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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

ohai. Guess I should probably review this show since I didn't review RAW. I would say I'm sorry for not reviewing, but I'm not, so to you.

Nice little opening vid recapping Survivor Series. Orton mega push ftw. Continue it and I'll review everything you put up.

Angle as a face is yuck, imo. Kickass heel plz. Anyway, idk too much on your current storylines and stuffs, but I don't really wanna see JBL challenge properly. SAince Armageddon should be next, I guess him challenging then is OK, since it's not a big show or anything. Goldberg vs Angle on Armageddon would seem to be a bit of a throwaway. Can't read too much into the promo because it's recapped (leaves it emotionless), but Goldberg's Angle's next for me, not I'm next for Anngle was noice.

FBI were on top? Your stocks must be running short. I keed. AMW and London > FBI though, tbh.

Michaels on SD will be sex. Michaels v Angle. Make it happen.

Yuck, La Resistance are awful. Exterminate them plz, because Sylvain Grenier is hopeless. Based on the fact that they're the only team left for AMW, they'll probably have a long feud.

Glad to see you using the Lil Bastard back when he was actually cool.

Ergh, no to the Kennedy push plz. He's wayyy overrated, so I really don't wanna see him against Michaels. Anle vs Michaels > kennedy vs Michaels.

I liked the Jericho/Orton Highlight Reel, though I would have rathered have seen security have to pull Jericho off Orton, rather than Jericho just letting Orton go. Being pulled off and not wanting to let go of young Rand E. would make Jericho seem much more ruthless and focussed, while of course still being a babyface. Oh and I would've marked for a Randy/Jericho alliance, but it now appears too late for that. >_>

Eww, Big Show. Couldn't he stay dead?

Matt's generic as fuck. Take the mic away from him, plz. CM Punk on the other hand is awesome. As soon as Punk debuts, take away all Matt's mic time and give it to Punk.

wewt, you did something WWE fails to do by addressing past storylines when teaming people up. Thank you for using common sense.

Kennedy vs Holly = meh. Wasn't that how he debute irl? Going backwards here. I'm happy to see Kennedy go backwards though.

I'm most definitely not going to shed tears on 'Tiatsa being out. Any chance you can just kill him altogether?

Matt with the genricwftgeneric character. He's boring as shit. Why US champ?

I liked this segment, as it kinda showed the contrast between the teams. The faces were on the same page earlier, while the heels aren't. Good work.

Ahh, the ehmphasis on the contrast continued in the start of this match. Good, show long storytelling there young grasshopper. MKost of the action here focusses around Angle and Goldberg, so it looks like that's the match you're giving away on Armageddon. =/ Angle standing tall is cool and stuffs as he looks dominant.

Ovcerall, it was aight Reney. idk too much about this thread's past and it was in recap, so at times there wasn't much to comment on. Still, a pretty good show in the run up to Armageddon (I think it's Armageddon). Continue the Orton push and I'll continue to love you.

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