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Re: 2007 & Beyond - It Ain't Over Yet, Motherfuckers

SummerSlam Feedback

Great video package that you did. Very basic and I like how you focused on the title matches but also through in some of the other rivalries. Should be an amazing show after all the build that it has gotten.

Tully on commentary owns. Hopefully he does well enough for you to replace King with him permanently.

Ten Man Tag Team Match:
Rey and Noble are good choices to start the match, as they are some of the best cruiserweights on the rosters and should provide a good battle for the opening minutes. Noble with the slap to Rey is the perfect way to start the match, with the heels proving just how little respect they have for anyone on SD!. Punk and Rey dominate for the faces in the opening minute, and CM looks ready to hit the GTS early, but that of course doesn’t happen, with Regal sliding off. Great action to follow up the exchange between Regal and Punk, as Finlay dominates while he’s in. Surprised that Chavo was being so easily handled during his time in the ring. It seemed like everyone got a piece of him but his determination kept the match going. Finally Chavito makes the comeback, taking Brown down with a nice Enziguiri. Kane starts to dominate when he steps into the ring, but Regal pulls out the knucks!! Kane makes the tag to Punk and now Regal gets the tag from Noble. Great spots to get everyone down on the outside, set up nice for the ending of the match. Punk is finally able to beat Regal … and pins him with the GTS~! I figured that since Punk looked like the leader of the heels, he’d probably be the one to pick up the pin fall. Very fast-paced opener and obviously this feud isn’t over, actually just getting started. Interested to see where these guys go after such a star-studded match. Great choice of opener, was very exciting. ***1/4

Damn, Batista is certainly dealing with some issues. Is he going to finally snap tonight? Guess we will just wait and see.

JBL is damn pissed off and he is going to try and destroy Haas tonight. Keep the IC Title on the “Wrestling Gawd” a little bit longer, plz.

Intercontinental Championship Match:
JBL get the advantage in the VERY early going, winning the tie-up and then hitting a dirty slap to the face, sending a message loud and clear to young Charlie. Haas is able to take that criticism and fight back into the match, letting his technical skills take over. Always the classiest on the roster, JBL using Williams to block Haas was brilliant and also gave Bradshaw the advantage. JBL with some power offense, the punches and then a Big Boot, but Haas slips out of the Powerbomb and ends up getting the belly-to-belly for the first near falls of the match. JBL then gets the advantage again, using his strength and also the stuff around ringside, getting a few near falls but nothing good enough to keep Haas down. Haas finally gets the advantage back and it looks like we are back to square one. Charlie misses the risky move, but then gets JBL with a German, but the Champion just barely kicks out!! Haas gets JBL to TAP … but Angelina is distracting the referee~! Haas tries again with a roll-up, but JBL won’t let that beat him again, barely kicking out. Clothesline from Hell!! JBL retaining was the right choice, but you did an awesome job of making Charlie look legit. I really hope that Haas doesn’t go back to being depressed, and I don’t think he will. He realized how close he came to winning and he is going to feed off that, imo. Rematch soon, plz. ***

Rocky only has one thing on his mind right now, and that’s winning the World Title tonight. Will be tough to beat KK, imo … but The Great One may get it done.

Intense promo by Flair, one of his best in a while. He somehow finds a way to beat Dave tonight, with the big man going a lil’ nuts after.

