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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Before I start; of course I appreciated it

Oh, and before I forget; WrestleMania 24 > WrestleMania 15. 15 has to be in the top 5 WORST Manias imo for the sheer fact it had potential to be much better. Huge disappointment.

And onto the show; Edge’s wife Lita?? When did they get married?? Wasn’t their marriage scuppered by Kane back in the day?? Could be wrong, mind. Nitpicking imo.

Smacked Horse?? Stab at Candice by any chance?? Anyway, this promo was truly on the money. It’s beginning to look pretty clear to me that Edge is joining your pantheon of stars to write promos with; right up there with Austin, Christian and The Rock. Seamlessly transitioning from standing up for Lita, to running down the fans, to getting onto The Rock. Something most people tend to find difficulty with is transitioning from one subject to another in promo, but this was a terrific example for anyone to use.

Why such a long gap though from Rocks from line to his second

Glad you brought up the lack of originality from The Rock early doors, very much paint by numbers stuff as he entered. ‘Smacked your bitch up’ ROFL!! My hazy memory didn’t remember the Unforgiven meeting, so thanks for the refresh into the history, and gives us something to base the upcoming match on.

You certainly freshened up The Rock a little, with the mic slap (something I don’t recall him doing before, but I believe it suits him nicely). Interesting turn of events, as I fully expected a general Champion / Contender promo; but alas, Brock FUCKING Lesnar is here.

I got why Brock was out there, and he played his part well, ultimately nod adding a whole hell of a lot, but didn’t really get what reason Cena had for being out there. I would’ve thought that promos between him and The Rock would’ve been held off until nearer WrestleMania. Throwing them together at this point in a promo that should’ve solely focused on Edge and Rock could well cheapen or take the shine off their future confrontations. Assuming it’s a one off this week, it’ll be fine, but if they’re to collide every week from now to Mania, it’ll be tough to keep the feud fresh.

Big main event?? Check.

Surprised to see Cade get thrown into the Hardcore title picture, just a couple of weeks into what looked like the beginning of a strong push as a ‘serious’ wrestler, but then he gets thrown in with the Bingo Hall jobbers?? . Naw, I love Rhyno. Just seems a little unproductive for Cade to be battling out for the Hardcore Title. And ugh, at the continuation of Jindrak; not just in this feud- but in this thread. Job him out to Cade again, and let Cade loose. BOOK THAT MOFO.

Shane offering Triple H a three minute preview. What’s that I smell?? ‘Set up’, I hear you say. Three minutes seems a little random … or does it?? Three minutes … In an unrelated note; Umaga > Jamal.

Little surprised that Beth’s title shot is coming so soon; had her showdown with Trish nailed on for WrestleMania. What’s the ‘Down in Flames’ tho?? Sounds like a good name tbh.

YAY!!! Monty talks~!! And indeed, he aint no joke. Plenty of intensity shown through this promo. Beats the shit outta Kane hopefully, and sends him packing - FOR GOOD~!!

Nuh, you got this one right the first time. Typical squash, and Monty Brown plows through another victim; everybody’s favourite jobbah, Val Venis.

Why have you spelt Certainly wrong … twice . Maybe ‘Certaintely’ or however you put it is how you ass backward Aussies spell it. If not, go back to school, and stop throwing shrimp on the Barbie.

And now it’s Christian time. Not sure what to think of the news I read a week or so ago where you said Austins last opponent is expected to be Goldberg. It’s the Attitude era dream match (oh, look whose booking ) but with the recent Austin / Christian stuff, I cant help but think that this one should be getting the WM spotlight, and build for the future of the company; because this isn’t 1999 .

Christian fires home the truth to Austin, with a couple of delusional comments too, perfectly handled. GOAT BOY COMMENT~!! Golden. Decent back and forth jabbering between the two men, who just seem so well matched on the stick, with the cocky heel, and the badass face. Great stuff; and impromptu matches rule all.

Looks like those news and rumours weren’t just a bit of guff. Christian vs. Austin is on for Armageddon, and hopefully, Christian wins. But after all the losses he seems to have suffered since his comeback, a victory seems likely for Austin to send him onto the inevitable big money showdown with Big Bald Bill.

Masters = Pumped up jobbah. Kane disposes of him, but only to feel the POUNNNNNNNNNNCEEE-UH … period. I said it earlier; I’ll say it again, Brown to kill off Kane for good plz. BOO for Kane sitting up. Brown to finish the freak off at Armageddon.

Styles vs. Benjamin for the *CENSORED* title sounds hawt for Armageddon. Not a fan of SM Styles, but he’s pretty nifty at times. When he appeared behind Benjamin I was expecting something along the lines of the immortal Braden Walker ‘Knock Knock’. ‘Who’s there??’ ‘Braden Walker. And I’m gonna knock ya brains out’.

Umm, for me, jury is out on Lesnar & Cornette. Anytime I decide to hurt my eyes and watch TNA, he just seems out of place in this day and age (although that might be down to being given prunes and being told to turn them into lemons) but Naitch has made him work, so I’ll give it a while to sink in, then make my decision on this pairing. I love Cornette btw, just gonna take me a while to accept him with Lesnar. His re-introduction could’ve been better too tbh, bit meh for me.

Anyway, onto the big time main event; one we don’t see enough of on Raw nowadays, with big six man, eight man type tag matches. Liking that. Plenty of description in the match, and it looked to get a lot of time to build up, not being rushed. Hot tag and eventual ref bump makes me think the finish is coming .

Marked for the chair shot on Lita, especially as it was Edge that ducked the thing!! Great moment that I hope you use next week from Edge to complain about. Fucking sick finish from Edge, umm … TAKING OUT VAN DAM.

The DQ is a bit bleh, but makes sense, due to the numerous chair shots. Seems odd that the show closing angle is Edge taking out Van Dam. Not exactly selling the PPV in a few weeks time … BUT … most certainly laying the foundations for Edge’s next opponent … but with such a heinous act from Edge … will RVD even recover … before WrestleMania?? *In other words; WrestleMania feud??*

Next week; hard sell Edge vs. Rock plz; no interruptions. PPV main event, build it, and focus on it next week. The side issues can all wait for a week while the closest PPV takes centre stage.

Edge promo at the beginning made the show tbh, everything else fell into place nicely.

Great as always
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