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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Raw Feedback

Did i mention this already?

Edge starting the show was the right choice. Slut chants to Lita was a nice little extra touch. Edge was well written here I didn’t spot anything out of character or whatever, maybe one error in his dialogue but who really cares when I can do this…

Back to the promo…

Sorry but just let me say I LOL’d like a crazy guy at Trish Startus smacking Edge’s bitch up. Nice line only a true Aussie would come out with that. Rock was nice his usual insulting self this was nice, pure Rock however it wasn’t 03 thread Rock if you get my drift. Yes, I am living in the past but fuck you. I like it there.

I heart Brock Lesnar, I really do. If you gave him a title run I would probably rape you. He did go alright for himself in the Battle Royal last week didn’t he? Can we get a Lesnar/Edge heel vs heel match. I think just about everyone knows Edge is gonna’ win because Rock/Cena is on its way.

I've got a better idea Rock, how about me and you tonight, and you put your title shot on the line!

Simple yet effective. No reply from Rock was a tad weird, as much as I love the guy I bet he bitched out. I mean this is Brock Lesnar and as much as I don’t like his mic work, if you are going to keep his lines short and sharp such as this I will be happy.

Why do you care Rock, wanna pucker up?

This over Rocks reply. Cena pwned him tbh.

The rest was very entertaining as well and well yeah I just liked everything for the rest. Foley’s match making skills are awesome. Pretty hot promo, very good I mean this in the nicest way possible but I didn’t expect it to be this good.

Commercial break ey? Gives me time to do something…

I think I told you last week that I was a fan of Rhyno so I was happy to see him get the victory. Cade is to much of a pretty boy as I also told you last week. Jindrak should shit all over Cade but you seem deluded the way you put Cade over him last week. Either way keep both Cade and Jindrak away from the Hardcore Title k?

Shane McMahon…. Triple H… next week…. 3 Minutes. Seriously, this could be a pretty cheesy way to bring in the tag team 3 Minute Warning. But I guess at least they will come in high profile. I hope I am right now so I don’t look like a dick head.

Commercial. Hmmmm…

Womens Match. Not the biggest Phoenix fan I was hoping for a Mickie James win. I think you made the wrong decision however I have heard your not the biggest Mickie fan lol. Trish Stratus is womens champ though right? Because that is something that I don’t mind. Trish > Beth…

I told you last time I am lovin’ the Monty Brown and Coach partnership and they continue to be together. I would rather Coach do more talking as Brown really talks to much at the moment and Coach just looks like he is there for looks. I don’t like that. He was always going over Venis though…. Kane is next, seriously, I can not stress the importance of Brown going over Kane.

Commercial = Joke time

Christian and Austin promo was gold. This may seem short but I told you I am not summarizing and there was nothing to complain about so who gives a fuck about a long speech about how epic you are. Austin easily over Tomko, geez Christian’s touch putting his problem solver in a match like that. Armageddon is gonna’ be off the charts.

Okay commercial… LOL as hard as it is to believe I decided to forget bout’ our joke for once, as it seems so soon since the last commercial break.

Fuck it, I decided just to add some dots.

The Rock and Triple H and I love when bookers play on their history like this. Was done well and the fact that they were getting along makes for a nice touching moment.

Kane wins a squash match pretty much. POUUNNNCEEEE after the match lol that is epicness. Brown better win when they fight.

Benjamin and Styles could be match of the night~!~!~!


Jim Cornette… I know a fair bit bout’ the lad and well fuck Smackdown tbh, coz’ he is great but he is know Paul Heyman.

Awesome main event. Loved the mean streak of Edge coming out it got me very hyped. Makes me think he will win at Geddon’ leading to Rock/Cena. RVD… hope he is okay.

Overall a great show mate, best I have read in this thread so far it was wonderful. One last time for some personal enjoyment…

Good show… really good perhaps great. Maybe even epic. <3

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