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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Raw Feedback

Before you skipped straight to Unforgiven, I remember reading your two Raw recaps and JBL was definitely the most interesting character going around on Raw. I know there was the Edge heel turn and whatever, but I just felt as if in terms of character wise and drama, JBL was/is the best thing on Raw at the moment. I know why people fuss about you so much Mac, because even the way you write things just to describe the mood is probably above what most people, if not all people do, I mean seriously, the way you wrote JBL just sitting down, depressed and then having him throw his cowboy hat across the room, despite it only being a small thing the words just seemed to work. I donít know if I am babbling on like an idiot and you donít understand what I am saying, but I think I am getting my point across. Calling Williams shows more weakness from JBL, as he has been on a downward slump for a while now and he feels even more vulnerable then what he did before he lost the Intercontinental Title. He is just trying to find a way out, and a way to end the misery and he obviously thinks Angie is his key. This was until Christopher Daniels and Allison Danger showed up, that was a tad unexpected, and they are not going to be JBLís new buddies are they, like I donít know perhaps you have something good for them, but I really canít see JBL going around talking about the gospel, or Christopher Daniels changing his personality to fit JBL. The way JBL has been also makes me think if perhaps he wants Williams back so bad is because there is a romantic link there. Yes it is outside the box, but JBL has been sad ever since he lost her and perhaps itís the loss of his love that is effecting his in ring performance??? Anyway, I think I have asked myself enough questions, I will now move on to the next segment as I think I have said enough.

Ring time with Edge was the way I would probably expect you to open the show but you didnít due to that JBL thing, but him coming out here is just as good I guess. Even though he is still copping mixed reactions I feel as if Edge is becoming more heel like by each show, I mean even though he still hasnít done anything ultra bad to become a fully blown heel, no I donít count that Spear to RVD on one of your recapped Raws a while ago or cheating to win at Unforgiven bad enough to complete a heel turn. However I am sure that it is inevitable, it is just a matter of time before this heel turn happens. Everything Edge said here was pretty much great, no I am not juts sucking ass, I am being serious, I mean from the start the way he came out all arrogant acting as if it was just another night in his extra special life, to the way he changed and began complimenting his own ability and rising in intensity shows that even though he doesnít care about the fans anymore, he still has that fighting, burning desire that only faces have, and it will still take a while before that fire dies.

Rob Van Dam interrupting was inevitable as Edgeís constant gloating was probably beginning to make RVD feel ill. I am happy RVD is still gunning for the WWE Championship despite losing, because even though he lost at Unforgiven after all the stuff he has been through with Shawn Michaels, he has now broken that glass ceiling and I think he deserves a title run soon enough. RVD was pretty spot on here to, keeping his laid back persona going while also showing flashes of intensity and showing his hunger for the title. Loved the ďyou got your ass smoked lineĒ, it was perfect to get a laugh from the crowd, but also if you think deeper, RVD was trying to lure Edge into doing something stupid.

MVP was his cocky self and I like how even though for now probably still begin a mid carder you are slowly getting him involved with the main event as we all know he is destined for bigger and better things in the future. Usually MVP would just blow steam but the good thing about this was that MVP actually had claims to back it up. Well, sort of, I mean Edge was going to beat him but he did defeat RVD. Still I think this may have just been used to have MVP get his whining in because I think RVD/Edge is going to happen again at Survivor Series.

Nice brawl towards the end, and even this brawl showed some kind of character directions or changes. I mean when Edge was getting double teamed, the clear face RVD had the decency to help Edge but when the tables were turned Edge just left the ring, confirming my suspicions that eventually the change will take place, and Edge will become a fully blown heel. Sabu making the save and I think that will probably be the main event for the night, Sabu is nothing but a jobber, if a tag match does take place, I hope he cops the deciding pin fall.

Nice way to come back from the break with more Edge this time with Lita. At first I thought he would be in trouble but he chose his words very carefully and Lita being the dumb female is of course going to believe him. This confirms that not if but when Edge becomes the fully blown heel, Lita will more than likely not be following and I really have no problem with that, as they seem to have run their course together.

I guess I was wrong about my supposed tag team main event. Nice opener none the less with RVD continuing his roll as of late. Just reading the commentatorís comments afterwards and well, next weeks championship should be great and clear things up on exactly what is going down. Also just a little nit picky thing I noticed, at the start of the show Jerry Lawler was not happy with Edge, saying that he is a hypocrite and what not, yet after this announcement he is showing sympathy for Edge??? What exactly is Lawlerís status at the moment, is he face/neutral or heel commentator and were these comments meant to contradict each other to show his neutral ness, or did you just make a mistake?

