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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Wow, almost didn't see this there

SmackDown Feedback

The starting promo was brilliantly written. I smelled a well hidden swerve in there. Triple H and Kennedy feud will go places, I predict come next WrestleMania but this was a great way to get the focus back on the Rock|Kennedy program. Kennedy was a bit over the top where he didn't need to be while Rock was way too one dimensional. The closing line was dramatic and deserved to be the title of the episode. Some slight faults there but nothing to damage the promo

One of the Hardyz need to turn heel. Jeff is the obvious choice in here but he's way too over, even in 2007. When will Lashley be back btw? Regal is getting somr major exposure and Punk is looking like his bitch. Rubber match soon and Punk to win (not at SummerSlam plz). The decision of the match was logical enough. Punk couldn't lose even more momentum (even though in a way he did) and Marella couldn't lose his debut match

Batista and Flair relationship is evolving much like everything else in this BTB. Batista can be awesome on the mic if given the right material and this seemed like the right material. I see a match between the two but that would be way too cliche. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see it but I'm hoping for far more complicated storylines. Feud for the MITB? I don't think so but it is being hinted. Noble retained his title and the contenders got the return win, no biggie. I personally don't see the cruiser title being defended at 'Slam, not enough room imo but Noble's next challenge will most likely be against Kash one on one (Reminiscing of the early stages of Orton and Edge tbh. No rehash plz)

This Punk|Regal feud always revolved around Booker as that's what it started. Booker really needs some much deserved ring time imo. You really have brilliant storylines going, even for lower mid-carders. I'm intrigued. Awesome, awesome mic work by John Cena. All his lines flowed so well together and the walk was priceless. If they ever made a (BTB) best of SD DVD, this should be on there fo sho. Cena took the walk much like Hunter before him. I see a lot of similarities between your old and new storylines, I hope it goes in a different direction. One again, the closing line, CLASSIC

Maryse? I couldn't care less tbh but from what I've seen in your BTB so far, everything means something. Maryse will add some kind of drama to SD no doubt in the coming months. Chavo didn't really need to look good. The match with Rey at the Bash kicked all kinds of ass but it's good to see him getting a win here. The NB beatdown was in fine fashing and the Rey rescue too. I don't know why you are still continuing with this program because they could both be doing something better. Unless you can put a new twist in their feud|alliance (whatever it is), it will get stale soon. Isn't this the same thing that was going around before. Booker calling back the New Breed was kind of surprising because I thought the faces would gain momentum by clearing the ring but it adds another element of intrigue into the show. Good visual. Not much help though. Batista going apeshit = ratingz. I can't see Batisat turning on Flair anytime soon after you basically spelled it out that he will. The man looking back at the Animal wasn't who he wanted to be. Storytelling is at an absolute 5 stars

at Steph hanging up on Hunter. The 'Danielson' mention was a low blow to garner interest tbh. Let me get this straight, Jeff yells at his brother for ditracting him, thereby distracting himself and allowing Daniels to get the victory? If it was anyone other than Jeff...now all you need is a spy cam shooting him smoking pot. I can't help but wonder you are going slightly over the top with these complex storylines. It'll be hard to keep track of all of this, for the reader and even for the writer (that's you)

Good promo between the two best teams in this thread but it feels like I've seen this before many times. What I like about this feud is that it's straight-face to face. But with four athletes like these, you don't need a well constructed storyline for it to be interesting. A stip match would be really fun. I don't know what it would be though. I would've guessed a Ladder match made the most sense but seeing as you already have a TLC main event, that seems highly unlikely. I for one would like to see a spotfest of a match at 'Slam. One thing I'd also like to add is that the tag division on SD is getting way too much exposure with only two teams in it for now atleast

Very memorable main event to a very memorable show. Rock on commentary = too much catchphrases = ~snore~. Anyway, very good match and an excellent way for Ken to get the win. He didn't need to use the tights though. A clean win with the same maneuver would've fit a face so much better. The show not ending in a staredown is always a plus as I think they're a tad overused. The lines between them was unnecessary but it wasn't out of place. Kennedy and Rock looked like equals up until this point. Rock completely pawned Kennedy here and seems to have the upper hand in the feud up until now

SmackDown was better than RAW. There were great matches and promos, the show had a great mix of everything. SummerSlam card is looking awesome too. Three smackdown matches already there as well
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