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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Raw Review:

JBL really is the most depressed man in the company. Considering heís such an asshole in this thread, itís great to see. Daniels and JBL joining forces? Sounds intriguingÖ

No better way to kick off the evening than with the man who is probably your best character in BTB, the man that is now a tweener, but still holds the Belt, and that is Edge. Love how he isnít fully a heel yet, as he will always have a ton of supporters based on what he went through to get the Title earlier this year. But he definitely has a style and there is no way that he is going to change it. The crowd is split down the middle with him, and I think thatís how it will be for a VERY long time. Van Dam is really able to get under Edgeís skin, as he says that Edge isnít as good as he claims to be, stating that he got lucky last night because he used some cheap tactics. Guess they know how to throw around some strong words, as a match tonight would be fantastic, but it wonít be happening Ö as MVP comes to the ring! Porter made some good points, but he is still an ass in this thread, thinking that he should be placed ahead of everyone just because of his lucky win at SíSlam. Edge puts both MVP and RVD in their place, telling them that they have no reason to get a Title shot. Now the physicality begins, as it played out pretty much as expected, with Edge sneaking out at the right time, and I was glad that you didnít forget about Sabu, having him come save RVD. Great segment to start the show, imo.

I really hope that Edge and Lita arenít on the outs anytime soon, because they are the perfect ďWWEĒ couple. Looks like that may be the case, as I think Edge will take it one step too far to ďhelpĒ Lita with her career. Interesting subplot in this whole thing.

A very good win to get Van Dam over following his ďlossĒ last night, as heíll need to win some more matches before getting another Title shot. Reigns stays with RVD for a little while, but there was never any doubt that Rob was gonna get the win. Huge triple threat match next week! I think this will be a very good way to keep the WWE Title picture interesting, as we wonít see another Raw PPV until SíSeries, I believe. Anyway, Edge will retain next week, but the match will be intriguing.

Doane should own as the new IC Champion, but now Daniels gets a Title shot instead of JBL next week!? Sounds like some sort of agreement was made between the two, and hopefully Ken goes to Coach and finds out just what the hell is going on.

Damn, I donít think that Rhodes and Smith could have gotten off to much worse of a start in their WWE careers, tbh. This isnít OVW, boys. RWC continue to be on the roll of their careers, looking damn near unstoppable. Hooligans will still get the next show, imo, but they may need to wait a while before that happens. Cody and DH better step it up soon, because the crowd already hates them enough after what has been a pathetic WWE run so far.

4 pretty solid matches to take place on SD!. Punk-Michaels is the most intriguing, as I can see CM possibly getting the upset, because Michaels wonít be near the Title and I can see him getting into a feud with someone right away.

Trish and Torrie getting very close to each other would usually be a good thing, but now when Trish is in this state of mind. Complete squash, and Stratus still wants to go after the Womenís Title, and that makes sense seeing as how she never got pinned last night. Her and Vicky should have another match, with the Champ retaining, before Mickie gets herself back into the picture, as the feud with Vicky needs proper closure, imo.

Coach now has two assistants? Thatís a good way to make him look even more dickish, imo. Jeff has a legitimate concern, as does Doane, while it looks like we will finally learn why the Fallen Angel gets the shot next week. JBL deferred his shot? Guess that we will learn what JBL got out of the deal soon enough, and Iím very interested to see what that is going to be. Hardy to form an alliance with Doane to take down Daniels and Bradshaw, imo.

Good way to get Porter over the same way that RVD got over earlier in the night. No outside interference means that MVP really is all business, and thatís gonna spell trouble for Van Dam and Edge. Glad that he has moved up the card so quickly, as it really doesnít feel that rushed, imo. It just seems like the right choice, one that Iím glad you made.

Pretty much what I expected to hear from Cena before he heads into his first action on Raw in quite some time. Btw, didnít Cena bloody Rocky at Backlash, not Judgment Day? I donít mean to be that guy. Either way, Cena should destroy Vis and then I hope he does move into the WWE Title picture eventually, as I can see a multi-man match in the future, either that or Cena goes right back to feuding with Rock.

Last squash match for Cena, hopefully. Good win but now I see him taking out the winner of the WWE Title match next week. Big things in The Bossís future, imo.

Fantastic promo by the Million Dollar Man, one that was a very welcome surprise. Didnít think that this was gonna be the way that Rhodes/Smith got their wakeup call, but that looks to be the case. DiBiase told them what other people would probably never tell them, but it was something that needed to be said. Hopefully this isnít the last time that we see him, because this storyline just finally got interesting. I think Rhodes/Smith lose one or two more matches before giving Ted a call, and then their luck will finally turn around.

Finally we get a decent match, as everything else was pretty average. Morrison has fallen a little too much for my liking, but I can see him coming back up sometime soon. Hardy looked like he was going to get the win, but Melina makes the big save and Hardy wins by DQ. Morrison assaults Hardy, but just like I predicted earlier tonight, Doane makes the save! Daniels shows himself again and flattens Doane! This means that Ken is retaining next week, imo.

Angle starts the promo out in a pretty calm way, as he knows just how close he came to beating Umaga last night. Good way of giving us more insight into the match, as Angle dominated for almost the entire contest, until he made one fatal mistake that cost him the chance to become the first man to put down ĎMags. Angle loved being in that match and now that he knows heís capable of beating Umaga, heís ready for another shot! Good exchange between Angle and AAE, as Armando is shocked that Kurt is ready for another match, but Angle is able to stay calm, really showing that he wants another match. Estrada pulls one out of left field, saying that Umaga is going after the WWE Title! Good way for them to cash in on everyone wanting a shot at Umaga, as Angle can have his rematch after Umaga has the belt! Angle says that itís all just business Ö and then takes down Estrada! Umaga gets the best of the exchange to start, before Angle counters and slams Umaga through the table! Angle tops Umaga again, as I loved how ĎMags almost got up from the slam, but then fell down again! Perfect way to end the show, as now I can see Estrada agreeing to the rematch because Umaga really wants it.

A very good comeback show, Mac. Storylines progressed very well in this recent show, as you always seem to make current feuds even better. Next week should be special, with two big Title matches and the fallout from Umaga-Angle. Donít keep us waiting too long!


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