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Re: 2007 & Beyond - It Ain't Over Yet, Motherfuckers

Summerslam Review

Loved the opening video the whole beach thing was a really nice touch with the title belts in the sand and all that and this was a great way to get me into the show already.

Tully Blanchard for the win Damn it I am excited, JR is excited, Tazz is excited and Tully ducking Blanchard is excited. I cant wait to begin reading this bad boy

Ten Man Tag Team Match

Okay so after reading the entrances for half an hour I am ready to go . Geez more Noble aggression please I love him starting off the match slapping Mysterio but then he was made to look like a bitch by Mysterio with some Head Scissors. Noble over Mysterio in my opinion so I donít know what you were thinking Regal in and yep just as I thought Punk gets the tag and out of this whole match these are the two who I am wanting to see go at it the most. Oh and I want to see Elijah pick up a victory. Far out now Regal was made to look like a bitch as well please tell me you are not going to make Monty Brown look like a bitch as well. Unless of course Punk tags in Kane. Finlay in and aww shit this is going to be brutal smashmouth shit. Booker interfering is good way for heels to get the advantage but instead you made Burke look like a dumbass. There we go Chavito had his little period over Brown and then one mistake leads to Exploder Suplex and I am begging you MAC to let the heels finally get some offense in. Here we go some nice offense from the heels with Brown, the Burke and now it is Nobleís turn. For a minute there I thought you were going to make Noble be a bitch again but a Quick Powerslam snuffed that one out. Big bad Henry in and holla holla Teddy gets a slap on Chavo that has got to be Moment of the Night right there. Guerrero with Enzuiguri and now it is time for the generic face domination until the ending am I right? Oh come on Kane against Noble thatís real fair Monty saving Noble from Chokeslam and I would love to see Brown and Kane go at it for a minute or two but it is not happening as Finlay gets in Brownís face. I liked the spot where Mysterio and Guerrero took out Burke, Henry and the managers. I could picture it happening in my head. Kane off the top rope is a great way to leave Regal and Punk alone and Regal has something in his hand. But no Punk gets the GTS and game over. To be honest I wanted the heels to win this oh well I guess youíre the man around here so I will let you live. Noble not wanting to break the count made him look like more of a bitch LOL why did you hate on Noble so much? Overall probably the right opener I think it was out of this or the US Title match but at the same time the US Title match seems a bit to big to open the show, so good choice. Match rating could have been higher but the Noble bitching out so much just turned me off a bit as he is meant to be a ruthless pitbull. You are probably the best for getting me in the feel of the characters and what they are thinking but this Noble thing was definitely the opposite to what I expect from him therefore ***

Nice Batista action in his locker room and this is what I meant earlier about capturing the characters and all there emotions and sticking to it. You did it very well here as we all know Batista has anger management issues and as much as I want Flair to win I think the big man is going to be to good especially if he brings the intense Batista that threw the chair not the dejected one.

JBL extremely confident and extremely pompous but what else was I meant to expect? Great JBL promo underlining how he is the dominant man and Haas is not at his level and I think this will prove to be true.

IC Title Match

JBL giving clean break on the first lock up was not a surprise to me it was actually quite expected it is obvious he is just trying to get inside Haasí head. OOOOOHHHHH JBL slapping Haas and he is definitely going to cop it now. Okay so not sure about after the slap Haas trying to outwrestle JBL because of the slap I thought he would be all angry and go nuts throwing hands falling right into JBLís trap. LOL at JBL getting woozy and falling on his ass after the Arm Drag, classic stuff there my friend. Haas capping off some ownage with a Suicide Dive and I loved the way Haas showed some cockiness as he used his quickness to piss off JBL. Vintage JBL using Angelina as a shield as he used to do that almost every night with Jillian Hall back in early 2006. Not saying he would not be able to but I am just curios would Haas be able to get JBL up for a Belly to Belly. JBL going outside the ring and begins to take Haas to school is a good move to make because it suits JBLís smash mouth style. JBL then hitting three clothesline sin a row plus all the right hands and I could just picture the brutality and the vicious look on JBLís face. Great counter from the Last Call into the DDT. Two Back Body Drops in a row is a bit to repetitive to be honest especially when Haas can do so many moves so I was quite happy to see you mix it up when Haas nailed an Exploder Suplex. German Suplex and once again I am sorry to put a damper on the match but I donít know if Haas would be able to do that to JBL because JBL is dead weight. Liked how for a period including when Angelina tried to distract Haas he just seemed a step ahead of JBL really made me think perhaps he has a chance now. Far out bit of a shock ending a Clothesline From Hell out of nowhere and in what was a okay match JBL gets the win. ** 3/4 Sorry about the shitty rating but I am being honest and I really did not get into that match much.

