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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

July 16th Raw Review:

Last week’s show really got me excited for the huge battle royal this week, should be a great match. Coach’s stip was pretty good … way to keep the playing field level.

Gail and Victoria having a good face vs. face match is good … and a nice change of pace from the tag matches and other matches involving Vicky the past couple weeks. Never really in doubt that Victoria was going to win but Gail did better than I expected. The embrace was good and I can’t wait for the match between Vicky and Mickie. SummerSlam plz.

Never miss a chance to get JBL on the mic and Todd Grisham is really just a joke when someone like JBL has the stick. Great explanation of what happened last week but I think this is just a cover-up for JBL … I think he is scared going into the main event. Great segment nonetheless and JBL will last a while tonight … but I don’t see him winning. Third to last person in the ring, imo.

Very good segment between Orton and Morrison. I love the character that Randy is slowly becoming. He has always been arrogant and he has always been a great wrestler … but now he is becoming a master manipulator … and seeing Morrison just take the bait was awesome. Morrison wants to be a star and I guess that he will trust Orton to help him get there. Interested to see what Randy says to MVP.

Kinda weird segment with Beth and Coach. I understand that Coach (Legend) is obsessed and attracted to Beth but I didn’t get the ending. “Knee Injury”? Elaborate plz … unless I missed something really obvious.

Crap recaps are OK, imo … especially when Striker is in the match. Good that he has his storyline going still … being on TV every week … but Doane gets the solid win … rematch with Morrison very soon would be nice.

Mickie in a wheelchair is pretty good … now I understand what you meant by “knee injury”. I guess this is why the match won’t take place until SummerSlam … but Victoria is quite serious with Mickie. Good little speech and now it REALLY looks like Mickie’s title reign is coming to an end … because she is scared of Victoria. Great way to get the Women’s Champion on the show with her challenger.

LMAO at Reigns!! More time on the mic plz. Orton comes into his locker room and very good that he is making MVP think that ‘Mags and Morrison are working together. So now Orton and MVP are on the same side. I really hope this doesn’t blow up in Orton’s face … I want Edge vs. RKO at SS.

Good interview from Michaels and the Maria comment was nice. No masking his hate for RVD … with the “garbage wrestler” comment. HBK has been in big matches before and I like how you touched on that. I don’t see HBK going to SS … at least not to face Edge … RVD would be a good choice though.

So is Bobby McNabb the brother of Donovan McNabb? Nice jobber names, Mac. Haas goes through the motions again and I was kinda disappointed because I thought we’d see another Haas promo … but the storyline has me intrigued. Hope the heel turn is pretty good … because I see that coming.

JBL is still cocky and ready to go … contrary to what I thought originally. Angelina is a little worried but JBL insists everything is OK. Keep dishing out the awesome JBL lines plz.

Solid interview from Angle … not really much more he could say. Talking about 2007 so far was good and I like that he is still getting mixed reactions … because the face turn hasn’t really happened yet. Angle to dominate the battle royal … but not win it, imo.

Nice way to get the four best teams on Raw on TV … but you were right … SD tag division >>>>>>> Raw tag division. Anyway, very good match between the eight men and AMW and RWC deserve the spotlight as it seems another rematch is in the works. RWC can’t get off their finisher and AMW beats them at their own game … getting the win!! Great that they look to be back on track … can’t wait to see what happens next.

Orton really is trying to manipulate everyone else in the main event … and here is Umaga and AAE. Orton’s explanation of why everyone wants to get rid of Umaga was gold but AAE isn’t really buying Orton’s concern. This may be where things turn bad for Orton … and I think he may slip up when trying to work out a deal with ‘Mags.

RVD is the only man we haven’t heard from yet and his interview was very good. Great way to get himself over … talking about pinning Shawn Michaels back in May. He is finally back in the main event and he doesn’t want to be anywhere else … gotta love his chances in the BR … which is next!!

JBL is the first to go!! I thought he’d last pretty long but I guess Angelina was right … he did turn everyone against him. So Angle is gone too!! My two picks to last long (besides Orton) are the first two gone. Umaga has been dominating but I see him getting thrown out pretty soon. SCM to RVD!! Great way for Michaels to get over as a heel … using the low blow. RVD comes back in and eliminates HBK!! Awesome feud, imo. Down to Orton, MVP, Morrison and Umaga. Morrison and MVP save Orton … and dump Umaga out of the ring!! MVP and Morrison working together!! Orton gets rid of Morrison!! MVP and Orton and … Orton gets rid of Porter!! Orton is going to SS!!

Edge on the Tron~! Edge congradulates Orton … and then drops the bombshell!! I love how sly Edge is as a face … that’s one good thing about him as either a heel or a face. TLC!! This is what I thought way back when Edge won the belt and now it is confirmed!! Should be a great main event for the biggest part of the summer!!

Mac, I need to think of some more creative phrases than … “you are the best” … “top notch show” … but I can’t right now. :P This should has been building for weeks and it didn’t disappoint. All of the great manipulation (pt. 1 and 2) ended up working out for Orton … and SS is gonna be huge!! Can’t wait for the next show … 10/10.

Sick SS banner, tbh.

~ PatMan


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