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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Originally Posted by Invincible View Post
Make Randy Orton a little less of a pussy plz.
That comes with confidence, something Orton has been rather short on since losing the championship, so it wouldn't make much sense at the moment for him to walk around big and bad. In due time...

I don't understand why superstars watch the backstage interviews but not the segments.
The way I figure it is the interviews and matches are televised "in-house," while the segments aren't. That's how I've treated it (recently at least), though the WWE has broken that consistently.

I wouldn't buy a main eventer like him running from two mid carders tbh but that's just me.
Not running cause he's scared though, he's running because it's a battle royal and two people of equal or bigger size could dump him over the top without it being too hard.

Originally Posted by PatMan View Post
So is Bobby McNabb the brother of Donovan McNabb? Nice jobber names, Mac.

Originally Posted by Legend View Post
Yeah, I can definitely see Angelina being proved right tonight. JBL's screwed to be honest. Another really nice segment between these two. Good chemistry you've created.
Thanks . To answer a question of yours from a few months back, that's the reason I didn't want to use Jillian. I wanted this partnership to be different than the rest of Layfield's where he's kinda just a dick for no reason. Angelina has an opinion, says it, it annoys JBL to no end, but he keeps her around because she has his best interest in mind and clearly knows what she's talking about.

Originally Posted by WCW Rules
Heh, nice inside joke with the Tag Teams. Smith/Holly is a decent tandem but this second/third generation bullshit is starting to get to me, TBF. Redneck Wrecking Crew? Bleh. Not too fond of AMW either, and the RKO Army is weak, pathetic IMO. AMW wins a rather meh match, which spells some good for them.
Yeah, quite a few iffy tandems; I know. I haven't bothered to build any up on Raw outside of the RWC in the last year, which is the problem.

Thanks for all the reviews though. I think I've made all the rounds though...


Friday Night SmackDown! - July 20th, 2007

Between The Rock and a Hard Place

The night kicks off with ‘The People’s Champion’ THE ROCK coming down to the ring to a monster ovation. He grabs a microphone, and says that he doesn’t want to wait until the GAB, instead, he wants Cena, Batista, Rock and he wants them now.
The crowd erupts …
…but get even louder, when MR. KENNEDY makes his way down to the ring. KK grabs himself a mic, and says no offense, but Rock can’t get Cena tonight, because KK’s got himself a match with The Boss tonight.
The Great One immediately fires back by saying if he needed Kennedy’s permission, he would’ve asked for it. The tension between Rock and KK immediately picks up, and the crowd knows it … but before it can go to far, ‘The Animal’ BATISTA, ‘The Boss’ JOHN CENA, and ‘The Nature Boy’ RIC FLAIR step out onto the stage. Flair does the talking for the bunch tonight. Naitch says he can see that the match in two days will be a cakewalk because the massive egos of KK and Rock can’t get along for five minutes talking to one another, let alone long enough to beat two of the most dominant athletes to step foot into a wrestling ring. That’s why, Naitch says, when Batista beats either of those two chumps, he’ll beat Kennedy and regain his World Heavyweight Championship.
Cena takes offense, and snatches the mic from Flair. He tells Naitch that Batista won’t win a damn thing, and if he thinks so, he’s more senile than he looks. The Animal steps up and into Cena’s face, and once more the crowd rises in anticipation of a clash. That doesn’t happen, however, as The Rock tells all three to just bring it.
The heels do just that, running down to the ring! Rock & KK more than hold their own, with Kennedy going at it with Batista as Rock battles Cena, but the numbers game catches up with Rocky, when NAITCH HITS A LOW BLOW, and The Boss follows up by laying Rock out with the FU!! Opposite Cena, KK BLASTS Batista in the face with the World Title belt, knocking him out! Flair attempts to help his protégé, but KK DRILLS him as well! KK lets out a “KENNEDY” to a strong pop …

…but he’s soon tripped down to the canvas, and put in the STF-U by Cena!!!

The World Title hits and remains on the ground in front of both Kennedy and The Boss, and they both glare at the prestigious championship while the devastating hold is applied, KK fading away, while Cena screams with intensity.


Inside of her office, Stephanie McMahon is on the phone … but that’s soon interrupted as Teddy Long and Mark Henry storm into her office. Steph hangs up, and notices that T-Lo is sporting a black eye. She asks him what happened, and Long scoffs, saying he knows damn well that she sent Triple H to do that to his eye. McMahon seems confused, and rightfully so, but Long doesn’t buy it, and goes into one of his awesome racial tirades, even managing to get in a shot or two at Finlay, Henry’s opponent for the GAB. After listening to Long go on and on, Steph merely responds that Long will have an opportunity tonight to take out all his frustrations … in a MATCH … against FINLAY!! Both Henry and Long begin to shout in frustration, but Steph ignores them, picking up the phone and dialing some numbers as they continue to scream.