Nice Flair promo by starting off still portraying the emotion that is involved in his match with Batista tonight and that is why it is the match I am most looking forward to. Then nice go home line to get himself and the fans riled up. Come on baby 17 times WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Ric Flair vs Batista
OMG I am very excited about this match the story behind it has just been exceptional. HAHA love the start with Flair faking the hand shake but uhh is Flair trying to win by DQ or something because getting The Animal angry may not be the best move. Liked the start you were portraying Batista as the young lion with all the strength but Flair seemed to know what he was doing as he is the veteran and I loved the poke in the eye because its PPV LOL. OOOOOHHH I do not like out of nowhere Batista just started dominating and after the clothesline out of the ring Flair seems pretty busted up already. Bear Hug scared me a little bit to be honest because I could just picture it happening and it made me think to back in 2002 and Brock Lesnarís Bear Hug to Hogan. Flair with some hands and a Back Suplex and so far its not the best wrestling in the world but the story just makes this match a whole lot better then what it is. Holy shit Flair actually hit a high risk maneuver this match has everything. A Couple of chop blocks and I think I know what Flair wants. OOHHHH I thought Flair had it locked in for a minute there but damn Batista and his big legs. LOL at the Headbutt to the groin and both men will be down now I think. WOOOOOOOO!!! Figure Four baby, I thought maybe it was going to be it but no Batista reverses it before Flair got to the ropes. Holy shit I really loved the way you made Batista hit a Spear out of nowhere and that would have taken heaps out of Flair due to Batistaís earlier offense. SpineBuster and I swear I thought that the Batista Bomb was coming but Flair reversed into a Jack Knife only to get a two count and then he walked straight into another SpineBuster. Batista Bomb and its all over and as much as this match ruled I am kind of disappointed because I can not see number 17 coming now. ****

The reunion of sorts of the Worlds Greatest Tag Team was a really cool moment but I could have imagined it becoming very awkward once Helms began to run his mouth.

Nice Michaels promo it was very clever how you kept on referring back to HBKís past. I Lolíd at HBK calling RVD his herb lovin opponent and at insulting Maria and calling her dense without her even realizing. Kind of proved his point didnít it.

Summer Games Gauntlet Match
Nice early start by Ken Doane taking John Morrison to school but to be quite honest I would not have had these two guys come in until a bit later because they could help make the match have a great ending. Doane dominated for a while but Morrison hit back and hit the Breakdance Leg DROP lol I really like that move. Springboard Enzuiguri and Morrison is beginning to let the spots come out and Doane is paying the price. Morrison went for the Corkscrew Moonsault but Doane gets his knees up and I could imagine that would hurt a little bit. Nice ending with Doane doing the whole face rampage, Melina getting in the way and Morrison picking up the pinfall. Here we go now Carlito comes out and I believe these two can go at it nicely as well. Far out a fresh Carlito did not last long as Morrison pretty much drops him into the turnbuckle face first straight away. WTF Carlito has been in for a while I got last half way through reading but Carly is starting to build some momentum and the Twisting Senton is only going to help his cause. Just as I say that he misses a Lionsault and it is right back to advantage Morrison. ROFL at Morrison blasting Melina in the face, it ainít happening that is my job. Carly with the Backstabber and bye bye Morrison. Even though he is out great showing by Morrison hopefully more greatness from him to come. AWWWWW shit MVP one on one with Carlito would be a terrific confrontation and Carly better watch out because he is comin. MVP started off with an easy advantage here and Luther Reigns getting involved as well and I really can not see MVP losing this pinfall. Carlito hit the Moonsault and I though here we go donít tell me your going to do a WWE and make MVP job straight away. MVP missed the Boot and got straddled on the ropes and for a second I thought it was Backstabber time but nope just a DDT. I love you Luther, LOL he sacrificed himself for MVP and that was the right option. Oh No now MVP has to deal with Angle and as much as I love MVP with Angleís intensity I can see MVP getting eaten alive here. They went from Freestyle wrestling to triple Germans in a matter of seconds and it was a bit confusing but I guess thatís Angle for ya. MVP with a German LOL taste of Angleís own medicine but its not over. Angle hits the Angle Slam and just like I thought MVP is done for already MVP with the win LOL and now besides MVP Armando Estrada and Umaga are my favorite wrestlers LOL. Umaga gets counted out that was a weird finish but I guess you want Umaga/Angle to continue and that was your way to do it but who cares because MVP has got himself a title shot and that is sick.****1/4

