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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

WCW Rules' Review of Mac Daddy 'O's RAW

Hmm... interesting; starting off RAW with a Women's Match. Different, but cool. From the get go, I kinda knew Victoria would win, as she's been receiving quite a monster push as of late. I like Victoria as a dominant face, and I hope she defeats Mickie James. Hehe, your JBL = Da Shit! I'm always finding myself enjoying JBL's promos in this thread, and this was no exception. Nice dig at liberals, LOL. It was quaint how he detailed everything he did last week, and glorified it per his character. What a fool; he'll get what's coming to him in the end, perhaps in the Battle Royale tonight, since he douped everybody last week.

Haha! I love the Legend Killer's manipulation tactics, they're so... well done! It seems as if he's a master manipulator, and John Morrison fell into his web of lies, just like last week. Ooooh, I like this crafty Orton, interesting character. I imagine they'll be teaming up later on in the Battle Royale, only for Orton to betray him in the end. Great promo, Mac Daddy. Hehe, Coachman; quite an interesting situation you've got written for him, what with Beth and all. Hmm... a paper? And it reads knee injury, which is strange. I'm guessing for Mickie James? Scared, is she? I like it.

Ugh... Striker? Good thing he lost; he's a jobber, and nothing more. Though I'm not too keen on Doane either, at least he's more bearable than America's favorite Teacher. I laugh at Ken's nickname, Phenom. Like Morrison before me, PUH LEEZ. Victoria's fucking hot when angry, and this was no different. She's pissed and my savior in this thread wants her shot at your baby, Mac Daddy! Make it happen, brotha, or else!

Hehe, another scheme from the Legend Killer. This show's quite contained, just like last week's. I seem to like 'em, TBH. It makes 'em more personal. Reigns was gold in this promo, and MVP was used effectively, and Orton... Orton's just da man. I think he'll win, if only because of his craftiness and his feud with Edge.

HBK was kinda flimsy in this here promo, his character out of whack for sometime, and going back. If this was intentional, cool, if not, oh well. Things happen. No passion here, which sucks because I like passionate HBK, more stronger than this weak HBK you've got going on. Something's going to change for him, I think, and in the future. Well... Charlie "No Charisma" Haas. Surprised to see he wasn't totally dominant, and McNabb? actually got in some offense, the cousin or brother of the other jobber. LOL; nothing to say, Haas? His character might undergo some change, I hope. He's just too bland, which is why he couldn't work the mic.

Hehe, JBL's full of himself and arrogant, and that'll be his undoing. Angelina knows what she's 'talkin about, Wrestling Gawd! Heed her words, y'fool.. Poor Angle; after reading all his losses in that one paragraph, I feel pity for him. Short promo, but surely did the job. Hyped the Battle Royale from his point of view, and that seems to be the focal bit of the entire show, which is cool, in a way, but can be a bit toned down in places. Heh, nice inside joke with the Tag Teams. Smith/Holly is a decent tandem but this second/third generation bullshit is starting to get to me, TBF. Redneck Wrecking Crew? Bleh. Not too fond of AMW either, and the RKO Army is weak, pathetic IMO. AMW wins a rather meh match, which spells some good for them.

Ah... AAE. So fucking cool. Of course, Randy comes in with his manipulative words, and Armando, reluctantly, obliges him. I liked the last line from Armando, good shit. Some final hype for the ME from RVD, which was expected, seeing as he was the last of the main guys to get some word in. RVD was alright in this promo, nothing too fancy. Now, let's read that Main Event.

LMAO! JBL going out first; I knew karma was going to be a bitch for him, and indeed, in eight seconds, a record! JBL's blathering got him into this mess; what a fool. Angelina was right, and he was so wrong. Umaga begins to dominate, and the stars pile on him. I like Orton trying to get on everybody's good side by eliminating one of the men who wasn't too involved, Angle. Gives him so leverage, so to speak. Oooh, poor RVD. The band played a song, and it wasn't to RVD's liking. With him gone, I'd imagine Michaels is next, and will ya look at that? I was right, but by RVD! I smell a match for them at Summerslam, perhaps a rubber one. Dammit, Umaga is out, and that leaves MVP, Morrison, and Orton in the ring. I like that MVP and Morrison are getting time in the limelight, but I know Orton will win. Oh, John's out, and so is MVP! Nice one, I knew the Legend Killer was going to win. After all the intrigue, cunning, and manipulation he has shown in the last few weeks, it was only a matter of time... Ugh, our WWE Champion, Edge. Hmm.. he get's to choose a stipulation? Wait, lemme guess. What's Edge good at? Oh nice, TLC! A TLC match between Edge and Orton should be great at Summerslam.

Awesome show, Mac Daddy. Some things were a bit off, but the promos were stacked and the ending match was brilliant. Filler matches in between were... meh, though. Not as strong as your last show, but still good leading into Summerslam, I think. Can't wait for Smackdown, TBH. Review, IMO.

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