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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

July 23rd Raw Feedback

Very interesting way to start the show, imo. With Orton-Edge being the thing built most last week, I thought we’d see them in a promo to start the night but it is good to hear they will be on the show later on. Coach coming to the ring means that we will probably get an announcement having to do with SummerSlam. Six-Man Summer Games Gauntlet? I know that others have used the “Summer Games” match but this is a cool twist on it. The qualifying matches sound pretty awesome and should be used to give people like Morrison and Doane something to do heading into SS. Awesome main event for next week … HBK vs. Angle never disappoints. Main event for tonight sound good also and anytime we get RVD and HBK in the same ring in this thread, I get pumped. Good opening and can’t wait to see who wins the three qualifying matches … JBL, Morrison, and ‘Mags, imo.

Great to see HBK on the mic after the way he was eliminated by RVD last week. Michaels is not in the best mood but his arrogance is still the same as it always is … awesome. I like how he blamed everything on Van Dam and now he is calling RVD out … TONIGHT. Should be an awesome confrontation but if I were HBK, I’d be more focused on Angle next week. Either way, great promo from the ShowStopper. Which cheek did HBK pinch on Maria, btw? The one on her face … or the other one?

Good idea to have Masters/Mercury face AMW for the right to face RWC “down the line” … ends their feud and gives AMW the rematch with Cade & Murdoch. Good to see AMW pick up the win … even though it was never really in doubt. Death Sentence is an awesome finisher and now we get to see RWC vs. AMW one more time … Texas Street Fight at SS plz.

I love how we are pretty much guaranteed a JBL interview each time you post a Raw show … they are always good. JBL running down Ken is good because he has been overhyped a little too much just because of his age. Bradshaw is the best heel on Raw, atm … I hope that he beats Doane and heads to Summer Games … he doesn’t really have a one-on-one feud going on right now.

Match went pretty much how I expected it to … until the finish~! JBL gets pinned by a little jackknife cover, keeping him looking strong, but he isn’t going to Summer Games!! Doane has his biggest win to date and he is a sleeper in the six-man match at SS. I wonder what is next for the Wrestling God, he has not had the best two weeks.

AAE~! Great little promo from the best manager in wrestling. He makes fun of JBL … the man knows how to get some cheers, tbh. Not really much to say about Sabu … ‘Maga owns and Sabu doesn’t. Really can’t see ‘Mags losing tonight … is he still undefeated in this thread?

HBK Promo time. Glad that he was getting a chant … the man will never have the crowd 100% against him. LMAO at Michaels doing the RVD thumb taunt … man also knows how to get heat. Michaels is going to call out Van Dam so he can … apologize?? Makes sense, with Michaels being the heel, and I don’t see Van Dam not showing up. And here comes RVD~! Van Dam wastes little time airing his griefances and it was obvious from the beginning that he wasn’t saying he was sorry. This was one of the best RVD promos that I have ever read and I love how he said that he is the man taking HBK’s spot … that is bound to make the feud even MORE personal, imo. Van Dam hit the nail on the head but Michaels fired back by saying that he has always been the best … great to see that got some big cheers. Main event should be great tonight and I think it is pretty obvious that HBK-RVD III is going down at SummerSlam.

Like I said before, and you said during the recap, the winner of Sabu-Umaga was never in question. Umaga is the most dominant monster in this thread and I love how you have pushed him during the one year-plus this thread has been going. Samoan Spike for the pinfall sounds about right and now with Doane and ‘Mags in the Gauntlet, I can’t wait to see who else is going to SummerSlam. Umaga has to be the front runner in this match … he needs a title shot eventually, tbf.

Nice way to keep the Vicky-Mickie feud interesting with Mickie milking the knee injury until Victoria gets the title shot … SummerSlam plz. Victoria & Gail vs. Trish & Beth makes sense for next week but I can understand V’s frustration at Mickie not competing. I guess the whole storyline with Coach and Striker is continuing … it’s been decent. Striker is the moderator for Edge-Orton tonight? Nice way to get him on the card, I guess.

I don’t think that Haas should have been so reserved in the opening minutes of his match with Morrison. His character is getting kinda strange and I am just wondering where it is all going, tbh. Haas is able to come back for a short period, but there was no doubt Morrison was winning and it was good to see him hit the Moonlight Drive to get the pinfall. Half of the field is set for the Gauntlet, should be an awesome match that continues good storylines.

I am really intriguied to see where JBL goes after losing earlier. He is clearly pissed off but I also can’t see a title like the I.C. Championship not being defended at SS. Summer Slamboree, eh? Last time he had a big celebration, Carlito interrupted it and the feud continued. JBL isn’t feuding with anyone right now but I also don’t see you just letting him have a celebration. Something big is going down next week … I can feel it. Love the way he treats Angelina, btw.

Edge and Orton having a face-off is a nice change of pace from the usual promos that they have. This time, they are able to say whatever they want and each man gets time to talk. Nice little back and forth to start, showing just how much they hate each other. Edge’s match is TLC … and I still can’t see Orton winning … but you may just pull it off. Orton is the first to really get going, with him ripping into Edge and telling everyone why HE is the best in the business. I love when superstars run down their accomplishments and Orton’s are quite amazing. Orton is so confident but he is also in control, because he can win any time he steps into the ring. Edge doesn’t say much but he knows that the time for talking is over, and the match is going to be crazy. Great promo between these two … I hope we see them in some tag matches over the next few weeks.

Main event time and this should be a good one. Great to see that the finish came with RVD and HBK in the ring together … they need to face off more often. Great sequence between the two, with HBK getting the advantage and then missing the elbow drop. Angle gets the tag and he goes after Michaels, but Michaels gets out of the Angle Slam … and spits in RVD’s face! This makes the tension between the two increase ten-fold and I love how HBK used MVP and Reigns to beat down Angle. RVD and ‘Lito take out the heels but in the end … RVD costs Angle! SCM to Van Dam! Angle gets pinned by HBK and now Shawn has all the momentum heading into next week. Michaels had a great night but I don’t see him winning next week. All signs point to MVP, Carlito, and Angle getting into the Gauntlet, while Michaels and RVD have their third match at SS. Awesome main event to end the show, btw.

Great to see this thread get moving again Mac. The Summer Games match was an awesome addition to what should be a loaded card. Angle and Michaels next week should OWN and I am also interested to see what happens next between Orton and Edge. Awesome that Raw and SD! will be in full heading into ‘Slam. Will be an awesome ride! 9.5/10 for this show, imo.


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