The first match of the night isn’t exactly competitive, as the former United States Champion William Regal takes on Funaki. Poor Funaki gets slaughtered by a pissed off Englishman, who simply beats him from pillar to post, before dropping him on his head with a Regal Plex, and forcing him to submit to the Regal Stretch @ 2:56.
After the match, incensed, Regal grabs himself a microphone, and lays into CM Punk, trashing everything he stands for, before stating that he’s gonna put an end to this rookie’s ‘push’ before it even gets started. The Straightedge Superstar steps out onto the stage, receiving a nice ovation. Punk doesn’t say a word, merely standing with a cocky smirk, as Regal looks like he’s ready to … uh … blow the fuck up.

We then cut to a sit-down interview, taped earlier in the week, with Tazz talking to Chavo Guerrero. Tazz asks Chavito about his upcoming GAB match with Rey Mysterio and what the recent disputes between the two has done to their friendship. Chavo responds by saying that he loves Rey Mysterio … but that’s not what this is about. Guerrero says that, in recent weeks, Mysterio has disrespected Chavo … by touching on some real truths. Guerrero states that he has been fine with coasting in this business … but not anymore. At the GAB, he will correct his past wrongs by beating Rey Mysterio clean in the middle of the ring; no cheap shots, no tricks, nothing, except Chavo Guerrero beating his friend, and establishing himself as a true force in this business.


Back from the break, we get a video package on the Hooligans-Carolina Connection feud, which has reinvigorated and elevated the tag team division to new heights in 2007. The video highlights that the competitiveness has turned into frustration, with The Hooligans aggravated by the apparent superiority of Benjamin and Helms, while The Connection are irritated with failing to recapture the belts on several occasions. Once the VP finishes, a Hooligans-CC confrontation is hyped up for later tonight, with London and Kendrick looking to call out their title contenders.

Kid Kash watches from ringside, as we get our second match of the night, with Chris Sabin taking on the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble in a non-title match. Noble and Sabin put on a solid enough contest, not going too long, and in the end, a distraction from the Notorious K.I.D. allows Sabin to pick up the win, rolling Noble up @ 7:12.
Noble throws a fit, while Sabin holds up his hands in celebration, and Kash watches with a smirk from ringside.


We cut to another pre-taped sit-down interview. This time, Tazz sits with Rey Mysterio. Tazz asks Rey if he regrets making this feud with Chavo Guerrero personal. Mysterio states that Guerrero is the one making it personal, by conspiring against him at Backlash, originally lying about it on SmackDown, and effectively mocking him at Judgment Day. Rey says that this Sunday is not about friendship, or even hatred, it’s about respect. He continues, stating that Chavo will no longer doubt his ability or his heart after the GAB.

The third match of the night sees poor Teddy Long, with Mark Henry at ringside, take on ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay. The two meet in the ring, and the second that the bell rings, Long tries to bail, but Finlay quickly grabs him, and takes him down with a lariat! The Fighting Irish Bastard then tosses him into the corner, and begins beating him senseless with hard right hands! Henry steps into the ring, quickly shoves the ref out of the way, and charges toward Finlay. The Irishman quickly sidesteps Henry, and tosses him over the top rope! Finlay then grabs Long, lifts him up, before planting him with the CELTIC CROSS! Finlay pins Long for the three count @ 1:41.
The crowd cheers as Finlay grabs his SHILLELAGH and rolls out of the ring! The Fighting Irishman looks ready to completely wallop the rising Henry … but quickly, several security guards run down to the ring to keep the two separated. With a look of ice, Finlay simply points his weapon at Henry, but The Silverback doesn’t seem impressed, slamming his chest with his fist, yelling at Finlay to bring it, just two days before they meet in a steel cage.


Josh Matthews waits in the ring, ready to conduct a big-time interview. Matthews states that he’ll be talking to both tandems in the WWE Tag Team Championship Match at the GAB, and soon brings out the champions, The Hooligans, and the challengers, The Carolina Connection, each team coming out to a mixed reaction. Matthews wonders whether or not this feud has gone from being about competition and tag team gold, and gotten into the personal area.
Helms states that for he and Shelton, it’s always about business, and this Sunday, they’ll be taking care of business when they take back the tag team titles.
London speaks up next and says that as far as he’s concerned, there is NOTHING more personal than the WWE Tag Team Titles, so yeah, this has ALWAYS been personal.
Kendrick grabs the mic from his partner, and states that for the last few months or so, everybody around this place has been treating The Hooligans as paper champions, continuously insinuating that the CC were the ‘uncrowned champs’, and it was only a matter of time before they took the belts, but yet, here they stand, a few months later, and The Hooligans still have the titles. Benjamin grabs the mic from Helms, and puts it as simple as can be, “Give us two more days, and we can fix that for ya’.”
The four incredibly talented wrestlers all stare around at one another, before Matthews ‘presents’ our tag team title match for Sunday, and the crowd lets out a nice ovation, with both tandems eyes locked in on one another.


