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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

My bad on the JBL bit. I blame your lack of activity , or the fact that we never seem to be active in BTB at the same time

I think I said it a while back, but I’ll make a point of saying it again; you’ve got an uncanny knack of seemingly always opening the show up with something different, or at least in the last month of shows. Backstage this time with JBL, leaving a message for Williams, then being approached by Daniels was another of those unique opening segments. With both men coming off a loss at Unforgiven, maybe they’ll be looking to help each other.

The continued downward spiral for Layfield without the services of his valet has been a great ongoing angle for the past few weeks, and it culminated, rightfully, with him losing his precious gold without her by his side at Unforgiven. It looks like JBL is going to have to grovel to win her back, and put his career back on track at this point in time.

If there was any doubt the WWE Championship feud would continue after last night, then this showdown dispelled that. Edge was terrific in the early going of the promo, and it helped that it didn’t just seem like he was filling time, waiting for RVD to come out. Instead, making his points, and doing it well. RVD is often written off as weak on the mic, but given the right material, and the right situation, I’ve always found him decent. This promo would be one of those moments. Personal highlight was the quick as a flash back and forth at one point, where RVD had an answer for everything Edge threw in his direction.

Van Dam then throwing down the gauntlet made sense, and a logical follow up on the promo, looking for a rematch tonight … which is obviously not gonna happen … and the introduction of MVP, thrusting himself right into the picture should allow the inevitable RVD - Edge rematch to be held off for at least another month, as I’d suspect you’re heading into a direction of a triple threat match. Porter in the title picture has a fresh feel about it, and as mentioned, throwing him in the equation, allows you to hold off on the RVD vs. Edge rematch for another month at least.

Looks like Edge is in need of an equalizer; RVD has Sabu on his side, and Porter has the awesome bodyguard of Reigns (and I do mean that. For a bodyguard type character, Luther Reigns is the man). Edge though, has Lita??

And maybe not even for long. The situation between Edge and Lita has been slowly developing for weeks now, and I’d be surprised if this DIDN’T end up with the two parting ways. At least now you’ve unclouded the speculation of why Edge didn’t want her competing or winning the womens title. Will Lita stand for that though?? I certainly doubt it.

Yeah, RVD over Reigns makes sense, and I’d suspect we’ll get an RVD & Sabu vs. MVP & Reigns tag match in the next couple of weeks to keep this thing bubbling over, whilst Edge and Lita continue to fall apart.

Or maybe not. Threw me with that announcement. Triple Threat match … next week??? Surprised to say the least. Fully expected another week or three before the match actually happened.

Certainly putting together a big show on Raw next week. Two title matches announced already. Obviously there is some sort of agreement between JBL and Daniels for him to take the shot instead. How they’ve wrangled that one, who knows. But I look forward to finding out. Seriously doubt Doane will drop the title next week, so it would appear that Daniels will be looking at the lights once again. Hasn’t been a great start for him, since moving to Monday Nights if that’s the case.

The continued development of the tag division on Raw continues, and Cade & Murdoch are the chosen pair it seems. Was never all that keen on them as a duo, but at least you’re investing in the tag division on Raw, like you do on SD, and building it around the champions is smart. It’ll always mean more when they are finally dethroned this way. Not sure what to make of the comment about AMW being missing from the match. Expecting a release maybe?? Not only do the tag champs come out looking like champions, but the increasingly erratic duo of Rhodes and Smith continue to suck, which surely can only be leading to a break up … or am I not reading enough into it??

Trish wins. No shocks. Great little promo afterwards, and a Victoria vs. Trish match shouldn’t be too far away from happening. Marked out for the catty comments aimed at Lita too. <3.

Enjoyable segment backstage, and did it’s job of tying up a few loose ends, getting Jeff on the show in some capacity, and putting Coach across as a lame GM. I think Doane asked the question everyone else will be asking; “What does JBL get out of this??” And it’s a terrific question. Right now, I’d suggest it’s the services of Allison Danger, or, perhaps Daniels has promised to get Williams back with JBL.

Porter, much like RVD, goes over the other mans associate / friend / bodyguard / whatever. Cant see him remaining undefeated for much longer. No need to have two guys on the show with long undefeated streaks, and the gimmick works better for Umaga.

Excellent usage of Ranjin Singh. He’d actually work perfectly as a backstage announcer. Decent enough promo, kept short and sweet for Cena, working as a lead in for his return match to Raw.

And he was never going to lose to Vis. Get this man an angle soon please, to keep him busy whilst The Rock is laid out.

Purely awesome segment with DiBiase getting in the heads of Rhodes and Smith. Now, I see where you are heading with their continued failings (or at least I think I do), and with DiBiase being the man to get at them, it would only make sense for another certain famous son to debut, and follow the advice from Ted, proving to the humble duo that they need to do the same in order to succeed. Excellent promo from top to bottom. Great job.

Most definitely a PPV quality line up on Raw next week.

And effective job of building the IC Title match next week. Nothing shockingly unique or original about it; but effective, and effectiveness is underrated. Daniels wont be winning the title next week (I wouldn’t think anyway) but the situation as to why he has been allowed by JBL to step in for him is the bigger talking point.

Don’t think I could recall a single promo that was in anyway, shape or form, weak on this show, and you’ve closed it with another electric piece of writing. Angles range of emotions were put together perfectly when describing the match at Unforgiven.

Still seems a little odd as to what possessed Angle to release the ankle lock, when he said himself either Umaga would tap, or the ankle would break. He didn’t just get sloppy, or pissed, but he was stupid too .

No shocks that Angle wants another piece of Umaga, as you said yourself, this one will be running for quite some time. Whether we’ll see a rematch straight away is another question, but I don’t see any reason for putting it off … looks like we’re about to find out anyway.

I’m not afraid to say it, but I couldn’t think of any reason why there would be a delay in promoting the rematch, but to be honest, I was expecting some bullshit reason for postponing it, and was ready to jump all over it … but there was one reason, and you put it out there perfectly, making me look a fool.

Umaga now in the chase for the WWE Championship - GREATNESS!!! If my maths are correct; you’ve got Edge, RVD, MVP and now Umaga all in the hunt and the picture for the title, whilst Cena has made his objective clear, and Angle wants another crack at Umaga desperately. Six guys … and although I’ve never had the chance to follow the thread for any great length of time … I don’t recall any Elimination Chambers anytime I’ve been reading the thread. Hoping for too much??

Back on point, impressed with Estrada and his reasons for putting Umaga in the hunt for the title now (and not before time really, given his incredible streak) and didn’t make it look like he’s deliberately avoiding the Angle rematch. Top notch, and the suspense can now build for the eventual rematch.

The show closing fight was another brilliant piece of mastery. Angle taking out Umaga again was perfectly done, and topped off just the same, with a cherry on top, having the Bulldozer struggle up … then go down. Fucking excellent show closing angle.

Glad to see that you finally got your ass into gear. Keep ‘em coming please.
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