US Title Match
Wow very intense opening which was to be expected and I definitely see Hardy going over here or else he would look like a bitch. Nice start and smart heel tactic by Daniels getting the advantage when Hardy was preoccupied. Jumping Calf Kick by Daniels is a move I quite like however it ainít going to finish off Hardy. Hardy once again begins to build momentum but Daniels uses his intelligence to stop the momentum by walking up the ramp. What was the move with his knee into his jaw or what ever I did not really understand it to be honest. Okay you cleared that up next line LOL sorry about that Split Legged Moonsault two count. I actually thought Hardy was going to build the momentum but Daniels cuts it off with the Back Breaker. Hardy with a Side Effect pretty much out of nowhere and now it is back to level pegging. So in other words now itís the faces turn to shine. Holy Shit Daniels nailed the Blue Thunder Driver and I thought game over for sure but I guess Hardy or more importantly you have other ideas. Daniels now with a Death Valley Driver and I tell you right now this Daniels is being portrayed a s a freak here, he just does not stop. Crucifix Powerbomb by Hardy and it ainít ending shit we have not even seen the Twist Of Fate yet. Hardy did not give up nails the Twist Of Fate and that is all she wrote. *** Ĺ

Mickie James seems very scared of Vickie and all the signs point to saying new womens champion but knowing about your love for The Mick I could see her some how pulling another win out of her ass here.

Shawn Michaels vs RVD

Just thought I would start off by saying that the video package kind of owned but anyway lets get down to business. Nice start with Michaels straight away not letting no wrestling be done it makes me hate him more which is quite hard since he is a sick entertainer. RVDís first bit of offense a Spinning Back Kick and I believe that from now the match will pick up a little bit. HBK trying to do the whole from behind thing but didnít work out well and RVD nails an Enzuiguri and this is going to be a terrific up and down contest. Please I donít want to see Reverse Chinlocks in this one. HBK uses his experience and brain to throw RVD out of the ring and now we see heel HBK at his best. I was just about to mention how well RVD is going and then HBK moves from RVDís Spinning Kick from the apron and that has got to be enough for HBK to get advantage or else could edge towards a bit of unrealism. Nice for HBK to just dominate the leg but the thing I love about what you did here is the whole way through you continued to let HBK exude cockiness and that is how it has to be. I thought it was some nice poetic justice with RVD getting back into things with a poke in the eye because it is such a HBK move at the moment. HBK missing a CrossBody and I reckon that would hurt HBKís ego a little bit as he considers himself a high flying specialist at big time events. RVD back in the game now building the momentum and even though he did not get the pinfall after the Split Legged Moonsault I believe this was a move to kind of let us know hey RVD has the momentum again. Vintage RVD now with the Kick to his face and HBK is in trouble. HBK misses another high risk move and RVD hits Rolling Thunder but once again HBK ainít giving it up. Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere and I have noticed one thing you really do well is pull out big moves out of nowhere in a way that it still makes sense. HBK misses another SCM but then goes tot won with a Flying Forearm and the vintage HBK shit is about to come out. RVD with the Five Star for the victory and I loved the way you went into such detail when RVD was on the top rope and I can see a RVD title push perhaps coming along sometime soon **** Ĺ

Holy shit Flair attacked WTF??? But I think it is Batista as you gave us sings throughout the contest and even through the aftermath that he was not happy with what was going on.

