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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Great American Bash Feedback

Four biggest matches get the spotlight in the opening V.P, no complaints there. Thought maybe you would incorporate Triple H but that would be a little tough. Daniels being singled out makes me think he won’t win tonight, as I am still going with my original pick - Matt Hardy.

Great choice to open the PPV, a mid-card match that has a ton of potential. Regal should be pissed that Punk beat him, but Punk won’t go down easily, glad to see him even stuff up. Punk looks to have the match won but Regal plays master manipulator so well, making the ref toss out the chair and then grabbing the brass knucks. GTS … but Punk gets knocked out cold!! Arrogant way for Regal to get the three count, very shocked to see Punk lose this way, ending his undefeated streak. Edgier Punk to continue this feud, plz.

KK not here yet? Maybe playing a little mind games with Rocky? Interesting, to say the least. Rock isn’t really one to wait around.

Chavo is focused, Rey is surely getting focused, can’t wait to see who wins the “Battle of Respect”, tbh.

Figured that this match would be as fast-paced as it gets, and awesome to see each man have the advantage during the match. Sabin is the only face in the match and he is domination but can’t finish off either man, with Kash hitting the Dead Level!! Perfect way for Noble to retain, tossing Kash out of the ring and then hitting the Tiger Bomb on Sabin for the win. Probably puts Sabin out of the title picture right now, very interested to see what will happen with the CW Title now.

Forgot that SS was gonna be 3.5 hours~! In Full?? Sounds the sex.

KK arriving late and giving Steph the smart-ass answer = bad-ass for KK. Steph has a big decision to make regarding Triple H and I don’t see her giving him what he wants, his ego is too big, imo.

“Caged Animals”, huh? Your originality is amazing, Mac. Didn’t expect this to be anything but an incredibly physical war … glad to see you think the same. Henry dominates the middle of the match, but Finlay makes the comeback, looking to have the match won after the DDT … but Teddy is using the shillelagh~! LMAO at the cracka line, tbh. Teddy gets involved but ends up costing Henry the match, with Henry crushing Long against the cage. Finlay gets the win, which was the best choice to end the feud, as Henry looks strong. T-Lo is amazing as a manager, imo … I don’t see this being the beginning of a split.

Rey getting into “game shape” is pretty cool for the feud … shows just how much each man wants to be the winner.

Daniels denying anything to do with Lashley makes sense, he is an awesome heel. Kristal mentioning NM 06 was cool … Daniels did seem to be owned by that.

Lashley saying he didn’t know who attacked him is expected … makes the “attacker” seem even more interesting. All this tension between Daniels and Lashley makes me think Chris didn’t do it.

Guess you don’t like Jeff … I’m a member of that club … just doesn’t interest me. Sounded like a good three-way match, with Daniels not looking as strong as I thought he would. The high-impact moves sounded cool but the third man was always there to break it up. Tower of Doom was a nice touch and I knew that Matt had the win as soon as Daniels fell to the outside. Matt pinning Jeff makes me think they won’t feud in the future … but I could be wrong. Matt acting like a heel in this match, Lashley getting injured, me thinks the older Hardy was the attacker … he was able to capitalize. Matt vs. Fallen Angel should be the next feud, imo.

Short and simple promo from the CC … no way they are losing to L&K tonight, we need new tag champs.

KK and Rock have a pretty good confrontation … which was expected as they are partners that don’t necessarily like each other. KK is the one who is more smug and Rocky is the intimidator. I don’t see any back-stabbing playing out tonight … but I also don’t see them getting the W against Cena/Batista.

The staredown to start the mathc between Rey and Chavo goes along with the whole “respect” thing that this match is all about. Glad to see the two pick up the pace as the match went on, not wanting to let each other off easy. Chavo hitting the three amigos and the frog splash was pretty cool. Rey kicks out and hits the 619 but Chavo gets him in position for the Gory Bomb … sunset flip variation for the win~! Didn’t really wanna see Rey get the win tonight, but the loss by Chavo still made him look strong. Glad to see the handshake take place, as they both look like faces. I will give you more predictions about these two later in the review.

Glad that Naitch still likes Batista the most, almost using his name a few times. Cena isn’t real happy to be with these two, that much was apparent, and I see a possible Dave vs. Cena feud in the future, if KK & Rocky get the win.

Like the CC earlier, nice, short interview by L&K. They have proved a ton but I still think that it is Helms and Benji’s turn … they will be the next tag champs, imo.

Everyone knew that the tag title contest was going to me the MOTN, and I’m glad to see that it didn’t disappoint. Neither team having the distinct advantage throughout the first 20 minutes is kinda hard to believe, but the teams are pretty evenly matched. The ending sounded pretty awesome, as Benji makes the blind tag, out of view of everyone, and the T-Bone off the top rope on London would be sick to see … we all know London would be willing to take that bump. Benjamin wins the match for the CC … finally TT Champions~! Kendrick is pissed at the ref but the video doesn’t lie … Benji was the legal man. I don’t see the Hooligans getting their rematch right away … even though a match between the two with a stip at SS would be awesome. Instead, I think that you will continue the Rey-Chavo feud, having them face the CC at SS, getting both men on the card, and then have the CC retain while something happens between Rey and Chavo to continue the feud. Would be a cool idea, imo.

Finally we get to hear Steph’s decision. Maybe should have had a bit more conversation before Steph dropped the news … and just like I thought … H is NOT getting his title shot. The reasoning was awesome by Steph, making her still a face, and now Triple H is pissed beyond belief, with his manipulation not working out. He throws a bitch fit, tearing up the office, and I think Steph will regret not making him leave the arena … he is going to do something big to hurt her brand.

This main event didn’t disappoint, but I was surprised that Rocky and KK had more tension between them than Cena and ‘Tista. Good way to finish the match, with Cena and KK tagging out to their partners, but Rock has the advantage on Batista while Cena gets KK into position … but he wipes out the referee~! Flair goes for the MITB Shot on KK … but he drills Batista! Cena leaving is awesome for his character, now we will definitely see a heel vs. heel feud in Batista vs. Cena. Rock hits the PE to get the victory, and become the #1 contender for SS! KK vs. Rocky will be awesome and I know The Rock isn’t turning heel, hence the handshake between he and Ken. Triple H is back and attacks both men~! Pedigree to KK~! Like someone else said, the match banner makes me think we won’t see a Triple Threat match at SS, and I see Steph suspending H for a month, with the help of Vince possibly. Awesome way to end the show, with Triple H on top.

Very good PPV recap, Mac. Like you said, this sets up a bunch of options for SS, with the SD! main event being set, gonna be a huge one, imo. This Triple H storyline is still the most interesting part of the thread, can’t wait to see where it goes next. SS in FULL is going to be huge and I can’t wait to read it. Can’t wait for Raw and this PPV deserves a 9/10.


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