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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Great American Bash Predics

Cruiser title match to open the show. I can see Noble retaining and continue his feud with Kash. Kash getting the title in a triple threat would be a nice surprise for me but you already did that with Edge so I'm picking Jamie Noble to retain. On the other hand, Sabin could pick up the belt and have Kash and Noble feud without the title and Sabin could get new challengers

CM Punk over Regal for obvious reasons. Booker will probably be a factor

Finlay will probably go over Henry considering the no holds barred match few weeks ago. T-Lo will try and help Henry but will get hurt real bad (Vicky's wheelchair sort of stunt). Just a plain guess at something

Bobby Lashley will retain the title and lose it at 'Slam or SmackDown a little later on imo. Daniels also has a slim chance of taking the title but I can't see him defend it against Bobby at a rematch and retain just like that

Carolina Connection gets the titles in the only title change of the event. New tag teams in the title picture afterwards. I see either a multiple team sort of match at 'Slam or no title defense at all

Chavo Guerrero has been built up to the point that him going over Rey wouldn't be much of a surprise. Honestly, I'd be surprised if Rey wins here. The victory for Chavo Guerrero. Both to chase the cruiser title afterwards imo

The main event tag match has had a lot of buildup, probably more than it deserves. A match like this couldn't headline a PPV in this era and NWO of 07 proved it. But the elements in the match should make it good. Cena vs. Kennedy will not happen at SummerSlam. Batista vs. Kennedy doesn't deserve another top PPV spot imo. Rock vs. Kennedy seems the most logical choice but Mr. Kennedy gets the win in screwjob fashion thanks to a returning Triple H. Steph to turn heel soon afterwards on SD imo

Average card tbh. Rey|Chavo and the Triple H situation intrigue me most. Might edit some SmackDown feedback soon...


SmackDown Feedback

The show started off in an amazing way. Rock and KK will have an amazing program but I don't think it'll come at SummerSlam. I see Cena vs. Rock at 'Slam. KK just about looked like Superman until the real Superman took back his spot. Honestly, I don't know how Kennedy's competing after passing out earlier in the night. Cena looked invincible

Steph and T Lo mesh well together (not in that way). This builds some steam for Finlay|Henry at 'Slam. Regal|Punk is something I don't want to see on PPV and this promo didn't tempt me either. Not saying that it was bad but it's not the best way to propel a weak feud higher up. Now Guerrero|Rey on the other hand is something that has captured my interest. They can have a classic at the Bash if it's a clean match and by the looks of it, seems that way. Chavo beating Rey clean = buyrates

This is the best tag team feud in this thread. The in-ring stuff has the potential to be spectacular and the history is good too. Sabin looked strong coming off this match but Kash looked stronger. Moreover, Noble looked a champion that is going to face overwhelming odds, which is integral for a three way buildup

Rey did the same thing that Chavo did and that's get me pumped for the biggest match in the GAB (imo). Oh, how I miss midcard feuds on TV. Henry|Finlay is looking nice for the steel cage match. Innnovative booking is your friend for any gimmick match so I'll look for something unorthodox. Teddy getting squashed is fab.

Great interview and did a great job to put this match over. I'm expecting a very high position on the card. All four will break out as superstars soon

John Cena has the least chance of the four come the Bash imo. The Triple H promo was a great follow-up to last week's. Not quite as good but Trips put over his offer in a great way. The GAB card lacked in depth but this added quite a bit to it. I don't see Steph and Trips fighting much more although this kind of characterization of both are amazing. Triple H vs. Kennedy or Triple H vs. Batista vs. Kennedy at 'Slam imo and after Trips fails to capture the gold, Steph will turn heel and even if Trips manages to win the title, Steph will join him. That's my analysis of the plot in the coming month. As I said before, phenomenal storyline, drag it out as long as you can and keep delivering these promos in full

Daniels looked super strong against Lashley. But ulike for everybody else that just increases his chances of winning the title but I still see Lashley holding on to it. Hardyz are way too one dimensional. Depth plz, atleast an part of what Triple H and Stephanie have. Kennedy obviously alluding to the Rock even though he sounded mysterious. Rock won't face Ken though, he has unfinished business with a certain someone

Big time main event and a great way to close the show. A brawl will always increase people's incentive to buy the event. Overall I thought the show was stacked. As I stated earlier, Bash looks average from my view. And now that all of that is finished and if all of my predictions are wrong, then the Undertaker might also hind a return come the Bash, which will probably push another huge storyline on SmackDown. Goodluck with Bash, Mac. Will look for it
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