Backstage, Kristal Marshall conducts an interview with ‘The Boss’ John Cena. The Doctor of Thuganomics hits on all the main points (the main event tag at GAB, the lack of chemistry between him and Batista, and his hatred of The Rock), before he moves onto tonight’s main event against Mr. Kennedy. The Boss states that tonight is merely going to be a preview of the SummerSlam M.E., because after he beats Rock & KK at the GAB, he’ll beat KK at SummerSlam and take the WHC. Cena then walks off, before we get a quick shot of Batista and Flair watching in the locker room, shaking their heads.

Stephanie McMahon sits in her office, and seems to be off in space, deep in thought … before TRIPLE H walks into the room. Dressed in his shirt and jeans, H walks over and taps Steph on the shoulder. McMahon turns to her ex-husband.

Stephanie McMahon: Two weeks in a row? People might start to think you actually work here.

Triple H: Hilarious.

Stephanie McMahon:
What’s this I hear about you assaulting Teddy Long last week?

Triple H: Assault? That’s what he said?

Stephanie McMahon: That’s what he’s saying.

Triple H:
… He blames whitey for everything. You gonna listen to that guy?

~ Stephanie rolls her eyes, not buying it; H continues.

Triple H:
Enough about Long. Who gives a crap? We’ve got more important things to discuss.

Stephanie McMahon: Like what?

Triple H: Come on, Steph. Like … the biggest superstar in this industry getting back what belongs to him. Triple H getting back the World Heavyweight Championship. And I need you to make that happen.

~ Stephanie sighs, scratching the side of her head a bit, as H shakes his head.

Triple H:
You said you needed to think. It’s been a week … so here I am.

Stephanie McMahon:
I … don’t have an answer for you yet.

Triple H: Jesus--

Stephanie McMahon: Sunday. Great American Bash. You show up, I’ll have an answer for you.

~ Hunter sighs, and runs his hands through his hair, before he nods, and turns to leave the office. We close in on Hunter’s face, clearly thinking, and H turns around.

Triple H:
Look … Steph. I know that you don’t want to feel that you’d be doing this for personal reasons … so I want you to think about this.
Who wants to see Kennedy take on Batista for the third time? Huh? Yeah, it’s a big match, but we’ve seen it. Or Kennedy versus Cena again? Hell, who wants to see Rock and Kennedy kiss each others’ asses for four weeks, before they wrestle a match of (air quotes) “respect”? Huh? I wouldn’t.

~ Stephanie folds her arms, defensive … but listening.

Triple H: But think about it … Mr. Kennedy defends the title against THE GAME!! Your boy, Kennedy, after all of the success, and the rumble win, and the Houdini escapes with the World Title intact, finally steps up against a man who can stop it all with one move. With one Pedigree, can send him back to mediocrity. With one Pedigree, can send his ass back to jerkin’ the curtain. Every pimple-faced teen in the audience watchin’, hopin’, wishin’, prayin’ that Kennedy can somehow, someway pull out the win against the big, bad, evil Triple H … who can DESTROY his entire CAREER … with only … one … Pedigree.

~ Triple H stares into Stephanie’s eyes, attempting to gauge her reception … but he can’t … so he continues.

Triple H: OR … or, Mr. Kennedy, after all the doubters saying he’s nothing but a fluke, a one-hit wonder, a wrestler who sneaks by, after all of that, Kennedy mans up, and puts The King of Kings down … keeps his belt … gets the respect, and becomes the hottest thing that this industry has ever seen … and where is he? He’s not on Monday Night Raw … he’s here on SmackDown, filling these arenas, bumping these ratings, boosting those buyrates. All the sudden, he’s got FX kissing your ass.

~ Steph … has become almost … enamored with the scenario Hunter lays out, eyes locked on H, who smirks.

Triple H: It’s right there for the taking. It’s The Game versus the World Heavyweight Champion! The Cerebral Assassin against The Mouth of Green Bay! It’s Triple H versus Mr. Kennedy! It’s … The King … versus … The Prince.

~ Almost unconsciously, it would seem, Steph lets out her trademark smirk, with the scenario that Hunter has laid out.

Stephanie McMahon: That’s catchy.

Triple H: Who wouldn’t pay to see that, huh? Two guys who can talk like we can talk, have our charisma -- Steph … we’d jam ‘em to the damn rafters … Just … think about it. See ya Sunday.