Mickie James vs Victoria
Nice the way Mickie was trying to stall and Vickie fooled her. And this match is going to have added excitement with the whole keep your eye on the clock situation. Far out this is a great start and Vickie is definitely a ferocious bitch here today as she just wonít leave Mickie alone. OOOOHHHH I flinched at Vickie falling back first into the steps that would really hurt. Vickie with a Monkey Flip and Mickie had the advantage for a second but she does not seem on her game here tonight. Standing Moonsault almost had it there and Mickie needs to rake the eyes or something. Was Mickie wearing her skirt attire because if so her choking Vickie with the legs would have been extremely hot Also I didnít exactly understand Vickie flipping through the Hurricanrana but it sounded exciting. Mickie hits A Back Breaker and now all she needs to do is stall however I should not be giving advice as I am a Vickie fan through and through. Black Widow Facebuster and that was a close call and I believe within these next two minutes there is going to be a defining moment that wins or cost Vickie the championship. Sunset Flip by James caught me off guard and actually had me a bit worried for a minute there. Mickie DDT I thought that was hit so glad that Vickie got out of it though as donít get me wrong I am not being biased James run has been a great read but I think its time for a change.WTF LOL all these pins coming out all at once quite smart stuff here mate. VICKIE GOT THE WIN AND KISSED MICKIE the match could not end in a better way and I was surprised because for a womens match I really enjoyed this. *** ĺ

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Wow very weird start to the match with The Hooligans going down a fall just to get one back I understand they are trying to get the upper hand but giving away a fall that early I donít know. Benjamin gets out of a Drop Kick to the face and this guy is going to be sore tomorrow LOL he is already being dominated. Kendrick with the Double Foot Stomp and that would of hurt. Pretty good way to start this match I still can not get over the initial shock of what happened. For a minute there I thought Benjamin was finally going to do something but London quickly with the Drop Sault really snuffed that out. Far out Benjamin was going well then I thought he had the tag but no London has to come and get Helms again and for some reason in this match London is really shitting me. Benjamin finally gets the hot tag and now we are going to see what L and K are made of. Gutbuster I thought Helms had it after that but no this epic struggle between two of the greatest teams in BTB history go at it. Stinger Splash reversed by Kendrick with a Drop Kick and man that shit has got have really hurt. Kendrick hits Helms with SliceBread#2 and to be honest it was great because it was such a shock the way he just grabbed him out of the Roll Up and went BANG! What the hell then the modified Shooting Star Press and well that would have been a classic ending but Benjamin got in the way. OOOHHHHH trouble there with The Carolina Connection and I donít know though two tag guys bumping into each other is usually a heel move. Kendrick breaks up Benjamins cover and The Hooligans have got a two on one advantage here. Double Superkick could have been it but geez Helms got up fast he must have went back to his Hurricane days and flew back into the ring Helms with Shining Wizard and that would just about eliminate Kendrick from the equation right? WTF T Bone and London got out that was not expected and I donít know what else can be done in this match. Benjamin almost with the victory roll and I think the winning team will be decide don who recovers first out of Helms and Kendrick. Sneaky small package by London still cant get the three count and this is a great period of fighting between two great athletes in London and Benjamin. Benjamin wins with the Exploder Neckbreaker and what a terrific contest this was. In my opinion match of the night so far. *****