Money in the Bank Contract on the Line:
The difference in mood between these two is quite obvious. Flair is trying to get into Batista’s head by acting all happy, while Batista is simply focused on what he needs to do. Batista keeps his “mean streak” in the early going, shoving Naitch down to the mat with authority, something Flair obviously wasn’t ready for. Loved the poke to the eye from Flair, showing that he too can play by his own rules. Big Dave wastes no time going for his signature dominant offense, slamming Flair down to the canvas for the first near fall. Dave returns the words of Flair earlier in the match, as he now looks to be in complete control, using the ring to do his work, as Ric doesn’t look to be in a good spot. Flair is finally able to come back, going back to some dirty tactics before hitting the suplex and then a crossbody … but Batista gets back to his feet with ease!! Flair is able to keep the advantage, working over the leg of Batista before locking in THE FIGURE FOUR~! Dave is able to kick out a few times and keep the match alive, while Ric looks to be in complete control. Batista finally turns the legs over and then has the advantage, hitting a wicked Spear, but Naitch kicks out. Jackknife by Naitch … but Batista gets the shoulder up!! Another Spine Buster but then … THE BATISTA BOMB!! Batista is the new holder of the MITB contract!! Shocked to say the least, as I thought Flair was retaining for sure, with Big Dave going nuts after the match. The handshake and embrace was heart-warming, but Batista is still pissed off. I wonder how long it will be before he cashes in the MITB. Won’t be too long, imo … as that is what he’s been waiting for. Overall, a solid match with a surprising result, can’t wait to see what happens next for these two. ***

Wow, that was some major ownage by Helms. Benji was being cool with Haas but Greg, definitely the heel of the team, has some hard words for Charlie. This should make Haas even more determined the next time he faces JBL, which will be soon, plz.

Awesome interview from HBK, giving his match with RVD later some final hype. Michaels has been awesome at S’Slam, too bad I don’t see him getting the victory tonight. RVD’s time, imo.

Summer Games Gauntlet Match:
Great choice for the #1 and #2 entrants, as Doane and Morrison have all kinds of unfinished business. Should give an entertaining opening few minutes. Ken gets the advantage to start, taking John down with an impressive Lariat and then a dropkick, but the Guru of Greatest is able to come back and take control, before Doane comes back again with his unique offense. Entertaining five minutes, as Melina ends up being the deciding factor, as Doane can only fight her off for so long, before Morrison takes advantage of his valet, planting Ken with the Moonlight Drive for the three count. Morrison > Doane, and I’m very glad that you see that. ‘Lito is the next man out!! Should be entertaining to see how he and Morrison duke it out. Love the type of heel that Morrison is playing, trying to get out of harm’s way by leaving the ring, but Carly isn’t too into that, taking it to John with right hands. Surprised to see Morrison get back into the driver’s seat and he dominates, before Carlito is able to come back, and the line about Morrison blasting Melina in the face was EPIC. Carlito pins Morrison~! Makes sense that Porter is the next man in, after that heated confrontation between him and Carlito the past two weeks. ‘VP starts in the driver’s seat, really taking it to ‘Lito, getting a few good near falls. Loved the way that CCC came back hitting a few big moves but not doing enough to keep MVP down. The numbers advantage is just too much for Carly to overcome, as he gets taken down by the Playmaker, and is now out of the match. Here comes Angle~! Angle comes out on fire, taking Porter down with a trio of German Suplexes, but then MVP takes the cheap way out, taking Angle’s face into the turnbuckle. Porter tries desperately to put Angle away, but Kurt is far too fresh, taking MVP over with a ridiculous belly-to-belly suplex. ANGLE SLAM~! AAE and Umaga are out now? Estrada distracts the referee … LOW BLOW by MVP~! Porter rolls up Angle to eliminate him!! Shocked to say the least, as it now comes down to MVP and Umaga. Estrada calls Umaga from the ring?! MVP wins by count-out?? I am very confused and I hope to God that we get an explanation from AAE. MVP getting a title shot is nice but the main thing that comes out of this is the continuation of the feud between Angle and ‘Mags. Awesome match and I’m very interested to see where you take these men from here. ****

Unforgiven should be good, as we have no idea where the WWE Title picture goes from here. Can’t wait!

Angle is PISSED. Confrontation later between him and ‘Maga. I really hope so, tbh.

