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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

RAW Feedback

Don't want this post edited, so I'll promise to be a good boy.

So, first promo was pretty solid. Edge, while not perfect, was quite good in his interraction with the crowd. I much prefer the crackwhore chant being directed at Lita, but whatever floats your boat. >_> Rocky was nice because you actually had some substance behind it. It gives me the absolute shits when he's just spouting off a bunch of catchphrases, almost needlessly. Mic man for Lesnar, plz. There's no actual personality behind the man. Anything he says just comes off as generic. Cena was actually rhe best of the lot, tbfh. Quite loved what you did with him. The smartass who acts like a badass is just lovely. The interraction between Rock and Cena was actually very good. You've made it clear that the two have been feuding up to when this thread started, so WM plz? kthnx. Foley was generic authoritah figure, but he did make a rather nice match to save this otherwise crap card (tbfh), so you get brownie points for that. Something big has to happen in the Main-Event though for Edge vs Rocky to gain some real steam.

@ Rhyno. What a complete and utter waste of space. Looked like you'd bowln Cade vs Jindrak off very quickly with a short match last week, though I guess you have other plans. Jindrak better ultimately go over in the end, as I've said before. I really don't like the Hardcore Title, btw. Future endeavour that jobber Rhyno and the belt with it.

Liked Shane's promo. Last week he seemed rather emotionless, though this week I think you pretty much nailed it. The two going at it next week in a brawl type thing (like with Orton/Shane) should be interesting. Seems a tad predictable that no one's going to get absolutely killed though, because they have a match at Armageddon.

Phoenix winning was predictable but fine. You've positioned her well for a go at the belt, so don't fuck it up now, pl0x.

Brown was meh. He had his on lines (mainly his signature ones), though he sounded maybe a bit too smart. "No Todd, I haven't" doesn't sound like him. He's usually full of energy and loud. That sounds much too bland/plain for the Alpha Male.

Venis > Brown. 'Nuff said.

Christian using the kicking ass and taking names line was absolute GOLD tbh. He was pretty much on for the whole promo. Austin was very good with the crowd, but I felt he rambled on for a bit much. I know Christian said it, but 'twas true, imo. Not liking you just having an impromptu match. A brawl seems more appropraite than an actual match, but whatever. You've been there before, I guess. Austin beating Tomko easily needed to happen (no matter how much I dislike Tomko being jobberfied) if you were going to go down that route. The feud seems to kind of hit a plateau at this point though. It needs some way to advance, though I really don't see where you can possibly go.

Very nice segement with The Rock and Triple Haitch. The little exchange of catchphrases was just lovely, and it had an overall nice feel to it.

@ Kane squash. Brown attacking him afterwards was expected since he's the one going after Kane. Didn't really like Kane sitting up after the Pounce. but I'm not too caring since I dislike both men. Have them luterally murder each other at Armageddon, plz.

AJ vs Shelton = buyrates. k, maybe not irl, but on this forum. Epic, epic match, and I like that you're having AJ actually have some character.

MTFO~! NO MORE SHIT PROMOS~! JAMES E CORNETTE~! Lesnar4champion. Manager with mic skills + mad wrestling skillz = champion, plz.

The hot tag to The Rock to get him in against Edge was . The rest of the match was a bit weird. Guess you're having Edge attempt to send a message to Rocky by having him snap on RVD (as well as maybe setting up a WrestleMania match ) Hopefully in the coming weeks you do a bit more for Edge vs Rocky, because at this point it's rather bland. Do something ep[ic, plz.

Reasonable showing from you, Reney, though it didn't seem like you were really hyping anything up too much. Things needs to get moving for Armageddon, because at this stage it's not looking like a particularly important event with the exception of Tripper vs Shane. Still, not bad considering you're just here to hold down a show for Para. <3

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