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Re: 2007 & Beyond - It Ain't Over Yet, Motherfuckers

Heyman Decipleís Summer Slam Review

Opening Video: Cool video. Very well done, the deal with the belts on the beach and everything I thought was pretty original and creative.

Tully Blanchard: Hell Yeah, now Iíve got visions of Steel Cage I Quit matches with Tully being stuck in the head with a piece of a broken wooded chair by Magnum TA with poor Tully screaming I Quit. By the way, Iím all for Tully being the full time replacement for the King.

10 Man Tag: Good opening match. I was rooting for the heels but this had a great finish. I liked how Regal went for the knuck shot and Punk ducked and hit Regal with the GTS and Jamie Noble instead of helping out just said screw it, grabbed his belt and left.

Batista: Batista seems to be breathing heavy a lot lately. Does Big Dave have Asthma? Seriously though, good segment that did a good job of putting over Batistaís emotions before his big match with Flair.

JBL Interview: Good interview here from JBL leading into his match with Charlie Haas. Man, I really hope Haas wins.

JBL Vs. Charlie Haas: This was a great match. I thought Charlie Haas came out of this looking very strong. Itís too bad he had to lose but it was a good win for JBL and Iím looking forward to a rematch.

Rock: Rock getting ready for his match. Nice way to build a little anticipation for the Main Event.

Flair Interview: Awesome Flair promo.

Flair Vs. Batista: ďItís Pay Per View big manĒ eye poke. That was cool. Good match with Big Dave picking up the win. Iíve got to be honest Iím a little surprised, just because I was expecting Tully to jump up from the announce position and cost Batista the match bringing on a little mini Horsemen reunion but it didnít happen.

Haas-Benjamin & Helms: This was just fun. Helms was golden getting in his digs at Charlie Haas. Who knew Helms could be so catty. Funny stuff.

Shawn Interview: The awesome just keeps on coming. This was great. Shawnís smart-ass comments about ladder match royalties and his on again off again relationship with Triple H was just classic.

Summer Games Match: This should be good. Doane and Morrison start it off with Doane being the first eliminated. Then out comes Carlito. ďCausing Morrison to blast her in the face.Ē Giggidy, giggidy. Poor Morrison is the next eliminated. I expected him to last longer, now here comes my main man, MVP. Yes, Carlito is eliminated. Oh crap, MVP is screwed. Here comes Kurt Angle. I did not see this coming Angle is eliminated thanks to some interference from Estrada, Umaga, and Luther Reigns. After that Umaga just walks out and is counted out which works for me because that makes MVP the winner. Hell yeah.

Kurt Angle is pissed: Run for your life. Kurt Angle has sand in his vagina. Kurtís not happy.

Matt Hardy Vs. Christopher Daniels: Great match. Iím a little disappointed the Fallen Angel didnít win but still a very good match.

Mickie-Beth: Nice segment here but I donít like seeing my Mickie cry.

Shawn Vs. RVD: Iím so conflicted. On one hand I want to root for RVD but on the other hand HBK has been so damn awesome leading into this match I donít know what to think. This was a very good match with RVD picking up the win with an amazing 5 star frog splash.

Ric Flair: The Nature Boy has been laid out. It should be interesting to see where this is going.

Mickie Vs. Victoria: Good womenís match. Nice moment for Victoria. Itís too bad Mickie had to lose but she had a good 17 month run. Thatís an awesome title reign.

Flair leaves in an ambulance: I think it was Kurt Angle that attacked Ric Flair. Iím just saying.

Benjamin & Helms Vs. London & Kendrick: Shit that was a quick first fall, nice going Brian. Damn that was a quick second fall, good work Paul. Now here we go the third and final fall. Great action and Benjamin & Helms pick up the win.

Edge Vs. Orton: I wasnít sure which match would close the show this or Kennedy Vs. Rock. This should be awesome. RKO threw the table, holy shit indeed. Here comes the RKO army. Now here comes Cody Rhodes & DH Smith. Now hereís Lita. That head scissor spot on Orton by Lita was amazing. RKO on Lita, badass. Here comes the big ladder. Ortonís laughing and Edge goes bat shit. That spot with Edge off the ladder and onto Orton threw the tables was insane. Edge wins, great match.

MVP: This was very entertaining with MVP partying to Jim Jones then cutting a great promo and telling Maria that he faces Edge tomorrow night on Raw. Good stuff.

Vinceís announcement: This was good with Vince announcing the draft for Saturday nightís Main Event and Vince telling Stephanie about there being co general managers on Smackdown. Iím hoping for Paul Heyman. Stephís reaction to the announcement was great too.

Kennedy Vs. Rock: Main Event time. Great match with Kennedy getting the win, which I was very happy to see. We get a handshake between the 2 at the end and then here comes Triple H. They brawl and Kennedy gets hit with the pedigree. Now as Triple H leaves here comes Batista with bloody money in the bank briefcase. Interesting. Batista now cashes in his title shot and defeats Mr. Kennedy to become the World champion. Boo.

Great show, Mac. I give it a 10 out of 10. This was an amazing pay per view and it leaves me interested in seeing where everything is going. Great work.

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