United States Championship Match:
Daniels has done pretty much everything possible to get into the head of Matt Hardy, but the U.S. Champion isn’t going to be one to sit around, as he goes right after Daniels to start the match!! Matt is pissed off to start the match, as he goes after Daniels on the outside, even grabbing Danger and then taking her down later on. Daniels, much like JBL, uses his valet to take advantage, and he gets a few near falls, but Matt will not stay down. Matt comes back with a wicked punch and then an awesome bulldog, getting back into the driver’s seat. Daniels tries to leave the ring but Matt won’t let him get away … sick move by Daniels, really holding Hardy in the palm of his hand. Split-legged moonsault was cool but Matt still gets the shoulder off the mat, keeping the match alive. A few more high-impact maneuvers, as Daniels continues to cover Hardy, but Matt doesn’t stay down on the mat. Matt comes back with the Side Effect~! Hardy crashes and burns after the Leg Drop and Daniels hit a Blue Thunder Driver, but Hardy gets his shoulder up AGAIN!! Daniels hits some of his biggest moves, but Hardy just can’t stay down, as Daniels tries everything in his arsenal, before Hardy ducks the right hand and finally hits the Twist of Fate~!! Hardy wins the match!! Huge win for Matt and I really hope that this loss continues to fuel Daniels, as this feud is very far from over, imo. A decenet match that did its job to keep this feud going, as we are beginning to see a whole different Matt. ***1/2

I don’t agree with Mickie, there isn’t enough time for Vicky to win the title, imo. Mickie to somehow keep the belt.

The Rubber Match:
Simply phenomenal video package that highlighted just how personal this feud has gotten. It started as just a challenge and now it has fully evolved into a personal war between two men who have no respect for each other. Rubber Match is really the only way to settle who the better man. Five months is a tremendously long time for a feud to go and yet you’ve kept it entertaining throughout. Well done. Michaels is a little too cocky about beating RVD, and that will end up costing him, imo. Michaels throwing out the “traditional” wrestling stuff is a great way for the match to start, would be a little unrealistic for this thing to start without any bad blood. HBK’s way too cocky in the opening minutes, and RVD makes him pay for it, as Michaels gets taken down at each and every turn. Figured that this would happen early. RVD makes Michaels pay on the outside, going after the surgically repaired back, but Shawn baits Van Dam in, getting a breather. RVD finally makes a mistake and I think that Michaels will try to end the match whenever possible, as he makes the first cover after barely any offense. Michaels works over the right leg … but Van Dam pokes him in the eye! I love the kind of matches that make faces do heelish things, tbh. Now HBK is the one to miss a risky move, as RVD moves out of the way of a crossbody and Michaels crashes on the outside. RVD gets a few near falls, as it looks like Michaels can’t get anything good going, as Van Dam is just too quick and good at avoiding big moves. Sweet Chin Music~! Michaels is way too worn down, but Van Dam almost gets counted down … Backlash replay?! NO! RVD moves out of the way … but Shawn comes back with a flying forearm. Michaels goes to the top for the elbow drop, but RVD gets back up. Loved the battle on the top rope, as Michaels looks for the Superplex … but HBK ends up being the one falling to the canvas!! Van Dam hits a HUGE 5-Star!!! RVD rolls over HBK … and it’s all over!! I loved the match, great choice to have RVD get the win to finally prove himself. HBK will always be in the main event but a loss here would have killed any chance that Rob had of getting back to the top of the card, imo. Michaels not going all out makes me think that a face turn is on the way. He knows that he was way too cocky, and he will admit it soon. This may not happen, but I just don’t see Michaels staying heel for much longer. Awesome match and domination of Van Dam made the show so far. ****1/4

FLAIR IS BLOODIED~! If anyone but Batista did this, I’ll be shocked and demand an explanation. But the question is … why?? Big Dave already has the briefcase!!

Pyscho Edge and calm, sociopathic Orton. Doesn’t get any better than this. TLC is gonna be a WAR.