Ken Doane as the Intercontinental Champion is something I am not so sure about. Everyone seems to really love Kenny Doane, but I have never fully been convinced therefore I am not really sure what you can do with him as champ, besides throwing him into a few generic feuds before he drops the title. He doesnít really have much of a personality either, except for when he was standing up to Orton, I really feel as if he can not be champion for to long. Christopher Daniels could be the perfect man to get the strap. I would love an explanation as to why JBL will not be competing, but either way getting the title of Ken Doane will be a good thing. Oh, the segment was good to, not much to say.

Redneck Wrecking Crew are indeed on a role, and I must say I like them as World Tag Team Chamnpions. Theyíre a team that I have always been fond of, because they can put on a decent to good match with every team. The youngsters getting beaten was degrading for them, but by after the match you mentioning their pathetic performance makes me think, they will turn heel and try and show a mean streak soon. The Hooligans will still probably be the challengers for the titles at the next event, while the former RKO Army members need something to do. Or are they just going to be jobbers now?

Nice easy win by Trish Stratus. She should be next challenger for the title, I love the new attitude you have given her, I really think she plays the role to perfection, and I can picture her doing almost everything you have made her do so far. Trish was extremely cocky and I think the stage was set, Trish Stratus will be the womens champion by the end of the Survivor Series. One thing I have noticed that is somewhat a trend with you, is when Mickie was the most edgy character she was Womens Champ, Victoria then got really interesting so she became champ, ever since being champ Vicky has really tailed off and now Trish is the most interesting character, I expect the trend to continue.

Interesting segment here, let me start off with The Coach, I like how he was all cocky and laid back. Does Coach really need two assistants? I would say keep Striker and piss off Jillian Hall as she does absolutely nothing for me. Doane saying a butt load of cash, lol, itís funny because itís a meh line, but the best he has said so far. I still donít think he is charismatic enough, and he will be used as a transitional champion. However with Jeff Hardy getting involved I am not to sure whether Daniels will get the win next week, also interested to see what JBL gets out of it. You have a good situation going here anyway.

MVP squash over Sabu. I guess since he wasnít on Unforgiven this was simply to give him some momentum heading into the championship again. I truly believe he is a credible challenger, and will give Edge and RVD a decent challenge, but he is not ready for the WWE Championship as of yet.

Well John Cena, who I love in the role you have him, just about lets us all know that his eyes are on the WWE Championship. I can see him earning a title shot some time soon, however he will fail miserably due to an interruption from The Rock. After all those attacks, and both men coming to Raw in the draft, it is on. Cena was never going to lose to Viscera, this was a glorified squash match and I didnít expect anything less. I believe you may be saving Cena/Rock for ĎMania so Cena may tread water for a little while, hopefully you give him epic mic time, or a decent filler feud just to keep him entertaining.

I just said earlier about how I though Cody Rhodes and DH Smith were going to turn heel very soon and then next thing I know, they get this pep talk from Ted DiBiase. This pep talk just about confirmed my suspicions and even though they will probably hold off and get a few more losses in the coming weeks, it will become unbearable and then they will turn to DiBiase. DiBiase as a full time manager of the two would be epic, then bring in DiBiase Jr and we have some kind of mini faction, with Ted DiBiase as the their mouthpiece these young guys could do just about anything.

Jeff Hardy/John Morrison main event? Okay, that came out of nowhere but I ainít gonnaí complain. Pretty short main event, and well. Jeff Hardy was always going to be the aggressor in this match as he has been on a roll as of late. Good that Morrison didnít just job though, lol at Melina being called a bi-atch. As for the aftermath it was great, I donít know if Morrison is going to get himself involved with the IC Title situation as well or not, but this was all about Christopher Daniels. He has done shit all tonight, yet made the show his. Props for that Mac.

Great start with Angle coming out to talk. This speech pretty much just went on to say that after all the hype, after everything that happened, Kurt Angle could not get the job done. I liked how Angle even though admitting that he stuffed up, seems to think he has the key, he has the stamina and that if it was not for his one stuff up, he would have been the winner. Angle having this confidence, and still wanting a rematch just lets us know that Angle/Umaga is definitely going to happen again.

Estrada comes out and didnít really say much. His name is enough to make me cream though so I didnít really worry, Angle sold his case well only for Estrada to turn it down. For me in this bit, Angle was a bit to friendly for my liking, I know he let out his aggression at the end, but knowing Angle he would not have been able to hold it in for that long. Anyway the attack was nice and Angle OWNIGN Umaga was great to. My favorite part of the ending was how Umaga got up, and fell back down, sold him as a monster but also made Angle look like a deadly son of a bitch. Awesome.

Overall Mac, despite the lack of quality matches, it was a very nice return show. Raw, I think is looking alright at this stage, you have heaps of things to build on from here, keep it going your only going to get better as you get back into the swing of things.

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