~ Hunter turns and leaves the room, while Steph leans back in her chair, rubbing her chin…


The fourth match sees the United States Champion Bobby Lashley take on ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels, just one of his three opponents at the GAB. Daniels struggles during the early going of the match up, miffed by Lashley’s power and explosiveness. Eventually though, the former CW Champ figures him out a bit, using his veteran experience and craftiness to avoid and stay in control of the bigger Lashley. Heading into the final stretch of the match, Daniels manages to sidestep an oncoming Lashley Spear, causing the U.S. Champion to tumble through the ropes and to the outside. The Real Deal comes up holding his right shoulder in pain. The ref quickly rolls out of the ring, and checks on Lashley, while Daniels taunts the crowd. After five seconds or so, the ref rolls back in the ring, and says something quickly to Daniels. The Fallen Angel quickly rolls out of the ring, grabs the U.S. TITLE BELT, and THEN DRILLS LASHLEY IN THE SKULL!!
The ref calls for the bell @ 8:22, and Lashley sort of … crumbles to the ground, still favoring his shoulder. As The Fallen Angel rolls into the ring, showing off Lashley’s title, several referees jog down the entrance ramp to check on The Real Deal. Soon enough, however, both MATT AND JEFF HARDY sprint down to the entrance ramp to a monstrous ovation! Daniels immediately ditches the belt, and rolls out of the ring, just as the Hardys slide in. Matt and Jeff watch Daniels scurry up the ramp, but soon their attention turns to the title in the middle of the ring. The two brothers both stare down at the prestigious belt they’ll be battling over in a couple of days, while the commentators give us the hard sell … and Lashley’s being looked over by the in-house doctor.

Backstage, Steve Romero stands by with the World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Kennedy. KK states that the last time he and Cena went one on one, it was KK that picked up the victory, and he plans to repeat the process tonight. But after what went down earlier, and what he’s been thinking about for a while now, KK says that after he picks up the pin fall at the GAB … he’ll be facing someone he’s never faced before at S-Slam. Romero asks the obvious question, whether KK is talking about The Rock or not, but Kennedy responds with “Think what you want”, before he walks off.


The main event sees Mr. Kennedy and John Cena do battle. After gaining a feel for one another starting late last year, the two young studs put on a very solid, evenly-matched contest. The finish comes when Cena counters the World Champion’s Mic Check, and gets him up for the FU … but THE ROCK, returning the favor from last week, slides into the ring, AND PLANTS CENA WITH THE ROCK BOTTOM, his second in two weeks!!! The referee calls for the bell, DQ’ing KK @ 12:39.

Rock pounds his chest as he stares down, getting ANOTHER one up on Cena … but KK isn’t happy, spinning Rock around forcefully, and gets right into his face!

The crowd stirs as the two who’ll be partners in a mega tag match two days away begin to argue with one another, with Kennedy reminding Rock he told him to mind his own business, while Rocky responds by waving him off. KK possibly takes it a step too far when he puts his finger in The Rock’s face, and Rock gets ready to make him pay …


...BUT Rock is attacked from behind BY BATISTA!!

Kennedy thinks about helping Rock, but before he can make a decision, Cena spins him around, and rocks him with a hard right hand!! KK and Cena begin to brawl with one another, while Batista and Rock do much of the same, as we fade off the air, with our commentators giving the final hard sell for the mega tag team match and Great American Bash.



Final Card for The Great American Bash
July 22nd, 2007
San Jose, California

Mega Tag Team Match:
World Hvwt. Champion Mr. Kennedy & ‘The Great One’ The Rock vs.
‘The Boss’ John Cena & ‘The Animal’ Batista
w/‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair
{If The Rock, Cena or Batista pick up the deciding fall, they earn a World Title Match at SummerSlam; if Kennedy wins, he chooses his SS opponent.}

Triple H’s Championship Fate:
Stephanie McMahon decides on The Game’s World Title Fate


WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The Hooligans vs. The Carolina Connection

A Matter of Respect:
Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

Steel Cage Match:
‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay vs. ‘The Silverback’ Mark Henry

United States Championship; Fatal Four Way Match:
‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy
vs. ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels
w/Allison Danger

Cruiserweight Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Jamie Noble vs. Chris Sabin vs. Kid Kash

Singles Match:
William Regal vs. CM Punk


Current Card for SummerSlam
August 26th, 2007
East Rutherford, New Jersey

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena OR Batista OR The Rock

WWE Championship; TLC Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge
vs. 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton


~ Show banner credit - JBLoser
~ Match banner credit - Crazian


***Predictions for GAB are welcome***

for the week of September 28th


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