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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Righty, recapped Smackdown time.

See my comments on Raw about the Survivor Series recap video. Not gonna waste time writing the same thing again .

Angle vs. Goldberg has certainly got the makings of an awesome feud. Goldberg as heel is my preference tbh, I think we’ve seen enough of him as face, and his personality can easily be carried over as a scary ass heel. One that people y’know, actually take seriously, and believe he could beat any of the top faces cleanly. The line with Goldberg switching Angles own quote to fit his own trademark was nicely done, and will serve as an awesome sound bite when I envisage the pre-match VP when this match finally happens.

JBL and Booker’s introductions here certainly leads me to think that you’re building the groundwork for the Angle / Goldberg program, and not going straight into it head first. If it’s the long, slow build for WM, I’m on board for that. I’m a mark for slow builds towards WM, and we’ve got a plethora of those kicking off since Survivor Series (see; Brown / Taker, Austin / Christian??, Rock / Cena).

FBI on the outs methinks. Been a long time since I viewed them as relevant (although my memory in this thread is shady tbh), not that they’re a lost cause, but given the fairly nonchalant victory for AMW & London, methinks the two sets are heading in separate directions in the card.

Star power just increased ten fold; HBK to Smackdown = ratings. If I’m thinking correctly, he was working heel / tweener on Raw in a feud with HHH / Vince, helping Vince but hating him at the same time. Correct me if I’m wrong please.

Silly Heyman, doesn’t realise his tag champs didn’t defend the titles tonight, they just won a six man tag match. Some GM. Wow, La Resistance. To quote Szumi, mer. Invent some new teams please.

By the numbers victory for Mysterio over everybody’s favourite Irishman. Nothing doing for either man it seems.

Could HBK be the man to take Mister Kennedy into the main events?? Methinks he could well be. I know you arent a big fan of Kennedy (tbh, I’m not a big fan either), considering the constant pleas of no Jesus push. One of two things to expect then; a proper main event push for Kennedy (where he’s built slowly and credibly) or mid card obscurity. I’m not a mind reader, so I’ll wait to see how the next couple of weeks of interaction with Michaels pans out before making my call on what his direction will be.

What match did Smackdown win last night?? Wasn’t overly excited by the Highlight Reel tbh, but I got a kick out of Orton using the percentages. Although I didn’t care much for the segment, it could certainly have legs if it works towards an Orton vs. Smackdown faces angle after the abuse he gave his team mates here. Surely they’ll not be pleased to hear him running them down??

Orton then going on and criticising Jericho for playing to his fans, pointing out that they don’t win him matches was a deft touch that I hope you explore for Jericho, as it would definitely have legs for Jericho to be conflicted over whether he should stay loyal to his fans, or dump them in his quest for glory. Those are the two directions I’d love to see this angle go, but it seems likely they’re going to be feuding each other for the time being. Having said that, even if they do, it doesn’t rule out both previous ideas being explored whilst mired in their feud.

Shave Your Back. AWESOME. Keep A-Train on the show, even if it is JUST for the chant please.

Not sure where Big Show will fit in on Smackdown. As with Raw, both shows appear to be top heavy, and the mid card guys are going to find it hard to get spotted. Hopefully he’s utilised as he should be, and not just brought in to fill the roster with another name.

Matt Hardy wont die. I bet one day he will. Just a hunch.

CM Punk coming to Smackdown. Beefy goodness.

Didn’t expect that. Two guys that actually remember what’s happened in the past between each other. Extremely glad that you’ve addressed the Kurt / Booker feud of ‘05, and didn’t just ignore it and have them team up like old friends. How often does the ‘E do sensible things like that?? … not too often. Kudos.

Kennedy with a quick win over Holly. Fine.

Survivor Series certainly found plenty of victims. Three big name injuries to account for, but none of which I’ll be missing terribly. Good way to keep the three guys out of the plans for WM.

Hardy didn’t die tonight. Like I said though, he’ll die one day

Lot’s of tension it seems between the two opposing teams; as in, the partners on both sides have tension. Makes things interesting for the main event. Has the audience tuning in to see who’ll turn on who … but I don’t see any turns in this one despite the lack of friendship on either side.

Crazy finishing sequence for the main event, with finishing moves and counters and reversals ahoy. Bullshit finish imo, with a weak DQ to say the least. That most likely signifies a fatal four way at Armageddon, as you’ll not give away the only real money feud you’ve got to offer atm over on Smackdown on a B-PPV. JBL & Booker though will only be props for Angle & Goldberg until the feud wraps up … at WrestleMania??

Not sure actually, are the brand exclusives still in tact?? If so, then I guess the fatal four way will culminate on SD in a few weeks. Question is, will you hold off on the only money feud on SD until WM, or proceed with it at the Rumble??

Decent show, you’re getting back into the groove. No real rust showing, bar the fact you’ve obviously forgotten Smackdown isn’t on Mondays, and that the GM doesn’t realise when his talent defends it’s titles .
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