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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Cage17's review of Smackdown!

Segment 1-Rock/Kennedy promo; This was a damn well written promo between two incredible mic workers. You nailed both of their cockiness perfectly and I can imagine both of them actually saying all that stuff. I like how Kennedy compared their match to the Summerslam ME of Rock v. Brock, that was cool. I also like the line where Kennedy says Rocky he already has a girlfriend, that gave me a chuckle.

Sehment 2- Backstage interview w/Matt Hardy; Two promos om a row? Usually this shouldn't happen but this one was not that ling and got to the point. A effective promo from Matt here, saying that he is glad to be champion, but not necasarily glad the way that he became US champ. Typical babyface line there but that's what you expect.

Segment 3- Match One- CM Punk v. Santino Marella; A short description of the match here, but I enjoy reading these shorter recaps on matches anyway, compared to very long matchs. Punk gets the expected win here, even though it was from a DQ. Regal destroys Punk after the contest even giving him the old crimson mask. Refs run down to the ring and attempt to break it up, but how many times do they actually succed.

Segment 4- Backstage w/Batista & Flair; Another entertaining promo. You could definetly feel the tension between the two in this promo. After what went down at GAB, Flair is surprised Batista isn't going crazy. It was well written and I ecspecially liked the ending when Batista wouldn't release the MITB briefcase and the 'Earth to Dave' line.

Segment 5- Tag Team Match; Nothing really spectacular here Sabin and Kash get the victory over Dean keeping Noble looking strong.

Segment 5- Backstage interview w/ William Regal; I am lovin every single one of your promo's so far tonight. And this one is no different. Regal acts just like he should using the 'sunshine' and 'bloody hell' lines. He brags on defeating Punk then blooding him up. Booker, Brown, Burke and Sharmell join the segment and Booker convinces Regal to listen to him. Are we about to see a stable formed?

Segment 6-Cena Promo; Damn, you just keep busting these promo's out. This so far imo is the best one of the night. This is exactly how Cena should be portrayed in the current product, turning his back on the fans, saying he's the only reason for the companies success. I think I would actually like him if he did. He brings up some good points on not getting a one on one for the World Title, which I can't believe, but I actually want to see it. Then he jabs at the Rock about him leaving for four years then coming back and being given a shot. He is leaving until 2011. Now we know this won't happen. but I really ejoyed the whole thing.

The next segment we see the debut of the fine, Maryse. She's gonna play the dumd blonde role. A good way to introduce her. Following that we see the next match of the night as Elijah Burke takes on Chavo Guerrero. A solid match up with Chavo getting the roll up win. I love Monty Brown and wish he was back in WWE, cause the Pounce is an awesome move, and Brown gave one to Chavo after the match. Rey comes to the resue and he tries to defend Chavo. Then Booker comes out and tells Burke and Brown to go back with him, ending the brawl.

Seg. 9 sees another promo featuring Batista. The friend brings up the GAB and that Dave should be pissed at Flair. It got the message across that Batista has to much respect for Flair.

We then see another backstage segment between Steph and Maryse. Triple H is on the phone and Steph doesn't want to talk to him. Maryse played dumb in this scene which was expected. Next up is the match featuring Jeff Hardy battling Christopher Daniels where the winner is the number one contender to Matt's US Title. A pretty good match with Matt distracting his brother. Daniels gets the victory after a BME setting them up for a match at SS, where I do see Matt retaining.

Segment 12 is a interview with the Carolina Connection, Shelton and Gregory. Fresh off their match against Londrick both of them are very cofident and cocky in this promo putting themselves over, bigtime. They don't care if it's MOTY they just want the belts. Typical heels. I really can't say a bad thing about any of you promo's because there is nothong wrong with them and I find all of them actually fun to read. Londrick challenges them to a rematch at Summerslam, but they say they'll think about the stipulation. I'm gonna go a head and guess that it will be a ladder match.

Segment 13- Main Event with Ric Flair taking on Mister Kennedy, with the Rock providing commentary. A well written main event match. Kennedy uses the easy way out and pulls on the tights to get the 1-2-3. The Rock and Kennedy share the ring after the match in an intense staredown. Finally the Rock plants him with the Rock Bottom. A great segment to end the show and get's us moving toward one hell of a show, Summerslam.

Overall: I really have no complaints on anything on the show. The matches were short and sweet, just as I like them. All of the promo's hit their respective characters nicely and the ending segment was very cool to read. Summerslam already looks like it will be amazing and how ever long it takes you I will be reading.
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