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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Smackdown Feedback

Starting the show with Shawn Michaels was a smart choice as I know your not the best with your promo’s but he is quite easy to write and it was proven here. You did this well and it was a nice solid promo where HBK mentioned his desire for Kurt Angle’s gold. I personally can’t see him getting a title shot straight away even if he is Shawn Michaels I think he should have to earn it. So yeah please don’t just give him a shot.

LOL @ The Irish wanker line, Nice opener to be honest each man knows how to wrestle well so should be entertaining. This was a great way to show your intentions of pushing Randy Orton, usually I don’t like when people dominate a match like this but I don’t know because with Orton and his sadistic side I just buy into it so I have to say this was well done. Be interesting to see if the Punt keeps Jericho out of action or if he wrestles next week like nothing is wrong with him. I suggest the first… make the Punt deadly.

British Empire ey? Sounds very good and I think it means that we will be seeing TJ and all them very soon. Anyway I am not a huge fan of their mic work so if this is the case Regal as the mouth piece is awesome. Oh its really just a common sense thing but the way you had Regal suck up to Paul Heyman was very in character also.

Well I don’t know your opinion on AMW but I know for a fact that you absolutely despise La Resistance therefore I never expected them to go over the tag champs and well… surprise, surprise they didn’t. I am not sure what the tag division is like on Smackdown but I am hoping that it is very hot as you have a nice set of tag champs.

CM Punk coming to Smackdown… hmm knowing you he will be US Champion by the end of the month.

More Randy Orton he is definitely the main man of this show tonight not that that’s a bad thing or anything. Poor Jericho can’t do shit.

Kennedy’s opening schtick on the microphone was quite dare I say it EPIC! I really enjoyed his pro longed speech and well for the character traits and shit it was very Kennedy. Loved the drug addict line tbh. Mr Kennedy too good for the drug addict tonight and I must say he seemed very dominant here. Now he just has to beat Matt Hardy and then bring along CM Punk.

Booker T interrupting Regal and Smith was quite random however I must say I love the special attention you are giving at this stage the English duo. Regal slapping Booker and nothing happening makes Booker seem like a fair bitch when usually he is all fired up as such. Don’t make your talent look like bitches PARA you could need them later.

Nice solid win for Paul London. Twelve minute recap the same size as the previous six minute one??? Hmm I know you haven’t got much time with work but I suggest taking that bit of extra time to make matches like these a little longer. Comes off perhaps a tad… dare I say it, slack

LOL @ Santino Marella. Nunzio should have taken him to school tbh. Marella is a great comedy act but I really hate his matches.

Goldberg short and sharp. Keeping him quiet is always for the better and that is why I don’t like him as a main event. Don’t keep him sniffing around the World Title for to long plz.

LOL @ Big Show facing Marella. Your making me lol a lot PARA and that is always a good sign it means I am enjoying your show. Keep it up please.

JBL was nice… very confident I hope he gets a title shot because as I said earlier I don’t want HBK or The Berg near the title yet.

The main event match up itself was nice and well Kurt Angle gets the win so we still have no clear cut contender however I dribbled over the aftermath to the match it was pretty bloody awesome. Goldberg was a freak and very hell I like it as for HBK well when he grabbed Angle I cringed then when he layed out Goldberg I popped. Niceness in the title picture at the moment.

Overall a solid start. You know what your doing and I must say your promo’s were very solid. Nothing exceptional but nothing at all wrong with them. Good start, keep going until you reach the ultimate Goal. Mania I know its what you want. <3

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