Women’s Championship Match:
One of the greatest feuds in Women’s Championship is about to reach its climax tonight, and that V.P. was phenomenal. Didn’t realize how much has gone into this feud and it is going to see the next chapter tonight, as Victoria tries to finally get the belt she deserves. Mickie’s demeanor hasn’t changed a bit, as I thought she may be a little more confident tonight, but it doesn’t seem to be the case, as Mickie is pretty much terrified of Vicky. Time to get this bitch started. Intense action right off the bat, as Mickie tries to duck (not surprised, tbh) Vicky but the raven-haired diva continues the assault, taking Mickie down with a clothesline. James gets out of the Rear Naked Choke quickly, and the back and forth continues from there. Loved the move by Victoria to jump onto the steel steps … but Mickie does the smart thing and sweeps the legs!! Mickie desperation is showing, with two near falls, trying her best to put Vicky away. Victoria is starting to show her impressive arsenal, taking Mickie down with countless athletic moves, loving the moonsault, but she can’t put the Champion away quite yet. Mickie just keeps kicking out of pin falls and Vicky is unable to keep her down, as the champ comes back with a few near falls of her own, as the match moves into the latter stages. Mickie-DT!! Victoria gets the foot on the rope!! Mickie has the advantage, as only a minute and a half remain, while Vicky must hurry if she ever wants the Women’s Title. Victoria tries all kind of crazy covers, but Mickie just won’t stay down, as only thirty seconds remain!! Mickie tries to run away once again … GOODNIGHT KISS~! WIDOW’S PEAK!!! VICTORIA IS THE NEW WOMEN’S CHAMPION!!! Well, I guess this was the smart choice. Vicky had been built so well and I thought maybe you’d pull a fast one and give Mickie the win, but then the Women’s Division would be out of whack. Obviously going to see the rematch at the next PPV, but I have no idea what is going to happen to Mickie. She was unstable to begin with … imagine how she will be after this loss. Great match, the best Women’s match I’ve ever read. ***3/4

How long will Flair be gone for? ‘Til S’Series, imo.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
Speaking of a night of awesome feuds, this one’s set to conclude in what is sure to be epic fashion. L&K were the best tag team in the company for a long time, but now the CC have that distinction. Seeing as Benjamin and Helms just won the belts, they win this match, imo. Spank grabs the tag title belt!! And he drops Helms with it!! Then he takes down Benjamin!! The CC win the first fall but DQ … but then Shelton gets taken down by S.B. #2 and the 450 Splash!!! Just 1:27 in and we are now going one fall to a finish!! I love this move by The Hooligans, as this feud has gotten more personal over the past few weeks and a thirty minute match like at the GAB wouldn’t make sense, as this is all about winning the belts. Love how both teams are now tweeners, really makes things interesting. London almost gets the pin fall but Shelton is able to stay alive. Kendrick seems to be the bigger heel, as he takes Greg down on the outside, and Paul looks for another pin fall, which Helms breaks up. Benjamin is really the bitch of the match thus far, getting taken for a ride and taking the big moves from L&K, but is actually able to stay alive. Shelton is trying so hard to make the tag to Helms, but the Hooligans are so focused on winning that their strategy has become apparent, don’t let Benjamin catch his breath at all, as Helms is taken off the ring apron. Shelton gets the momentum going again, hitting the Dragon Whip and then the Enziguiri … finally taking in Gregory!!! Not the CC is starting to get rolling, going after L&K with a ton of double teams, including the awesome gutbuster, but Kendrick is able to break that pin fall up. Kendrick is proving to be a STUD in this match, taking Helms down and then hitting Sliced Bread #2 … doing almost all the work for his team. London hits the awesome Shooting Star … but Benji saves the titles!!! Shelton is now flying all over the place, taking Kendrick out on the outside before coming back into the ring and … TAKING OUT HELMS ON ACCIDENT~!! Love the difference between the two men on each team, with Kendrick dominating on the outside, while Shelton dominates on the inside, really shows how well these two squads are matched up. A few more near falls, as this match has been nothing but nonstop action, with all four men flying around at 100 MPH. Shelton hits the T-Bone!!! London kicks out!! Great action between London and Benjamin, as Helms and Kendrick both seem out of it. Near falls all over the place, with Shelton having the clear advantage, while London almost steals a victory. The finish was absolutely phenomenal … as BENJAMIN DAMN NEAR BREAKS THE NECK OF LONDON!!! Quite the way for the match to end and I thought it was smart for a few reasons. First, it makes Helms and Benjamin look like the better team without a doubt, as a roll up or screwy finish would make them look weak as the champions. Second, Shelton got the fall and London took it, just like at the GAB. Gonna make Kendrick mad, imo … split on the way?? Where do both teams go from here?? Not really sure who the next challenger will be for the CC. Rey/Chavo?? New Breed?? Someone else?? Can’t wait to see what happens after this fantastic match. ****1/4

No Mercy sounds good … I’d go to the show, considering it’s in Chicago.

