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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Great American Bash Feedback

I don't know why everybody has been counting Regal out and just expecting Punk to win, as I don't expect Regal to just lay down for Punk, you know? Winning streak or not, Regal has a chance. Besides, his winning streak has to end sometime. Nice way to end Punk's streak, considering it keeps his credibility. I can see Regal getting back into the US Title hunt soon, possibly facing Matt Hardy (who I expect to win the title). Good way to open up the show, for sure.

These two 'small' segments, so to speak, both were decent. The Rock segment was far more realistic than Chavo lacing up his boots, but even though it was just some preparation in the locker room, it got the point across, which of course is the fact that Chavo/Rey is a huge match that's extremely personal.

This match had some alright spots in the end, with each guy attempting their finisher. Noble retaining wasn't too much of a surprise, and taking advantage of the work that had already been done for him was a good way to build him up even more as a heel (I think he's heel?). If he is face, he sure didn't seem like it with the ending.

So Kennedy arrives. Wouldn't surprise me if something happened and The Rock was stuck in a Handicap Match, but I guess that's not the case. It's great that you include those lines here and there that get the fans really thinking, and somebody else in the segment. Hopefully we get some segments with some more spice, such as Stephanie/Triple H, which is sure to be a thriller, even though it will probably happen backstage (which is just dandy).

Henry/Finlay in a Cage would be brutality, for sure. I'm liking the fact that Long is with Henry, as the two make an excellent pair. How did Long get into the Cage? That seems unrealistic, considering I don't even see it there (and I've read it over a few times just to double check I'm not blind, though I am exhausted). The match goes on, though, and the finish continued to build towards Finlay. As soon as Henry squashed Long, I knew he had lost, but I would have Finlay go over Henry any day of the week, so I'm fine with the booking decision, and the rivalry on a whole.

Sensible to show both Rey and Chavo. I would have liked it back to back, tbh, but it's really up to you, and I'm not going to bitch about something that means almost nothing.

Finally, an interview. Every show needs an interview, quite frankly. You've got Daniels working so well on the microphone, and even though it was recap, it was as close as you can get to magic. Chances are none of these guys 'attacked' Lashley, and it will end up the attacker will reveal who they are, and then go one-on-one with Lashley at 'Mania. Wouldn't be a bad angle, actually.

Damn, you got my hopes up when you put that Steph was in the ring with a microphone, thinking Triple H would come out, but instead, it was a big deal over Lashley relinquishing his title. Two Triple Threat matches in one night is a little meh, but it wasn't booked that way, considering Lashley got 'injured'. "The three talented exciting wrestlers(Jeff fucked it up)" . You always make me laugh in EVERY show that you write. Mac for online comedian plz. Heel Matt > Face Matt, imo, considering Matt is pretty brutal on the mic as a face. As a heel, he's about average. Matt pins Jeff!!! Yes, exactly what I wanted. Great match, for sure, but I don't know where this leaves Daniels, which is upsetting.

Fabulous interview, and I can definitely see Helms saying what he said. Excellent job, and I'm looking forward to what should be a brilliant match between Londrick/CC.

Wow, the segments get better as the show goes on. It's good that there's clearly some tension, which will make the win for Rock/KK look even stronger.

This match is highly anticipated, or at least I was looking forward to it. Beautiful match writing, even though it's recap - It was extremely enjoyable. Rey kicks out of the Frog Splash! Well, Rey's won the match now, unless somebody interferes and starts some feud with him, but that's highly unlikely. The Sunset Flip pin was just the perfect way to finish it. A pinning predicament like that was just awesome, even though it wasn't much, but it was what was supposed to be done. I can't really explain it (as you've probably been able to tell), but that was the best way to end it. Awesome match. The handshake after was good, and was one of those memorable moments, yet this is turning into a WrestleMania like scenario .

Okay segment, wasn't really needed, but it gives these guys some build, even though it's not much. Will be interesting to see if they do work together, considering there is a shot at the title at SS at stake, but we'll have to see.

Nice segment, that's all I can really say. The title reign will continue, imo, even though CC deserve the belts.

Wow, over 20 minutes. I was thinking the match should have ended at about twenty minutes, seeing as after months of feuding, they deserve a long match, but I guess you feel they deserve an extremely long match. The blind tag was great, and it told me CC were winning {fuck yes}. Fabulous finish, and it's great to see CC finally holding onto the belts. They deserve a lengthy title reign after this great showing. Thirty minutes = Wow, crazy, but it was worth it I suppose. Nice job

Finally, Stephanie and Triple H. Smart on your part to leave it to the end of the show. Stephanie turns him down. Priceless. She did make some good points, and put them in good words too that were enjoyable to read. "Two dollar tramp" - Stop making me laugh, plz. This segment was just awe-inspiring. You are truly my number one inspiration after an incredible segment like this. Hands down to you, Mac.

Another solid read here. I can't argue with any of it, except for the ending with Kennedy waking up the referee? I mean, hopefully there must be more, maybe with KK saying he wanted to face The Rock? I don't really understand after all that disagreement and tension between the two, but I won't complain anymore seeing as we'll get to see Kennedy vs. The Rock for the World Title. Wait - TRIPLE H!!! That was just great. Maybe now it will be a Triple Threat? That would be spectacular, but I would honestly prefer just KK/Rock.

Fabulous PPV, I enjoyed the entire thing. Keep it up, and I expect SummerSlam will be around the level of WrestleMania if you keep this up. 9.5/10.
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