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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Love the new avatar btw.


Seems the WWE Title situation is a clusterfuck, which always makes for fun. Could see an Elimination Chamber coming soon. Orton’s Army seeming to be on the verge of explosion most definitely = ratings. 8 man battle royal seems an add # of cats, but at least only the actual potential contenders are there, rather than a 20 man with 12 wannabes.

Victoria > Gail Kim. Embrace between the two = meh.

Almost spaced JBL as IC Champ. Awesomeness for sure.

JBL was good as always. Did well putting himself over, and seems very confident going into the battle royal.

Gotta agree with Morrison on the ‘Phenom’ knock. How long have I been saying this? Monday > Doane. And hell, for that matter, Nitro > Morrison. Anyway, really like this segment. So realistic in presentation. I could envision it happening, and it now makes the ‘Manipulation’ tagline make sense. Orton was very convincing here in presenting his argument. Melina was good too.

Can’t deny the meh’ishness of Mercury and Masters being Orton’s partners though. I know I’ve been ragging on the thing for months, but geez. Orton >>>>>> them. And I don’t have any serious problems with either, especially Joey.

Coach being infatuated with Beth is an intriguing side angle for sure. Anyway, I guess Mickie is hurt then?

Doane vs. Striker = Meh. Sorry.

Quite awesome segment between the divas there. Vicky seems to be snapping as the face, while Mickie is the heel. Now am I correct that Mickie’s been in her original heel character all this time (like since pre-Mania 22)? Anyway, Vicky sure made Mickie look like a bitch here, no pun intended.

Wonderful segment with MVP. Love the character, the expose, and Luther as his bodyguard. The insults were great, as was his being manipulated by Orton. Really fun show tonight.

Bizarre to have Ranjin as interviewer? WTF? I’m with HBK, where the fuck is Maria. Anyway, HBK was good trying to be hip and all. Hated the corny childish shot at RVD, and I didn’t like him assuming guys were ‘whacking off’ in their dressing rooms. Funny and all, but not realistic. Other than that, spot on. He obviously won’t win though.

Who in the name of who’s is Bobby Mcnabb? Short work by Haas. Seems as though everyone always tries to make Haas take a peculiar role, as they can’t seem to figure out what to do with him. I can understand that, but its nothing new at this point. I’ll tell you the only way to get Haas over, and over well. Give him a tag team partner and a manager who can talk, tell everyone he’s Charming, and let him simply work in the ring. *Cough* Midnight Express *Cough*.

JBL’s chicken is worried. Tell me again, who the hell is she? How she get with booger?

Sort of a mixed bag of Angle there, with his not so intense and intense sides meeting in the middle. BE interesting to see where you take Angle., I could see an Angle-HBK match on the cards for SummerSlam, assuming they lose.

Decent eight man tag to get the boys out there. Love the RWC, and glad they have the gold. The rest of the division needs some freshening up I think. Tag teams, quite obviously, are very important to me. I’d like to see some new teams created. Also, I wish you’d have called DH just Harry Smith. I mean DH, WTF?

Estrada owns, and Umaga is being built good here too it seems. He owns like hell. Orton did well in showing his fear. Good segment.

RVD obviously won’t win (at least I don’t think), but good to see him get the pre-match promo, and seemingly some newfound intensity.

Main event was great. LOVE how all of JBL’s shenanigans backfired on him off tops. Poor Angle gets caught off guard second. Seems to be floundering away tbh. RVD outski courtesy of some sweet chin was well done. Love how some bigger names are gone, and younger names remain at this point. Loved RVD coming back in and taking out RVD, and I am now remembering their feud, and I also take back what I said about HBK’s insult earlier. Also taking back the Angle-HBK call, as I now see some sort of gimmick rubber match between these two, whilst Angle will likely be fed to Umaga. Love how it came down to the three men Orton made deals with. Making Umaga go first was the smart move. The finish was done perfectly with Orton being chased by the two men who know longer gave a fuck about teaming up. Perfect eliminations, and perfect play on nearly being eliminated by Orton. Porter and Morrison get decent rubs, and Orton-Edge get to continue/climax/finish their deal on a grand stage.

Edge coming out and announcing TLC only iced the cake.

Great show Mac. It flowed well, and was overall just a really fun read. Look for my Raw recap to round out my recaps by tomorrow, and then LEAVE MY COMMENTS! I’ll get to Smackdown and predics in a couple dayz. <3

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