KK~ Should be an awesome match between him and Rocky. Don’t disappoint.

WWE Championship Match:
The V.P, which we saw on Raw, truly showed what this feud has been all about. Eight months of desperation, of regret, or back and forth that all comes to a head here tonight. Orton has taken everything from Edge, and now The Rated R Superstar got the title back, but still hasn’t gotten revenge on Orton. That is still to come tonight. No better way for this match to start than by having both men go at it with right hands all over the place, as we know the match is going to go at a ridiculous pace. The exchange on the outside was good, as Orton and Edge both do some early damage, with Edge getting taken down by a dropkick and Orton being thrown into the steel. Very shocked to see Orton get the early advantage, as it seems like Edge’s emotions are too much for him to handle, while Orton is cool as ever, taking Edge down with a steel chair shot and then some suplexes onto the chair, doing as much damage as possible. Orton climbs the ladder but probably knows that he won’t get close, as he continues to dominate the WWE Champion. Loved the arrogance from Orton, shows why he is so awesome and also so hated. One of my favorite wrestling characters in history, tbh. Edge then goes a little psychotic, as he needed to find a way back into the match. Steel chair shots a plenty before finally nailing Orton across the face … BUSTING HIM WIDE OPEN~. Conchairto misses … and then Orton HITS THE RKO!! Orton makes it pretty far up, but there’s no way that this match is ending right now, but Randy still holds the advantage, headbutting Edge off the top. Orton tries to nail Edge with the chair a few times … but Edge pushes Orton off the top of the ladder and to the outside!!! Both men are down, as the match is anyone’s right now, with the war beginning to unfold. Orton just misses taking a huge shot … RKO THROUGH THE TABLE!! Orton has been in control for much longer than I thought, with Edge having yet to hit any of his big moves. Edge Spears Orton off the ladder!!! Edge begins to stack the table … AS THE RATED R ARMY COME DOWN TO THE RING~!! Masters and Mercury take out Edge and get the ladder ready for Orton … RHODES AND SMITH~?! WTF?? Haven’t seen these guys in forever, better be a good explanation for this one, Mac. Orton looks set to grab the title … but here comes LITA! Knew that she would show her beautiful self … only to get RKO’d!! Now it is just down to the two men who HATE each other, as the back and forth continues. SPEAR~!! Edge climbs the ladder and can easily win the title … BUT HE TAKES OUT ORTON … THROUGH THE TABLES!! To quote Joey Styles, “OH MY GOD!!” Edge gets his much needed retribution, before he slowly climbs the ladder … AND KEEPS HIS TITLE!!! Edge wins the match and the war was absolutely fantastic. The wreckage shows just how much both men gave to this match. What’s with the final sentence?? Surely the biggest face on Raw won’t be turning heel?? Please no. Anyway, an amazing match to (I hope) end the feud between these two. ****1/2

MVP gets the shot TOMORROW NIGHT?? Seems a little early and I am very intrigued as to what you will do. Surely Edge won’t lose, but I don’t wanna see MVP get buried. Interesting to say the least.

