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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Raw Feedback

Nice opening video package catching everyone up with the goings on and all that nice stuff. Just before I begin a bit of ass kissing I am quite excited to read as I loved the 2003 thread so lets see how you go ay?

Opening promo was okay to be honest it was nothing special yet nothing bad either. It was weird all superstars just seemed to have generic lines that anyone could say. Both Edge and Triple H did not seem like themselves in parts but then in bits they did. Would have liked Trips to have a little dig at Lita also. Mick Foley should have had a bit more to say then just that where was his cheap pop and all that… Good as main event made for tonight but of course Edge will retain.

Geez a lot happened here. Not necessarily in the opener but after the match. First off though I just wanted to mention that I don’t know how well you built them up in your old thread and all that but Cryme Tyme as tag team champions is not something I like. Anyway them beating Cade and Jindrak is something I like less. Cade turning on Jindrak was unexpected I personally would prefer it the other way around as I cant see Jindrak making it far as a face. MNM attacking Cryme Tyme as well and like I said a lot happened here and I hope if MNM get a title shot that they take care of Cryme Tyme.

Lance Cade interview now and well he was boring me. Glad Jindrak broke it up as Mark has done well to make this interview kind of entertaining. The brawling was good but what was even better was DAMN! Hopefully Ron Simmons doesn’t stick around for to long if its going to be a comedy act.

Monty Brown squashing Goldust is a good call… I love THE POUNCE~! After math Coach on the microphone was nice. Brown took out Taker geez big things I expect from him then. Kane coming out was nice and I guess we are going to see some kind of feud between these two. Brown should go over.

This Austin and Christian promo was probably the best thing you have produced so far with this show. Everything just clicked and went along nicely I have absolutely no complaints with this. Tomko letting Christian get the upper hand was nice as well and I will tell you now this could be EPIC!

Mickie James over Trish Stratus. It’s a shame you think other wise tbh. Hopefuly you can build a some what great feud between these two.

Nice MNM, also nice playing on Maria’s dumbness. I hope they get the tag straps.

Cena and Foley was nice… Cena heel is a great however was not a big fan of him in this promo. I don’t know why but there was just something I didn’t like. Anyway battle royal next week should be a good read and nice little Rock/Cena showdown there slowly setting up the inevitable.

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas losing to Maven. Disgraceful tbh. Glad to see AJ Styles got the win though I am quite the fan of him. Push for Rhyno to okay?

Brock Lesnar interview was good and well glad to see he is a heel. His match with RVD went a nice time and I ma glad to see you didn’t just job RVD out, I would much rather see him be competitive and be a top star. Lesnar I guess had to make the impact on the new show though.

Nice main event seriously… Heaps of interference to build up some things but I guess that can be expected for the first few shows. Edge getting the win was to be expected no matter what happened with the people interfering. Battle royal next week should be great. Shane O announcing an Ambulance match and well I hope you make it good because this match can be dull if written incorrectly. I guess I will see how you go.

Overall a nice start nothing to spesh but nothing bad I cant wait to see whats next

I chose to review Raw because SD was recap I don’t have time to get a review up for that as I have my own shit to do. But I was impressed with your start.

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