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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Raw Review:
- Edge's promo to open the show was good, in my opinion with this being the only piece of writing I have read from this BTB so far that he is definitely going to be the top heel on Raw probably for quite some time. I loved it when Triple H came out and Edge cut him off, the promo up to this point was extremely well written and it gets better from here, I really liked the interaction between HHH, Edge and the crowd; everything seemed to work. Then Mick Foley comes out and announces the main event to cap off a good opening promo, nice work on this.

- I wasn't expecting the titles to change hands here due to it being the first show and all but this was still a pretty entertaining tag team match that followed the formula. The Cade heel turn at the end was well written and hopefully Cade will break away from Jindrak because I always thought he was a better wrestler.

- Cade's promo was good, looks like he is definitely a heel now except of course he has to have a match with Jindrak just so that whole thing can be put to bed. After that but hopefully Cade can get a solid singles push. I don't think Simmons was really needed here as it wasn't really a comedy moment which is usually when Simmons appears.

- Not much to comment on in the Goldust/Monty Brown match. Monty is obviously going to be a big player in your BTB and getting easy victories early on is a good way for someone to get over with the crowd so I guess this match served it's purpose. Coach is a good choice for the mouthpiece of Monty because the fans resent him and he would draw good heat for himself and Monty. Also looks like Kane and Brown are going to feud which should be a pretty good battle of the bigger men.

- Great promo from Austin who was definitely in character well, I also really enjoyed the way you wrote Christian and it seemed as if he was so relaxed because he thought Tomko would be able to take care of Austin which wasn't the case. This is probably going to lead down the path of Austin v Christian or Christian v Austins hand picked man.

- Womens match was ok but I thought it was fairly obvious that Trish was going to win. Nothing special after the match either as it looks like no feuds have spawned from it.

- I liked the way you wrote Maria for her interview with MNM, her character was spot on. You did a good job stating that MNM are probably going straight to the top in the tag division, I predict they will be getting a title shot soon.

- The next promo was cool, hopefully you continue on with Cena thinking he is being poorly treated by Mick leading to a potential match between the two which if written well and if it maybe has some kind of gimmick or stipulation it could be really good. Also looks like the Rock and Cena might feud for a while which will be good to read as they can both cut good promos and you seem to be good at writing for them.

- I think the only purpose of the next match was to continue the feud between Shelton and AJ which was ok but I don't think an 8 man tag was really necessary maybe just a regular tag would have been sufficient.

- The Brock Lesnar promo prior to the match was ok but for the first part of it he didn't seem all that heelish but the second half it when he was interacting with the crowd and putting Van Dam down was good and a good way to hype Lesnar's upcoming debut. The match it self was pretty good as well, I liked that you didn't have Van Dam get squashed but Brock still looked dominate however a clean win for Brock would have made him look better and because Van Dam put up a good fight it still wouldn't make him look weak, that was the only thing wrong with the match I thought.

- Wow so much stuff going on in the main event. Triple H had the match won but due to wanting to be number one contender Cena interfered followed by the Rock shutting him up to spark the impending feud between the two. McMahon costing Triple H the title again was a good choice to keep that feud going and keep Edge's title reign going but for how long with so many top contenders on the brand. This was a very entertaining way to cap off a good show. Shane's promo at the end just solidified the fact that they where going to continue feuding and then announcing the match for the PPV was good, it should be a brutal encounter.

Very good show overall, I will continue to read.
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