WWE Championship Match
Edge starts off with literally a fist of fury and then he lets his emotion get the best of him and Orton throws Edge out of the ring. Let the blood shredding begin. Wow you called it a Shoulder plowing LOL but I call it a Spear so in other words Edge just Speared Orton into a chair in the opening five minutes. Orton nice reversal Drop Kicking the chair into Edgeís face. Orton then Suplexes Edge on two steel chairs and this match is going to be brutal. Nice use of chairs and weapons by Orton, Edge in trouble early and after Orton threw Edge out of the ring he is obviously going to go for the belt. Smart by Orton jumping off the ladder then hitting a Modified Back Breaker and then shows his cockiness. I love the cockiness I thought this was his match is pure Orton.  Edge picks up the chair and goes crazy with three chair shots and it looks as if he may be in a bit of trouble. Edge then showing some of his own cockiness by sitting on the chair waiting for Orton and then rubbing it in by nailing Orton with the chair. Orton busted open but OMG so lucky that he rolled out of the way from the one man conchairto. Far out Orton very resourceful with the low blow and then nails my favorite move in the WWE at the moment the RKO. Great little bit of interaction on the ladder with Orton throwing the chair at Edge and then Edge knocking Orton off the ladder it was brilliant. Far out RKO through the table and it must have been a fair RKO to cover that distance but who cares it would have been awesome. Edge Spears Orton off of the ladder and that has got to hurt a little bit. Masters Powerbombs Edge through the table and to be honest I donít like because this is meant to be the feud ender there should be no interference. Rhodes and Smith help out Edge here to even up the numbers and that better be all the interference. Lita just cost Orton getting the title right then what a crock of shit thank god she got what she deserved an RKO. The Edgecution by Edge to Orton and Orton took to long focusing on Lita. WTF. What a spot there with Edge nailing Orton through two tables one on top of him that was some freaky shit man. I admire your creativity. Edge wins as Orton is out of it and OMG what a huge fucking match. I give it a rating just below the tag match because the interference kind of ruined it for me. **** ĺ

GGGRRRRR :@ Hearing that MVP gets his title shot tomorrow night makes me think that he will not win and if he loses to Edge who just went through hell tonight it is going to make MVP look like a bitch 

WOW some big announcements there by Vince McMahon and you are really laying it on thick here for this PPV. We are going to have a draft at Saturday Nightís Main Event and on Friday we going to find out who is going to be the new co GM of Smackdown. Please bring in Paul Heyman

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Great start with the staredown and then the throwing hands and then to top it all off both had early cracks at there finishers. This was a terrific way to start if rest of the match is that good it will be something special. Kennedy gets first clear cut advantage with a Clothesline over the top rope. Rock with Swinging Neck Breaker on the outside and that would actually hurt quite a little bit. Rock showing quite an aggressive side with him ramming Kennedyís legs into the steel ring posts and I like it. I loved how you played on the affect that the leg damage was having on Kennedy and how it gave The Rock enough time to nail a Samoan Drop. Rocky with Spine on the Pine and then the Sharpshooter and he is hitting the vintage shit now and Mr Kennedy is in a bit of strife. Lucky for Kennedy he fought out of the Sharpshooter and then dodged Rocky and threw him over the top rope in what has been a shockingly one sided contest so far. Kennedy with an Enzuiguri and I am not saying he cant because I have not watched him that much but does Kennedy actually know how to do an Enzuiguri? LOL as if a kick to the face is going to finish off The Rock I canít believe you actually wrote that could be it. Holy Shit Kennedy nailed the Green Bay Plunge and I thought it was over but Rocky shows his well known resilience to kick out. ROCK BOTTOM but no Kennedy gets up and this has been a great contest probably my favorite so far as Kennedy is one of my current favorites and The Rock is my all time favorite. I could not help but LOL when Kennedy tried to Kip Up but he hurt his leg. Kennedy wins with the Mic Check this was a great way to say goodbye to The Rock in this BTB and a great way to put Kennedy over. You should be proud of yourself mate because this is what I call a fucking all star match. *****

Nice little bit with The Rock and Kennedy to shake hands. Kennedy then does his little microphone work but WTF TRIPLE H IS BACK. MAC you are a sneaky little bastard LOL how do you come up with this shit. Triple H has his fun with Kennedy and then leaves and well Kennedy just got told and Triple H vs Kennedy for the World Title is what is happening right? OR HOW ABOUT WE JUST CROWN A NEW FUCKING CHAMPION IN BATISTA. FUCKING LEGENDARY STUFF MATE

Overall mate it was a pretty sexy show to be honest there was nothing at all to complain about. This was an excellent read and yeah everything was just terrific. And you have fulfilled everything everyone wanted in this PPV and at the same time you still have so much more places to go with some big time story lines. So well done mate on a terrific show I fucking loved it.

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