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Re: 2007 & Beyond - Doin' It To Death

Pretty good start to the show, Edge is slowly transitioning to a heel again and his part of the promo was fire. RVD is meh on the mic but you made him work alright. MVP? A bit strange he got involved, altho it seems as you'll be making him a big player in this thread, just don't give him the KENNEDY PUSH and ruin him . I was a little surprised to see RVD help out Edge in the ensuing fight, but then when Edge left RVD, I wasn't surprised at all. Edge is only looking out for number one (him). I marked for the Sabu appearance, but we've got some further RVD/Edge goodness to come in the next weeks while I can see MVP chasing the IC strap for a while

lol @ Edge's bullshit. We'll see if Lita believes him, INTRIGUE!~

RVD > Reigns, no two ways about that

at Doane getting owned. Daniels to beat him and take IC title plz. I'd mark. Daniels was brill in this promo, keep it up

Release Cody plz. Turn Smith into a Bulldog gimmick. RATINGS. I was surprised to see you booking such a clusterfuck of a match here and I think a better use of the Hooligans/RNWC can be found in the coming weeks tbh

Trish owns. Title push plz.

Trish Stratus: Last night… I got screwed.

~ “YEAH! That’s hot!” - random perv (Renegade?).
. I love you. Trish rules and would do well with the Womens belt around her waist, if Mickie is thrown back into the picture when she returns, I will destroy you

I marked for Coach. Brilliant. You'll do well to portray him as such every show from now on, he was money here. I wonder what JBL will be doing however, oh how the mind does wonder...

MVP squash. Meh. Next plz

Heel Cena is the way to go. Promo was short but got the message across. Subsequent ownage of the fat man was good, if a tad too easy for Cena considering he was facing a 500 pounder. Still, makes him look epic strong heading into future angles with Rocky and Taker, preferably in that order. The way you've been building "The Boss" I wouldn't be surprised to see him end Taker's WM streak at the next one, tbf

DiBiase appearance was cool. I'm sensing the heel turn for these two and a down the road appearance by Ted DiBiase Jr too, with them forming some stable. The seeds are planted for the heel turn atleast, perhaps I'm just getting ahead of myself

Morrison rofl. The lack of charisma on RAW atm is worrying (Rhodes, Smith, Morrison, Jeff Hardy, Doane) but The Fallen Angel again owning Doane was worth it. Melina still with Morrison is good, because lord knows the man needs a mouthpiece to get him over. IC title scene looks a tad weak dare I say, but in time I'm sure you can rectify such a mess <3

Kurt Angle promo was good, if a little eh at times. Estrada on the mic is always a good thing and Kurt made some good points on why a rematch should happen, but him getting knocked back was a little surprising. Angle owning Mags & Armando at the end was big however, and I'm calling it, the rematch at Survivor Series, and then the final confrontation at Wrestlemania. Gotta happen like that. If not, do something justifiable plz

Overall it was a little meh match wise, I don't like the midcard on RAW at all, but with Cena, Edge, RVD, Angle, Umaga and The Rock to come back, atleast the main event scene has some justice to it. Coach, Chris Daniels and MVP were all gold tonight and must continue to be so in the current weeks. Welcome back to the swing of things atleast big dog.


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