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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Time constraints, some comments

Summer Games is a good name and can be used much better if it was more than only a singles match imo. Could be btter used in 08 considering the olympics and everything but gauntlet match seems okay. I don't know how many matches there will be on the 'Slam card but this will give a lot of undercarders a chance to headline

HBK is okay like this. Could be used so much better though

I don't see nor do I want to see both tag titles defended at 'Slam. I see SD getting their title match although RAW has more time to work with

JBL is looking like a chump. Ken Doane getting a huge victory. I personally don't think he's worth it. I don't see JBL getting a huge feud heading into 'Slam but he could always defend the title he already has

I'm torn between HBK|RVD or Angle|Umaga taking place at 'Slam. I want to see Angle|Umaga more but HBK|RVD needs to end. Umaga ain't losing yet. The day Umaga loses, he loses his mystique unless it's done that well. 'Maga qualifying for Summer Gauntlet means that he most likely will win it and go on to face Edge at Unforgiven, where his winning streak will most likely end. I think he should win the strap tbh, better for business (the imaginary business)

Morrison aint' winning at 'Slam. Too early imo. He needs more time and should be groomed. Introduce the MIZ plz

Summer Slamboree will be where his next feud is setup. You are not going to have a celebration without someone interrupting or something happening, atleast I don't think so. Angelina is awesome. JBL should turn into a bit more business minded character, better for him imo

I can't see Edge losing the title only two months into his reign. Edge|Orton has been going for a long time, even though a singles match has been avoided for a long while. The anticipation and the hype is great. The match should deliver too

I was expecting more of a bang to end the show. The face off should've gone on last imo. The match wasn't all that significant nore was it special but I can see you wanting a wrestling match to end the show

Two great main events for 'Slam and the gauntlet to play third or forth fiddle. I expect a lot more big time matches to be added to the card. Cena and Tista need to be on there and Triple H as well I think. Good RAW, SmackDown should be better
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