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Re: 2007 & Beyond - It Ain't Over Yet, Motherfuckers

SummerSlam Feedback

I’m really liking the format/layout of the PPV although the bright green burns my retina. The video package was good and the ‘solitude’ theme at the beach was excellent. You should’ve captured it better though. The generic highlights of the feud quickly overshadowed the theme of the show, which once again suited the ‘biggest party of the summer’ and not the ‘biggest blockbuster of the summer’

The signs were quite awesome. Why is Tully Blanchard on commentary? He would’ve worked better off as commentating the Ric Flair match only, which is on SmackDown anyway but I won’t complain. But I do feel like most people (readers) mark out way too much because it’s a booker of your caliber using someone of Tully’s caliber…

The commentary during the match intros is all kinds of awesome and catches the mood of the match perfectly. Back story to all the superstars is a nice touch as well

The right match opened the show. I’m a huge fan of a main event quality match opening the show once in a while like Bret and Owen did at WrestleMania X but there was really no other place for this match on the card. So I’m glad that it opened. The moves that Rey pulled off in the early going were a little hard to imagine and fairly vaguely explained, infact a lot of the details in this match was vaguely explained. All the rivalries in the match got their moment to shine in here. I didn’t think that you needed to throw this match together just to get these people on the card. This or a variation could’ve easily been done on a SmackDown show and there it would’ve gotten much bigger praise and would’ve drawn SO much more. I wouldn’t call this pointless but it looks out of the place on the current SummerSlam card. Atleast Noble had some character development. A face win should fire the crowd up quite nice for what’s to come. Eleven minutes seemed right for the match too

Nice way for Batista to look like a monster all the while still being torn on what he must do

JBL interview was just the usual. Nothing to really touch on

Haas looked like a machine in the Intercontinental title match’s early going. I dislike JBL using a clothesline in a match as a regular move. I know you specifically stated that they weren’t lariats from hell but why would he hit these weak short arm clotheslines when he could just put Layfield away with his finisher. That is what he came here to do after all, prove to everyone that Charlie Haas is a joke. Slightly flawed psychology in this match but the action was very nice. The finish was stellar. Once again, the match time was appropriate considering how good this was. Haas has been given far too much credit imo to hang with JBL. Match more than delivered

These subtle shots of superstars’ preparation for their matches are really great and helps the atmosphere

Decent words from the Nature Boy

Very surprised that this match is going this early in the night. Bad move as it exposes what would happen in the end atleast imo. The match was great. The game plan for both guys were spot on and the psychology didn’t suffer at all. You’d expect these two to put on a classic after all the time they’ve spent with each other. It wasn’t quite there but it was still exceptional. This SummerSlam is already better than the real life one. The finish was emphatic as could be and still didn’t leave Flair looking weak. That’s something to admire. I do question your over the top use of ‘Slick Ric’, especially when he was KO’d from the Demon Bomb. The embrace was a nice touch although Batista seemingly had other things on his mind. The duration for this match surprised me a bit when I first read it but given everything that has happened afterwards, it makes a lot of sense

Charlie really got buried by Helms. I can see this turning into a feud or something similar following the draft.

Shawn got his facts all wrong or you have, I don’t know. First ladder match was at WrestleMania X in 1994. The rematch was at SummerSlam 1995. Not five months after the original ladder match mirit? Besides that, this interview was really nice but I don’t like HBK’s current character. The Shawn Michaels from the real life feud with Chris Jericho is the perfect character that Shawn could play at his age

Morrison and Doane out for Summer Gauntlet first? I would’ve preferred Angle to start as he would’ve had the most success carrying everyone involved to the best action possible but I’ll wait and see. Really fast paced as I would’ve expected. I never liked Doane much so it’s nice to see him out first. Melina playing a part so early was also nice but kind of makes it obvious that John is going out next. Carlito not able to put Morrison away easily puts over the heel Morrison really well. Some severe lack of psychology in this portion of the match but it’s supposed to be just random action, no? So nothing wrong with that although Carlito looked like Jeff did at Cyber Sunday in real life, kind of stupid. Atleast unlike Jeff, ‘Lito won. The bigger picture of the match still looks really clean due to the amount of offence the later entries are getting in. Carlito’s comeback was nice as was Luther Reigns in the match. One thing you should do is change MVP’s finisher from the playmaker to the drive by kick. It doesn’t even have to be one drive by kick. His current finisher just plain SUCKS. Carlito out once again after five minutes… Angle’s entry and the quick dominance again puts the stipulation of the match WAY over. I have forgotten how the Umaga vs. Angle feud started. The ending was once again, excellent. T’was nice that you kept Umaga and Angle at an arms length atleast until the MVP had gotten the win by himself . I’m confused as to why Umaga left back up the ramp, confused……??? MVP #1 contender!?!? That’s a swerve. I really don’t think he’s ready for that shot yet. I don’t think for one second that he will win but I can only see this match happening on RAW, not on PPV. The match went the right amount of time yet again, especially with the Umaga/Angle saga going on

