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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Great American Bash Feedback

Weird choice for an opener personally. Regal/Punk doesn't exactly go at the lightning pace that the Noble/Kash/Sabin match did later. You had Punk open JD too squashing Kash. Better curtain jerker's plz. I have to admit, since you understand Regal's greatness, I figured you'd prefer him over Booker to end Punk's streak ... but at the PPV ... like this? No problems with the brass knuck shot, as Punk still hasn't lost clean, but the {it was quite cool} way Regal pinned {or owned} him at the end had the stench of a Triple H burial about it. Probably just me though. Logic says Punk beats Willy on SD! in the Rubber Match to end the feud 2-1.

Kennedy > Rocky's "monkey ass" quite frankly. All of this tension is basically confirming Rock/KK at 'Slam. Kennedy turning up late only continues his bad ass face push.

I hope to god all of this build leads to a Chavo win tonight. He needs it. Rey doesn't.

Yeah, this felt more like an opener to be honest. All three of these guys can work like a storm when they have to. Sabin seemed to dominate the match until the end when he got his ass royally handed to him by both men. First he takes Kash's finisher, so he was effectively beaten by him, and then he gets the same treatment from Noble. I thought Sabin would be th one kept strong, not Kash, but no complaints here. I prefer Kash and Noble. Feud plz. Jamie is awesome quite frankly.

SummerSlam's in full? Dayum. Yes please, Mac Daddy. That's going to own

Kennedy just owned Stephanie me thinks. Could be a hint at a feud with Hunter. Could just be KK being a dick. Probably the latter.

At any other PPV a Steel Cage match would get at least the semi-Main Event spot on the card, but this is a clear indication that this is a strong, strong card, despite what some fools have said. Solid match up too between these two criminally underrated cats. Didn't go as long as I thought it might, but at least you cranked it up towards the end. Teddy Long continues to run Estrada close as Manger Of The Thread, especially when he beat those crackas back with the shillelagh. Loving the custamary manager cage bump too, squashed by a 400 pounder. Nice. Finlay's obviously a better wrestler than Henry, so it's probably right that he won this feud and got even more over as a face in the process. To be honest, I don't see you pushing him too much though. I mean, he beat Triple H back at No Mercy ... and has done fuck all since then. Kennedy, Cena, Big Dave, Rock, Hunter, and Flair seem to be your untouchable main event group, and no one's infiltrating it for a while. Finlay and Henry stay at U.S title division I predict.

Rey's lost weight? Hopefully by giing the 'roids a rest.

Glad that Lashley got to surrender the title at the PPV, as it keeps his exposure going. I'd still like an explanation for why you injured him. Just seemed so random. The mere fact that Daniels is being made to look guilty obviously hints at him NOT being guilty, but I can't see anyone else having done the deed, so I'm not sure. Probably wasn't Matt or Jeff though. Bring Bobby back soon though.

Nice to see the Triple Threat match get the Unbreakable treatment with Daniels getting himself into shit. Glad you acknowledged Jeff's shitty talent compared to the others. To be quite honest I'd thought all the way up to this that Daniels was walking away with the strap, so I was surprised that he actually played quite a minimal part in the match. This seemed much more about the Hardy/Hardy rivalry. That's fine. Glad that Matt owned Jeff in the end though, as the man is, well, better than his brother plain and simple. Shame Matt had to play the heel though. From the looks of things we'll be getting a one-on-one feud after this; either Matt/Jeff or Matt/Daniels. Either would be good. Still shocked you pulled the trigger with Matt though. Never thought you liked him enough, Mac. The FA will probably get the belt soon I'd imagine.

The Carolina Connection own. I hope they have matching outfits by now

Nice bit of tension building between Kennedy and Rock. Makes for a much more interesting match. Not sure what KK was talking about at the end though.

Hell of a match between Chavo and Rey. Probably should have seperated the two tag team matches that came after, but oh well. Glad it was a match of two halves with the technical and high flying ability of both men brought into it. Chavo seemed to be dominating at the end with the Three Amigos, the Frog Splash and that sick Powerbomb in the corner, but that damn Rey had to win Even though we got the handshake/hug afterwards, looks like it was a send off match for Chavito. Hope he comes back strong though.

Awesome segment from Naitch. Loved his Batista fuck ups constantly.

I like The Hooligans, and it's a shame they have to, but they're dropping the belts tonight.

Really excellent match up between The Hooligans and The CC. Giving it near 30 minutes was a fucking treat. Any time the tag division gets this kind of exposure is glorious. Good backwards and forwards kind of match. Loved the finish too with Shelton hitting the T-Bone OVER Helms. The controversy at the end was a nice end to this feud too. Odds are we'll see a Ladder Match too, possibly at SummerSlam. The main thing is, Mac, you gave a tag team match almost 30 minutes at a PPV, and that's some brave shit. Most people just neglect the division, but I'm glad you treat it correctly.

Yet another quality segment between Steph and Hunter. I'm glad Trips didn't get the title shot, as, at this point, Kennedy/Rock is probably the better choice. Steph pretty much owned her hubby though, even though her reason for not giving him the shot was quite kind, that he's good enough to still earn it, instead of have it handed to him on a platter. Loved it when H snapped though. I can see him going psycho on more people than just Teddy Long now. His old school comments about him 'making' Steph as a character are, well, basically true, and all of this leads me to thinking this storyline is really going somehwhere ... but where. A McMahon-Helmsley reunion? Nah, that's too obvious and seems like something Reney would do {<3 him really }. It should be good though, whatever angle you choose.

I guess after the match we just saw from The Hooligans/Connection, even a main event of this calibre had a way to go to match it. Sounded solid enough though. Two main things appealed to me. First of all, Big Dave got taken out by Naitch ... accidentally of course. But whatever way you want to look at it Flair just cost 'Tista yet another title match effectively. This is all leading to a feud between the two I'm sure to propel Slick Ric into the World title scene by next year, but is SummerSlam too soon? I personally think it is. What with Cena {the man fucking owns tbh} blowing off everyone including Dave and high tailing it, perhaps some kind of bad ass heel/heel monster match is on the cards for 'Slam. Hmmm. We'll see. Great ending with KK effectively 'letting' Rocky get the win and the title shot, something I failed to see happening but makes perfect sense. I think I would have marked had Rock nailed KK afterwards, but, well, Rocky isn't going to do that now is he? This is a great reversal of the Austin/Rock feud, with Rock a veteran face against the youngster face. Their feud should be epic, Mac, make it happen please. Big fuck off ending with The Game following through on his not so empty threat after all. You really emphasised the beating he gave Kennedy, so I guess those two are coming together soon for a showdown, but I actually don't want it to interfere in the KK/Rock stuff now. Maybe it can take place afterwards. No Triple Threat plz. I'd rather not see that. High profile one-on-one feuds are much better at the big PPV's to be honest. Still, this was a classic ending to the PPV, Mac.

Overall, this was a really solid single brand PPV, Mac. Don't know why you ever went with mixed brand at Backlash. Kind of sucked. Anywho, basically every match was great, ESPECIALLY the tag title one and the Main Event. You've got me stacked for SummerSlam with only two matches on the card, and this Triple H thing is blowing my mind. One thing, Mac Attack, are both Raw and SD going to be IN FULL now 'til 'Slam now, like the 'Mania build? Plz let it be so
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