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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Raw Feedback

Been looking forward to this show something rotten. Hope it lives up to expectations

Another {squash} win for Victoria to kick off with. I guess she's proving herself a little a little more against guys like Trish Stratus and Beth. She's on fire to be honest, but I honestly still see Mickie coming out on top. This kind of build is almost identical to the pre-WrestleMania match ... and Mickster owned that night.

JBL has been awesome these last few weeks and he continues to be here. Great {bullshit} explanation for why he did what he did. Not playing his hand? Me thinks he was just being an egotistical prick last week to be fair. He's either winning this bad boy tonight or getting completely annihilated by everyone from the get go.

Well I guess this is the first part of the 'Manipulation' storyline for tonight. The business with the WWE Magazine and Ken Doane basically confirms that feud will be continuing. Loving Orton's role here; really great heel stuff from him. Melina as Morrison's voice has been getting her a lot of mic time recently, which = ratings galore. Loved the sly little aftermath between Orton and his boys. I guess Randy will be making the rounds tonight. Great stuff.

Coach is awesome. Beth is awesome. Awesome segment. Coach is smoooooooth ... but I'm smoother quite frankly.

'Twas a crap recap Don't know where this business with Matt Striker is going, but at least lil' ole' Kenny got some momentum back after his loss at Vengeance.

Intense segment between Vicky, Mickie, Coach and Beth. This 'injury' angle is quite similar to the one Mickie played before 'Mania, but I don't mind you rehashing it, because quite frankly this is EXACTLY the kind of chicken-shit character Mickie has been playing for all of this thread's existence. I expect something will happen to make sure it happens at SummerSlam still though. Very intense stuff from Victoria in Mickie's face at the end; probably the most mic time Vick has got in ages. There's no way she can possibly win the big match, otherwise Mick would look like her bitch.

Porter's mini stable is really starting to grow on me. Even though they're effectively an entourage for one man, 'Big Lu' {love it} and three hot mammas is always a great mix, and Porter owns. More mic time than I've ever seen for Lu tonight, and long may it continue. Bodyguards are better when they're a little bit ... human. Orton works his magic again. He really is on fire tonight and so are you with his cocky ass shit stuff. I expect his psycho side to emerge once again when he's going up against Edge and is getting desperate, but this has been a nice throwback to his '04 run I think. The guy is asking for trouble making up shit about 'Maga and Estrada though.

Short but sweet and very effective promo from Michaels here. Been really enjoying his heel/tweener character since WrestleMania. Nothing better than egomaniac heels, no sir. Ranjin got slightly owned unfortunately by HBK. Don't think I missed the line about the “ECW Garbage Wrestler” either. I suspected that he might be moving on to a feud with JBL, but after this kind of line, his business with RVD is far from over.

Very interesting character direction for Charlie Haas at the moment. Has trouble putting away a jobber and then has nothing to say. Not sure where this kind of angle is going. More than likely it will lead to a heel turn, but I'm not sure how exactly it will happen. He's not as bad on the mic as people seem to think, but a manager wouldn't be a bad idea.

Yeah, I can definitely see Angelina being proved right tonight. JBL's screwed to be honest. Another really nice segment between these two. Good chemistry you've created. Bradshaw was awesome with Jillian in '06, and this relationship smacks of that. Mysogyny.

Another solid interview,this time from Kurt Angle. You really have this guys smack dab down the middle of heel and face personas. I have no idea what he is. He's obviously the face in his feud with 'Mags, but then he beats the shit out of Edge, RVD, Doane and 'Lito and becomes the top heel again. Quite awesome and quite exciting each week this kind of unpredictability. No way is he winning the BR tonight thought. He and 'Maga have unfinished business.

Yeah, even though you've started to build a solid tag division on Raw, it's never going to touch the awesomeness of SmackDown. Nice match up here, and a chance for AMW to get some credibility back after weeks of defeat. I can see a blow off match between them and the RWC happening soon enough on Raw.

Estrada More manipulative goodness from Orton here, but even with a reduced role, AAE still steals the damn show. Love the way that out of all of the guys that Randy's played tonight, Armando the one that's seemingly got his own backup plan. The man is awesome. <3 him tbh.

Just like most of the interviews tonight, this one with RVD was short ... but sweet. I know you don't like him, and I know he isn't the greatest mic worker of all time ... but he's okay, and that's how you portray him. I personally do think he's WWE Championship material, especially with this kind of story you have for him: proving himself worthy as a Main Eventer. His feud with Shawn Michaels owns big time too.

Here we go. The big one. Have to laugh at poor JBL's fate in the match. 8 seconds? Yeah, it was either that or he was winning it. I would guess at a multi-man match for the IC title at SummerSlam now, maybe with Porter, Doane, Morrison {and possibly Haas} in the running. Surprised to see Angle go so early, and not via Umaga, but I guess he was just to prove a point that Orton is a sly bastard. Great interchange from RVD and HBK, with Shawn being a sneaky SOB and kicking Rob out, but Van Dam gets his revenge. If this doesn't get a match at SummerSlam then I don't know what will. Should be great. Van Dam to go over plz. Orton's plan works to perfection with Morrison and Porter taking out Umaga, but it was pretty funny how the two youngsters had been working together all along. Really good showing from MVP and Morrison though, for two guys who have barely been there that long, they look a million dollars now. Orton looked a beast at the end though, taking out both Porter and Morrison single handed. Brings back some credibility after losing to RVD and Carlito two weeks running. Had to happen. Edge/Orton the final encounter was inevitable and sorely needed. Like others have said, the aftermath promo from Edge was simple and a tad generic ... but it made its point. TLC Hell of a match that should be. Bit of an anti-climax now that Edge is already Champ though, unless you plan on swerving us with an Orton victory. Plz Great first match to 'Slam though, with many more to follow I'm sure.

Really was worth the wait this show, Mac Daddy, after all the hype. The road to SummerSlam should be a real treat. Keep it going
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