No shock to me or anyone else watching that the Draft Lottery is what Vince’s announcement is. Should be a good edition to SNME. Not really sure I see the WWE or World Champion changing, as Unforgiven is only 8 days after SNME, so it’d be weird. But who knows. ‘Taker~!? Guess we know that the return is coming soon. I never expected Vince to fire Steph, but I did think we’d see Hunter or Cena. 2 SD! GMs? That should be interesting. SD! has so many awesome storylines right now, it’s ridiculous, tbh.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
I understand the reasoning for not having the V.P. for this match written out in full, but they have been around each other for almost three months. Sure they weren’t feuding the entire time, but this is more than just a match with five weeks of build. This is when we find out, without any doubt, if KK is a true Champion. He will be a proven one if he can beat The Rock … something I think he’ll do. The old-school introductions were great, really gives the match an even bigger feel, imo. The exchange of right hands was perfect for the start of the match, as both men are trying to prove why they are the best. And of course nothing is decided early. ROCK BOTTOM THIS EARLY!? Didn’t think so. The trash talk by KK was hilarious after he threw Rocky over the top rope, but then The Great One got the best of the exchange, dropping the WHC with a neckbreaker, kicking this match into a higher gear. Rocky is just dominating the match outside the ring, as he taking someone of a heel approach, slamming the knees of Kennedy into the ring poster multiple times. LMAO at “Mister Jabroni” … classic Rock, tbh. Finally Kennedy gets in some offense, taking Rocky back with an elbow, but that doesn’t stop TGO, as he goes for the SharpShooter … but Kennedy powers out. Rocky finally gets the first near fall of the match, taking Kennedy down with a neckbreaker, but of course we see the K.O. Spine Buster and then … THE SHARPSHOOTER!!! Rocky’s version of that classic submission is amazing, tbh, love the way he applies the most pressure that he can. Kennedy is getting very close to the ropes but Rock continues his “heel-like” offense, stomping the back. Kennedy is able to get back into the driver’s seat, owning The Rock both verbally and physically, as he gets a few near falls. GREEN BAY PLUNGE~! ROCK KICKS OUT!! Rock comes back with a head of steam, hitting the belly-to-belly and then … ROCK BOTTOM~! KENNEDY GETS THE SHOULDER UP!! Some more back and forth until … PEOPLE’S ELBOW~! KENNEDY KICKS OUT AGAIN!! KENTON BOMB~ … but The Rock moves out of the way!! Awesome amount of reversals, as both men are trying to hit a finisher … MIC CHECK~!! KENNEDY RETAINS!!! Great show of respect from both men after the match, with the handshakes always getting the crowd happy. A pretty good match that did the job it was supposed to do, get KK over as the face of SD!. Great job. ****

TRIPLE H IS IN THE BUILDING~! GAB repeat?? Kennedy waves Triple H and tries his hardest, before it becomes apparent the physical toll that his match with Rocky took, as Hunter lays him out with the Pedigree!! Stephania may have reached her breaking point, as Triple H gets away before the security guards can get close to him. Kennedy is laid out, his SummerSlam ruined … BATISTA~!! DAVE IS CASHING THIS BITCH IN NOW?! The blood of Flair is on the MITB, affirming everything everyone though earlier, as Batista goes right after KK. DEMON BOMB … BATISTA IS THE NEW CHAMPION~!! Simply amazing writing, Mac. Batista’s character has changed so much, as he is not only the nastiest S.O.B. on the roster, but we may have seen a bit of regreat on his face. Dave is the World Champion again, but you know he probably has mixed emotions. Not the way that I saw KK’s title reign ending, tbh … at least not before I saw that Flair was bloodied. Throw in the fact that KK/Rock was the last match even while Orton/Edge had been building for six months. The foreshadowing was there, but the actual occurrence was one of the most shocking things in BTB history. SD! can go any number of ways. Personally, I see KK feuding with Triple H in a possible #1 contender’s feud while Batista faces either Cena, ‘Taker or Rock, before Ric returns. Eventually, I can see Kennedy getting the belt back, but I have no idea when. This won’t get a star rating because it wasn’t really a match, but this was the best “segment” I have ever read from you.

GOD DAMN~! That was one hell of a PPV. Like Legend said, the matches weren’t all they could have been, but that is to be expected when ten are on the card. MOTN for me was the TLC match, followed by CC vs. Hooligans. The ending, as I previously stated, was phenomenal. You somehow keep me interested for more, as your storylines keep getting better and better. I don’t think you will ever fall into a rut, tbh. I know it may be another week or two before Raw is posted, but I just can’t wait for the fallout from this show and also the Draft at SNME. One of the greatest PPVs in BTB history, no doubt in my mind. 95/100.


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