Surprised that there’s no backstage segment before the next match. Daniels vs. Matt would’ve been my choice of opener for the show without the random 10 man tag thrown in there. This match has enough steam and talent to rally the crowd up. One thing I really dug about the match is the structure. For a 10 minute match, it seemed to be wrestled very well. Such a simple, yet such and effective structure. It kind of reminds me of the Triple H vs. Benoit match from No Mercy 2000 or Finlay vs. Benoit from Judgment Day 2006. Obviously the story if different (and quite frankly, not highlighted well enough) but who will look for the story in a match like this? Structure was there, psychology was there and full throttle action was there. Excellent match here for the time given

Ah, the Mickie vs. Victoria saga is ending tonight, no? Mickie out to be nervous alright

Really very nice and good video package for the RVD|HBK feud. Hardest match to predict on the card imo. Excellent detail on the action imo. One thing that I feel I must touch on is that this didn’t feel like a rematch. Granted, I only briefed through the Backlash encounter but this felt like the first of the series tbh until the very end and that was because of JR. Some of the setups could’ve been much better but I would think that you played off their previous encounters, both of which I have not read completely. Michaels was just usual Michaels in this match, which wasn’t quite enough to live up to what it should’ve been. Despite all that, they delivered a quality match up with a decisive ending. RVD has officially become one of the ‘BIG BOYS’. His after match celebration was quite…non-existent, which shouldn’t have been the case after how personal and how important this feud was. All the focus on Shawn after a match detracts from RVD’s impressive win

WHODIDIT storyline? Nice… After Batista’s earlier performance, the obvious answer would be him although the promo suggests otherwise. Dean in the picture is also nice although outside of the ring, he’s quite useless

Randy’s back to his usual self I see. Edge looks set as well

That was one huge video package for the women’s championship Match and deservedly so. Mickie’s strategy was excellent. Stalling was her best bet unless she could retain by DQ or countout, in which case it should’ve come to play. Atleast Mickie showed some heart and not just brains in this match. Everything in this match seemed to click. There haven’t been a women’s match in WWE that I’ve watched that has been as good as this. This was better than their WrestleMania match, which I read too. Better psychology, better storytelling and the sense of urgency pushes this far ahead of it imo. The finish was brilliant as well

No sign of Batista still on the Flair incident once again hints at the last match/segment

Another excellent game plan being used in the match. The booking of the gameplan, not so great. The first and second falls were played out really well but the psychology suffered heavily just for the sake of the action that followed. And for them to go 17 minutes after the initial beatdown was extremely far fetched. I would've been happy with a few minutes of action in the early going and then employing the strategy then followed by a title retention in a feasible way. The match was good but I was really turned off by the ‘logic’ used in the match

Another amazing video package for the TLC match. Excellent showing in this match by both men. I heavily dislike the “# rungs to go” during these matches but it does add a little surprise factor and helps take up room so I won’t harp about it much. There was something in this match that prevented me from liking it too much . Everything seemed to be expertly applied but the way the feud developed and the way this match came about seemed to have left a bad taste in my mouth. Having gotten that off my chest, there was absolutely nothing wrong with this match. The spots weren’t too obvious, the brutality was always there, the hatred between the two was personified and it was old school too. Randy Orton was by far the star of the match although Edge looked stronger and better in every way. The lead in to the finish was EPIC but the actual finish was so…so. I won’t complain. Besides personal preference, this match was great

Not a lot to say about the MVP promo. It was just there

The McMahon segment was a little underwhelming but it would deliver to the casual fan and that’s all that basically matters. The draft lottery should be interesting, especially on SNME. Is 2 hours enough though? The follow-up was much huger news. Co-GMs on SD sounds promising within the realms of the story. This segment also played as a good buffer b/w the two main events as I doubt the crowd would’ve been as hot as they could be after the explosive TLC

The main event went just how it should’ve. A slugfest was the best option and I’m glad that you utilized it as best anybody could. Details are GOLD once again here in this match. Rock is much better at working on the back than on the legs but this is an interesting factor to bring into the match. The lack on pinfall attempts in the early going was a bit worrying but it works fine in this environment. The sharpshooter so early on is a nice touch. Actually this match featured once again, excellent structure albeit completely different from Daniels|Hardy. Rocky’s tactics were a bit off, especially the top rope stuff, which he rarely ever if not never does but atleast he paid for it. The flow from the get go all the way to the ending sequence was marvelous. It went for the right amount of time and the out of nowhere finish was pretty nice, especially since this wasn’t supposed to be the major talking point of the night. The handshake afterwards is not really Rock-esque unless he won but it makes the face characteristics of both clear. The Triple H brawl was excellent and a great way to setup for the cash-in (which I predicted btw ). Batista finally beat Kennedy and once again became world heavyweight champion

Despite all the negatives I pointed out, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and thought it was an excellent PPV

10 Man Tag Match – **¾
Haas vs. JBL – **¾
Batista vs. Ric Flair – ***½
Summer Games Gauntlet – ***¼
Matt vs. Daniels – ***½
RVD vs. HBK – ***½
Mickie vs. Victoria – ***½
Carolina Connection vs. Hooligans - ***
Edge vs. Randy Orton – ***¾
The Rock vs. Kennedy - ****
Batista vs. Kennedy – N/R

Overall: 9/10


Could've easily been four and not three and a half hours

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