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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Eh something different opening things up off the bat with a women's match but it's happened before plenty of times on Raw so I can't complain. It's only a matter of time until Victoria takes the title off of Mickie or well she should. She seems to be the top diva set to take it off of Mickie when and if that day comes.

JBL's interview was good but I still enjoyed last week's more than this one. It was good for what it was worth but really I don't see JBL winning tonight despite an Edge/JBL program sounding very intriguing.

I'm really digging this conniving character of Orton that you have. I mean come on we know Umaga/MVP didn't form a tandem. I'd love to see this plan come to fruition and it succeed. Orton vs. Edge the blowoff match is bound to take place soon and SummerSlam is just the perfect place for it.

Eh I'm guessing when Beth brought that note in it was about Mickie. This could really turn interesting as I thought Victoria might be the one to take the title but I could see Beth taking Mickie out while she's injured and gaining the title somehow. Either way I'm tuning in to see what happens.

Doane getting back on track is good and can't help but notice that Striker was used two weeks in a row. Nice as he's a very talented superstar that doesn't get much attention and I don't even give him much now.

I love how you give the divas a lot of attention in here even if it is because of your obsession with Mickie James. Either way though it certainly is not a storyline you see every day in the Divas division and well I've changed my mind now on the way this feud is going.

Yes! The conniving Orton continues. I really think if this plan does work out like he's wanting it to he will be challenging at SummerSlam.

Eh the HBK interview was good but really didn't catch my attention too much with it. To me it just seemed like another Battle Royal hype promo which of course has been greatly hyped but maybe it's just me.

Eh, back to back squash matches. Doane/Striker to you might not be a squash match but to me it seemed like it was. This Haas thing is certainly something different but I'll just go out on a limb and say he's losing his mind.

JBL's segment is great and I think we all know that his plan is going to backfire and it's all going to be because of HBK. It makes sense, it needs to take place, and it will take place. As far as Angle goes I can see him getting some good time in the match but no way do I see him winning it. Where he goes from here I have no clue but he'll have something to do come SS.

Don't really care much about the tag match but still I think the tag division is solid despite what you think. It's not the best but still it's decent compared to what the WWE has tbh.

That damn Orton. That is all I can say.

Nice. Right from the ending I knew Orton was going to win when it came down to MVP and Morrison but still it was a sick finish to end the night with. TLC being announced is huge and SummerSlam is already going to be big enough. So many big matches going to be taking place, I'm really looking forward to seeing the final card that you throw up for it.
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