place, but just be a little more careful how you write it out so people don’t get confused. I had to read over a few of the sentences more than once to see who was doing what. I really liked the finish though. Psycho Edge = ratingz. With Rock winning the Battle Royal last week, it was a good booking decision to have Edge look strong in the ending of the show.

OVERALL: There were a few things here and there that I thought were okay, some things good, but nothing bad. I think you’re still getting back into the flow of writing so I’m trying not to sound too critical. One thing I enjoyed in particular was the opening match, tbh. That might seem like a weird choice but I thought it was really well written, so keep ‘em hardcore ATTITUDE ERA!~ matches coming boyo. The opening promo was the promo of the night and right now, I don’t think you’ve got any other character down as well as The Rock. Above average show, but I know there’s a lot more to come from you. <3
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