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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

July 20th Smackdown! Feedback

Awesome say to kick off the show, with the five most entertaining guys on SD all in the ring together. Everyone knew that the tension between Rock and KK was going to start at some time and we saw the first glimpse of it right here. Great back and forth between all five guys, and now we get the tension between Cena and Batista, with both wanting a shot at KK. Cena locking in the STFU heading into the Main Event tonight is big … and a win over KK would make him the favorite heading into the GAB.

T-Lo thinking that Steph sent Triple H after him may be a little foreshadowing for what will happen … when Steph and H get on the same side. Finlay vs. Teddy is interesting but the match won’t be pretty, with Mark Henry playing a big part only two days before his SC encounter with the Irishman.

Regal over Funaki sent a message to CM Punk … that Regal could be a great competitor when he is pissed off. Regal calls out Punk but the great young superstar simply stays at the top of the ramp, pissing Regal off even more before their match at the GAB. Really looking forward to seeing where Punk goes after that match.

After all that has been done in the whole Rey-Chavo saga, the sit-down interview was good for the final hype. Chavo is acting kinda like we have seen Eddie act in the past … he is a heel but doesn’t seem like the violent type. Glad that Chavo wants to step up in the WWE and his match against Rey will be solid … more feedback in the predictions, imo.

Hype video for the Hooligans vs. CC feud wasn’t necessary but it was a very nice touch. Helms and Benjamin are the more talented team … but they have reasons to be frustrated against London and Kendrick. Confrontation later sounds the sex.

The triple threat match for the CW Title at the GAB is looking good and glad that Sabin gets his chance at Noble … like Kash did last week. Kash distracts Noble long enough for Sabin to get the victory, making him look very strong heading into Sunday. Should be an awesome match between these three.

Knew that the interview with Rey was coming and he has a different opinion about the match at the GAB. Chavo has done some bad stuff to Rey and Rey just wants the respect from Chavo … but I don’t see that happening.

Pretty much how I expected the match between T-Lo and Finlay to go down. I thought that Henry might get in a clean shot on Finlay but neither man caused much damage, with Finlay just simply throwing Henry over the top. Finlay gets the win and the staredown between the two was great hype for their big STEEL CAGE encounter in two days time … should be a “slobberknocker”.

Good in-ring interview by both teams … with Matthews serving as the reason that all four men are in the ring. Helms was in character, stating that the feud is only about the tag team titles. I liked London’s line about the fact that the titles make the feud personal. Good back and forth between Kendrick and Shelton to end the segment, with this being one of the most anticipated matches on the card for the GAB.

Good interview from Cena and I like that he has stayed intense throughout this entire feud with The Rock, Batista, and KK. He is very confident that he is going to SS … but that won’t happen, imo. Flair and Batista can’t be happy at the fact that Cena is so arrogant heading into the PPV.

I am absolutely lovin’ the whole thing going on between H and Steph. Triple H wanted the answer this week … but everyone knew we’d have to wait until the GAB. He makes the bid for the match but Steph doesn’t seem too convinced … and then Triple H puts on the charm. Great speech by The Game, really hyping up the possible match between Triple H and Kennedy. I love how he put down the other three challengers and made the bid for himself. Not as awesome as last week’s confrontation … but a stellar promo nonetheless.

Great to see Daniels get the match against Lashley, just two days before the big 4-way contest. Good chemistry between these two … but then Lashley seems to be hurt. Not sure if this is a work or a “legit” injury … usually you’d see Daniels do more to the US Champ. If Lashley is hurt, then he’d be dropping the belt for sure at GAB. Matt and Jeff come to the ring and I love the big showdown between the brothers, with both wanting to hold the prestigious title.

Interesting interview from KK. He definitely isn’t the favorite heading into the main event, based on what happened to him earlier. Match with Cena should be good but the last comment makes me think that if KK wins … Rock or H will be getting the shot at SS.

Would have liked a little more detail in the main event, but the aftermath was good. KK and Cena go for a decent amount of time, with Cena looking like he will get the win … ROCK BOTTOM~! Two straight weeks with the RB to Cena and the big brawl between the four to end the show just gives the match at the GAB even more hype … can’t wait.

Overall, great way to get the final hype in for the PPV. Every segment/match served its purpose and I really can’t wait for the PPV. Awesome job by making the Mega Tag Team match even more intriguing, with the tension between both sides. Good job, 9/10.


Final Card for The Great American Bash
July 22nd, 2007
San Jose, California

Mega Tag Team Match:
World Hvwt. Champion Mr. Kennedy & ‘The Great One’ The Rock vs.
‘The Boss’ John Cena & ‘The Animal’ Batista w/‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair
{If The Rock, Cena or Batista pick up the deciding fall, they earn a World Title Match at SummerSlam; if Kennedy wins, he chooses his SS opponent.}

Contrary to what everyone believes … I think that KK vs. Batista III has to happen. I don’t know when the final encounter would be if it isn’t at SS. I see the end of the match going down with Batista and Rock as the legal men, where Cena comes in and F-U’s Rock … before Batista throws Cena out of the ring. Batista will face KK … and Rock will face Cena at SS. Too early for ‘Taker’s big return, imo.

Triple H’s Championship Fate:
Stephanie McMahon decides on The Game’s World Title Fate

Stephanie knows more than she is letting on, imo. Triple H may think that he has her fooled … but he doesn’t. Steph makes The Game earn his WHC shot … and he is pissed beyond belief. Hope this segment is written in full, tbh.


WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The Hooligans vs. The Carolina Connection

The CC can’t lose to these guys again. I am gonna go with new Tag Team Champions and a possible Ladder or 2 of 3 falls match to end the feud at SS.

A Matter of Respect:
Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

This feud is far from over. Rey gets the win with some sort of roll-up or small package, with Chavo possibily going nuts after the match is over.

Steel Cage Match:
‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay vs. ‘The Silverback’ Mark Henry

Finlay >>> Henry in almost every way … this brutal of a match will make neither man look weak and would be a good way to get Finlay into the US Title scene.

United States Championship; Fatal Four Way Match:
‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy
vs. ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels w/Allison Danger

I think that you are using the injury to keep Lashley looking strong but to also have him drop the belt. Matt is the best choice as the new champion and I see him jumping into a feud with Daniels before the inevitable feud with his younger brother.

Cruiserweight Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Jamie Noble vs. Chris Sabin vs. Kid Kash

Noble just got the belt and neither Kash nor Sabin deserves to hold it yet, imo. Should be an exciting match though.

Singles Match:
William Regal vs. CM Punk

Punk is the future of Smackdown … I don’t see him losing until No Mercy at the earliest.


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