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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Raw Review

JBL/Daniels Segment-Kind of surprised to see this open the show. Not really sure what to say about it, but it does seems interesting.

Opening Promo-Seems like you're really trying to turn Edge back into a heel, and I must say, you're so far off to a good start. Edge played the role of a tweener to a T. Van Dam getting his points was good as well, as obviously the feud isn't over between the two. As far as MVP goes, MVP being in the title picture, even if it is only for filler before Van Dam/Edge continues, is good as Wolfy mentioned how it is fresh. With that said, looking forward to see how you plan to build him over the next couple of weeks.

Edge basically lying to Lita was a good way to continue the heel turn for the WWE Champion. I see Lita leaving and possibly costing Edge the title down the line.

Van Dam beating Reigns was expected, as it was a great lead in to the announcement of the Triple Threat Match for next week's show for the title. Kind of surprised that you announced the match so early, as I thought you would probably have the match take place two weeks from now, with Van Dam and MVP facing off on next week's show.

Despite Daniels being on a losing streak since coming to Raw, you've been able to turn the tables for him as he is apparently getting a title match next week. I must say, I'm interested to see how you plan to carry this match out for next week's show.

Decent tag match as it seems like by the lackluster performances of Rhodes and Smith, that somehow you plan to make an angle out of that. As far as the RWC goes, the push that they have recieved in this thread has been real good. However with the mention of the Carolina Connection from Smackdown, it wouldn't surprise me that a possible match between the two teams taking place down the road.

Trish beating Torrie is not a surprise. Just asking, but is Trish a heel or a tweener in this thread. Anyway, while Trish/Victoria feuds and matches have been done a lot in BTB and IRL when they were active wrestlers, I have a feeling that you will booked their eventual feud in a way that stand out from their other encounters, like you did with Chavo/Rey last year in your thread.

Funny segment with the assistants, Doane, Jeff, and Coach. Really intrigued to see what happens with the IC title match next week, and what you have planned next for JBL.

MVP winning was obvious, as he wasn't going to lose with the WWE Title match coming next week. Honestly, I have a feeling he won't be pinned in next week's match either.

Cena still with the Boss persona in this thread is a good thing, as it gives his character more personality. With that said, it was a foregone conclusion that Cena was winning his match against Big Vis. I have a feeling that you plan on having Cena in the title picture, but more than likely that won't happen until around the Road to Mania in this thread, IMO.

EPIC promo from the Million Dollar Man. Ted was on point with EVERYTHING HE SAID in this promo. With that said, it wouldn't surprise me to see a heel turn for Rhodes and Smith, with Ted's son, Ted Jr, joining this thread in the future with Ted Sr, as the manager.

With what happened earlier with the segment with Coach, not surprised to see this match end in a DQ. Morrision basically was not a factor, following the match, as it was greatly booked to put over the IC title match between Doane and Daniels next week. Even though Daniels went over here, I don't think he'll be leaving next week's show as the NEW IC Champ.

What a way to end the show! Not just saying this as a HUGE Kurt Angle fan, but this was indeed promo of the night. Angle and Umaga have to have their rematch, and I got a feeling a nice long feud is coming from this attack from Angle to Umaga!

Next week's show looks like it is going to be excellent. Hopefully the show is in full. PM me when the show is up! Once again great show.

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